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Fake Heroes & Generals sites offering beta keys!

Please look out for fake Heroes & Generals sites offering Beta-keys. We have already seen one example of a site claiming to be the original Heroes & Generals site (hagbeta [dot] com) offering a Beta-key by filling out a survey.This is a hoax trying to trick you into giving personal information about yourself. There has also been posted YouTube videos promoting the same fake site. If you stumble upon these youtube videos please help us out by flagging them as the scam/frauds they are.

Currently you can only get keys for Heroes & Generals by signing up on our own site, or if you’re an IGN Prime member.

However, we’ll soon do giveaways with other media as well, but none of them will offer keys through fake sites pretending to be the official Heroes & Generals site!

  1. Sn00kERSn00kER05-07-2012

    already reported :)

  2. jetcutterjetcutter05-12-2012

    This only proves you are creating a pretty good fan base.

    But, yes I have seen the buggers. Sad.

  3. Zoidberg96913Zoidberg9691305-12-2012

    @jetcutter true.

  4. Partyzant_PLPartyzant_PL05-13-2012

    how get the key ?

  5. lovaslovas05-17-2012

    I think this is a good game but i didn’t get the key!!!!
    I’m so angry.I want to play this game but I can’t please help me!!!!

    • Ninja8004Ninja800405-24-2012

      i will like to plz the game to but i have no key ??? :(

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