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US Characters…

In contrast to my last post ramblings I will just let this post’s images speak for themselves.

Posed in XSI – Rendered from ingame only with minor retouches in PS… enjoy.

Cheers – More to come.

  1. SEALWasHereSEALWasHere03-20-2012

    So awesomely awesome. Great game and I hope to receive the alpha key soon and then all what I’ll do will be heroes and generals. Thanks for making a great and one of a kind game. Surely better that call of duty in my book.

  2. FuriousChadFuriousChad03-20-2012

    Man these look great!

  3. WassylWassyl03-20-2012

    Nice :D

  4. LordJebeLordJebe03-20-2012

    Awesome! Can’t wait for the German ones!

  5. MattMatt03-20-2012


  6. toffe1993toffe199303-20-2012

    Nice, I want to be an american paratrooper :P and i can pay for that :)

  7. 1Shot1Kill1Shot1Kill03-20-2012


    Now don’t ruin it by giving purple clothes for 1 euro or something.
    Authenticity over ‘fun factor for the CoD crowd’
    We need a realistic F2P shooters, millions will be waiting for this game, when they hear about it. We need to make it bigger, SOMEHOW.

  8. Reto.ColdingReto.Colding03-21-2012

    Hi guys,

    Thanx for the nice words and glad you like it.

    Some quick creds:

    – Super Awesome character models by Reto.Owleater & Reto.Mato
    – Mega Awesome weapons by Reto.Hr.Wille
    – (Poses,Renderings and retouch by Reto.Colding)

    Your feedback means everything – keep us fired up :P


  9. Comrade_KaizerComrade_Kaizer03-21-2012

    Great stuff. Are we going to see slight variation in faces in the future or no?

  10. Reto.ColdingReto.Colding03-21-2012

    @Comrade_Kaizer : oh yes indeed. All characters US and GM have the same face as of now. Too early to say when unique faces will enter the stage.


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