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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 2 * No 13

intelligencebulletingvol02no13 A new build is finally up! The Campaign and the Action game is finally tied into each other, and accessible and playable for all alpha-players! We’re opening the servers 24/7 for alpha-players next week, and we’ll also deploy another build with some more features.

With the recent success of crowd funding at Kickstarter, we’ve decided to create our own crowd funding model – this will be in the form of “Warbonds”, where you can support the development of Heroes & Generals, by buying Warbonds, which will give you a monthly ingame-interest back in “gold”. We’ll go more into details with this in a later blog-post.

Last week, games journalist Leigh Alexander (Gamasutra, Kotaku, Edge, Wired, plus many more) visited us for two days, and the results of her visit, can be read in this well written article at Gamasutra.

Next week we’ll also send preview-keys to a bunch of cool games journalists, so we hope that you’ll all help us by playing Heroes & Generals as much as possible, to make it all come to life!

Propaganda this Week

Gamasutra article about us – how we work with our community, and how making an online game is different than making blockbuster console games as we did in the past. Read it here!






Developer Blogs this Week

Featured Developer Peter Thorsø Rasmussen (Reto.Bacon)

“Once in a while we feature one of the developers from the team and tell you a bit about who they are and what they are working on. This time it’s our very own medic: Support Manager, Peter Thorsø Rasmussen aka. Reto.Bacon.” Read More

The Campaign – Feature report: Search

By Reto.Vashu, Flash Programmer
“We have had a good amount of feedback from our fanbase about everything from armor thickness to how time in the game should work and finally new features that would help make the campaign part better. If there’s something I like, it’s suggestions about the campaign section, because that’s what I’m working on!” Read More

News from Support – Support Center, Wiki and Forum structure. Part 2.

By Reto.Bacon, Support Manager
“As promised last Thursday, here is the second part of News from support.” Read More

Team Debriefing


Game Director
– boardmeeting
– warbonds design/demo
– skinning of a few more GUI components
– bugfixing price label.
– readying 2nd iteration of weapon-mod gui – a few simple items need to be converted to components before this goes to Reto.Vashu”
Level Designer
“Spend most of the time on bug fixing – but also on designing and planning new map releases.”
Community Manager & Game Designer
“The wiki has launched and there has been a lot of small things that needed fixing, Also working on balancing the ingame economy. Following up on player feedback and sugestions and making sure the right people read the feedback.”


3D Artist
“This week has been all about bug fixing and getting the new OSD in game.
Thats it:)”
Lead Character Artist
“I’m making character uniform parts and shader tweaks.”
Character Designer
“Have been working on US shoulder holster M3 for Pistol 1911. The holster is for Tank and Pilot.”
Lead Animator
This week I have been tweaking sprint animations and fiddled with screen effects and light settings”
Concept Artist
“Been fixings bugs and modeling stuff for a new level”

Coders & QA

Programmer and Technical Lead
Render Programmer
“Buildmeister on the new build”
Gameplay Programmer
Gameplay Programmer
“Augmented the net code to support high latencies and long reconnect intervals.”
Senior Programmer
“Respect My Authority!”
Senior Programmer
Lead Tester
“Test shop.
Test Campaign.
Test nVidia 3D.
Play/test the action game.”

IT Architect
– fix paratroopers so they can’t fly forever
– ATs are blocked by opponents from moving into their territory
– ATs are never deleted – they are emptied and returned to faction capital
– and whole bucket-load of other bugs”
Flash Programmer
– War bonds screens and interaction created
– Bug fixes
– New build on game.heroesandgenerals, playtesting before it was released
– Change to paratrooper behaviour when attacking enemy or neutral cities, they can’t jump around everywhere.”
Server Programmer


Lead Sound Designer
“I have been working all week on our upcoming open beta-release trailer. The sound for it should be done real soon!”
Audio Programmer
“Flash mission list GUI
Bug fixes
Crash hunting”

Management, IT & support

IT Admin
“1. New server setup at FDC
2. New server setup at leaseweb
3. Order server to Russia
4. Various internet problems”
PR Manager
“Working on the next newsletter, working on the next couple of press releases, almost finished the next videolog, and are preparing the invasion of gaming journalists!”
Project Coordinator
Support Manager
“-Support, support and more support.
-Preparation for our 2 new supporters who will start Monday, please give them a warm welcome during next weeks play-sessions!”



The Intelligence Bulletin is designed primarily for the use of the members of the Heroes & Generals community. It is a vehicle for the dissemination to them of the latest information received from Reto-Moto Intelligence sources about the development of Heroes & Generals. Readers are invited to comment on the use that they are making of the Intelligence Bulletin and to forward suggestions for future issues.

Reto-Moto Intelligence Division,
Developer Department

  1. Comrade_KaizerComrade_Kaizer04-22-2012

    With the servers coming online 24/7 I’ll be able to test more then I usually can. Great.

    I see Colding tweaking sprint animations… awesome *cough*German one hand on weapon sprint*cough*.

    The conception of War bonds is a bloody brilliant idea too.

    Keep up the good work as usual.

  2. dondergoddondergod04-22-2012

    Can’t wait for 24/7!!!! Wait… next week… tomorrow is next week? :P

  3. GalliGalli04-23-2012

    Hello Heroes&Generals Team,

    in the last few weeks I tried to contact your support, reason login/registration problems, so I wanted to know are hotmail adresses bugged since in the past several games had problems with hotmail and at least 10 friends of mine got keys.
    They have registrated at the same time like me or some weeks after me.
    I thought it is like first come, first served.

    You say you got problems with characternames less than 6 letters, so that would also be in my case.

    Sorry for my bad english Im not a native speaker.

    Best regards


  4. GalliGalli04-23-2012

    Sry for doublepost,

    have to say still no reply of the support since I have contacted it for the first time.

    Thanks in advance for a reply!

  5. jumanajumana04-23-2012

    Wow that is really good news on all fronts :-) Can’t wait to shuffle around my flags 24/7, and hopefully the transfer of AT control will be built in soon so that I can get some sleep ;-)

  6. cRo4ti4cRo4ti404-23-2012

    warbonds , great idea c,ant await hear more about .

    @Indusninja ?? = – ATs are never deleted – they are emptied and returned to faction capital

    @Hansg +1 for Order server to Russia , any knowing when will be online aviable ?

    @BACON 2 New Supporters / any names ? tranees or RETO staff ?

    Ohh nice so , From Next week we will have some “Journalist” playing ? Will they become a Introduce yourself channel ? will be nice to hear who is Playing vith us :)

    • jumanajumana04-23-2012

      I guess their names will be Reto.Noob1 and Reto.Noob2 ;-)

  7. CondottieriCondottieri04-23-2012

    Based on what Reto.Leto was doing, will the build that is running 24/7 support people with pings of over 250? If so, I’ll be sure to arrange something with the Australian alpha players that I know at a time that’s actually convenient for us :P

  8. RUSDOG85RUSDOG8504-23-2012

    Is Gud nuws
    But I do not understand how we play on the Russian server. If the server with the data 1. Or, each country will have its own, separate kompniya

  9. Reto.BaconReto.Bacon04-23-2012

    jumana :

    I guess their names will be Reto.Noob1 and Reto.Noob2 ;-)

    For your information the new supporters have just made their names, which is Reto.Cupcake and Reto.Mormor

  10. MattMatt04-23-2012

    The weapon mod gui looks great.

    and lol at James Francis Ryan.

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