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The Campaign – Feature report: Search

We have had a good amount of feedback from our fanbase about everything from armor thickness to how time in the game should work and finally new features that would help make the campaign part better. If there’s something I like, it’s suggestions about the campaign section, because that’s what I’m working on!

We had a group of around 30 people help us playtest the campaign and they answered a questionnaire afterwards. From the answers we found that searching for assault teams, cities (battlefields) and a log of what was going on was the most requested. We then decided to look in to that and I’m here to talk about just those 3 items!

Adding more interface

We’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible, so we’ve added the new search section here:

The new search button

When you click on it, you’ll see this:

Assault Team Finder

You can click on Battlefields and go to the following:

Battlefield finder

How to use them

We have tried to make them as simple and useful as possible, when you click on the assault team or battlefield you want to find, then it centers the map on the location of what you chose:

Using the assault team finder

You can also filter the list of battlefields, so its less overwhelming to find a city you’re going to attack:

Using the battlefield finder

You mentioned a log, what’s that about?

When anyone is playing the game, sends an assault team to a city to defend and then goes away for half an hour and comes back and can’t find their assault team, they would like to know exactly what happened.

We are taking the first steps of making a log of what happens to assault teams, cities that your faction owns and battles won / lost. So that you can come into the game and immediately get a list of changes since you last played the game. This requires a lot of data catching and is therefore not implemented yet.

So when can I use the new features?

They are coming with the next build! I can’t say exactly when that is, but it’s soon!

I hope you enjoyed reading about the new features and I look forward to telling you more about what we are planning on getting into the game at a later point in time!

  1. aagaardaagaard04-17-2012

    two questions:
    why call it “battlefields” and not simply town or locations?

    Why is the list not alphabetic?

    maybe an option to filter it to towns, airfields, factories. (harbours, supply depots, bridges or any other type we might get later)

    But nice work, it is a huge help.

    • Reto.VashuReto.Vashu04-17-2012

      Hi aagaard,

      1. Battlefields, they are possible battlefields, so that’s what we chose to call them, we can change that no problem ;)

      2. Alphabetic: Shouldn’t be a problem!

      3. Filtering is definitely on the table down the line.

      Thanks for your comment, it’s going to be help a lot with coordinating :)

      PS: I also noticed your feedback on the forum regarding yesterday. Will look into that as well

    • Reto.RedBjarneReto.RedBjarne04-17-2012

      Just to answer the ‘battlefield’ question: We have (so far) chosen to call it battlefields, because that is what it is; a location where a battle takes place. The database does not distinguish between towns, fields, forests or cities(yet). It is all just battlefields so far.
      A future expansion is planned where we ‘upgrade’ certain battlefields to become ‘cities’. A city will then be a cluster of battlefields (of city-themed gamemaps).

  2. dondergoddondergod04-17-2012

    point 2 and 3 of aagaard were the same points I was thinking about.

    For the rest I love the log idea :). It’s also a real useful tutorial how to use the search button. Though, I’m sure when it will be operative half the people won’t know how to use it :P.

  3. mightnightmightnight04-18-2012

    Will more people be able to playtest the battlefield map on the next build? By the way great job guys! Game is taking a great shape :D

  4. jumanajumana04-18-2012

    The search function is really super-useful. I have used it at least 10 times in teh last session, and would still be searching for some towns and ATs if it weren’t there. Also the logfile will be a nice goodie I guess, especially when the servers will be open 24/7 and lots of stuff will be happening while you are not online.

  5. AgentXAgentX04-18-2012

    I like! Keep up the good work!

  6. cRo4ti4cRo4ti404-19-2012

    i will love seee some “replay videos of Campaign map assault team movings !”

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