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News from Support – Support Center, Wiki and Forum structure. Part 2.



As promised last Thursday, here is the second part of News from support. The first part you may find here.


The doors for the Heroes & Generals wiki site has now been opened, which you may find here on this link!
Heroes & Generals wiki

All registered Heroes & Generals users, will be able to make new posts/links and edit existing posts on the wiki site. Uploading files to the wiki site, is still restricted to a select few, however should you have a great idea that requires that you have upload privileges please post them on the newly opened forum for wiki discussions and we will take a further look!

The wiki site will be a community driven site, therefore it is up to you the community, to build the site as you want it to be. We have with a few community members already built the basic “skeleton”, but there are still lots of room for improvements and more articles!

It is our intention that the wiki site is an information site of the game in all its aspects, and not a place for discussions – that’s what the forum is for.

The Forums

Along with the launch of the Support Center and the Wiki site, a few changes will be made to the forum.

The Support Forum – will still be there, but is more to be seen as a Player-Help-Player forum.
There are many examples of players actually being able to help other players better, as they may be on similar systems/connections that are not available to us in the support department and therefore are difficult to troubleshoot when it comes to technical difficulties. This is also intertwined with our Troubleshooter on the Support Center, as players who find solutions for certain issues, will be tested and adapted into our Troubleshooter.

Also with the grand opening of the support center, and our continuously increase in players, there is a chance that our ticket queues may overload and the time for us to answer will be longer than what we aim for. In this case you may be able to find answers to your questions faster by asking our awesome community, as many already are.

The Wiki Army – is our newly opened forum, where everyone can debate what they would like to see on the wiki. You will notice that some discussions have already taken place here between the folks who started with volunteering for developing the wiki.


On a final note before my fingers starts to cramp up from all this typing, we would like to extend our gratitude to some of our community members who are truly dedicated in helping us developing the game, but also helping the other community members.

I am in particular thinking about….
Our forum moderators Comrade_Kaizer, ScHrAnZDiNgEnS, PoundeR, Sn00ker, lodrysil who spends hours after hours reading posts on the forum and ensures that the rules and guidelines are followed.
RaTcHeT302 who did a tremendous amount of work on the wiki site.
aagaard for always reporting valuable feedback and a enormous amount of insightful bug reports.
And finally cRo4Ti4, dondergod and jumana for always helping others on the forum and during the play-sessions.

Your help is not going unnoticed and is very much appreciated! (if I forgot anyone I do apologize, we appreciate anyone who is willing to spend their time to help Heroes & Generals become a great game!).

Best regards
Peter Rasmussen

  1. dondergoddondergod04-16-2012

    It’s been my pleasure ;).

    It’s a great community, a great game, and the most involved designer team I’ve seen in my gaming history.

    I’m just happy I can participate in the quest to make this game popular and to stamp on those annoying bugs.

  2. cRo4ti4cRo4ti404-16-2012

    You are spreading “FUN” and “LOve” in shape files called HeroesandGenerals . Thank you for let me be part of it .
    Thank you for Team spirit words to us.

    Iam sure the Community “Army” will follow you Generals (dev´s) wherever you need to Go.
    Keep up your “game Love” and the Holly shine will let you Glow at the end.

    Never see bevore a Great and global mixed for all open Community like ouers, so will welcome all Comrades to Join us and have FuN ….. be paart of this Great ViBe here is the place , you ever searcheD !!

    Poem :) :

    a Place ,

    where the hopelessness will be enlightened

    where the language of how to be is camaraderie,

    where the age´s of fun , will find a new Peak,

    you know whereat i am talking about , Join ouer Heroes and Generals Funny Proud Cloud


  3. RUSDOG85RUSDOG8504-16-2012

    forget about me ;)

  4. jumanajumana04-16-2012

    Oh, i feel very honored, thank you. I’ll continue to try my best to help where I can in the future, hoping that this game will be theone I’ve ever dreamed of. Thanks for keeping in touch so closely with the community, Reto’s, you’re doing a great job!

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