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Assault-Team Insignia

Assault Team Insignia Editor

Over the holidays I’ve mocked up a demo of a simple tool for creating custom unit-insignia for assault teams.

The idea is that you can create your own insignia for you assault team(s) and have them displayed both on the strategic view but also as decals on tanks/soldiers/airplanes in the action game. Obviously (being a f2p game) acquiring a unique insignia will come at a cost. The plan is that players can pay to lock a particular design so nobody else can use it. If you don’t care that others can use the same combination it will be cheaper.

The mockup is not final in any way and is just a design suggestion. This design will be iterated a few times before it goes into the game. I assume you guys out there have a few more layers you would like me to add :-)

The demo can be found here:

Feel free to comment and bring your suggestions for improvements but post them in this thread in the Forum :-)



Enjoy! :-)



  1. RUSDOG85RUSDOG8504-11-2012

    Great news. Give only more room for editing. and add the ability to display the symbol on soldiers

  2. GtkallGtkall04-11-2012

    Very good implimentation! I can see myself roaming arround with my squad in our planes, wearing a fancy colourful insignia! Firefall will have that feature as well! If all goes well, you guys might see the biggest clan from Firefall, Ragnarok, coming here ;) If only I can convince them :P

  3. Redneck-NerdRedneck-Nerd04-14-2012

    I dont like the idea of locking designs because if i make a design and someone else locked it then im screwed.

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