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German Characters…

Yesterday we posted the US Characters, so now it’s time to show the German Characters.

Posed in XSI – Rendered from ingame only with minor retouches in PS… enjoy.

Cheers – More to come.

  1. PoundeRPoundeR03-21-2012

    2x sexier than the americans!

  2. MattMatt03-21-2012

    Love the German Rifleman pose.

  3. Sn00kERSn00kER03-21-2012

    Love the Tankcommander!
    But the Troops of the Wehrmacht need the “Raketenpanzerbüchse 54”!

  4. KaleuKaleu03-21-2012

    Nice outflits :D …you clould make an Gebirgsjager character too with their field cap!

  5. Reto.ColdingReto.Colding03-21-2012

    Again thanx for the nice words.

    Again some quick creds:

    – Super Awesome character models by Reto.Owleater & Reto.Mato
    – Mega Awesome weapons by Reto.Hr.Wille
    – (Poses,Renderings and retouch by Reto.Colding)

    Your feedback means everything – keep us fired up :P


  6. Comrade_KaizerComrade_Kaizer03-21-2012

    Excellent. I have the same question I posed in the American showcase as well, will we see slight variations in face to eliminate the “clone” feel?

    Please don’t take my question the wrong way as all the models are incredible, just looking to get that next level of polish on them.

  7. Reto.ColdingReto.Colding03-21-2012

    @Comrade_Kaizer : oh yes indeed. All characters US and GM have the same face as of now. Too early to say when unique faces will enter the stage.


    • Comrade_KaizerComrade_Kaizer03-21-2012

      Great. Glad to see it is in consideration at least and potentially added later down the line.

  8. LordJebeLordJebe03-21-2012

    I have to say, you have brilliant artist/artists.

  9. jumanajumana03-21-2012

    That tank-crew man looks so cool – more like a sunglass model than a actual soldier :-) I also like the facial expressions you gave them, they all look so mean – like if they wanted to say “Hey, you.. yes… you.. what are you doing there?! I’m gonna ### your ### off if you dont’t surrender!”

  10. blaireaumanblaireauman03-21-2012

    Epic !

  11. SerinaxSerinax03-24-2012

    Awesome German characters are awesome :D keep it up :)

  12. omar67omar6703-26-2012

    Please don’t forget the waffenfarbe on the piping. The Pz crew needs pink, inf needs green. This detail is often left out in most games. It is the small things that have the biggest impact and draw.

  13. pade4utodaypade4utoday04-18-2012

    man that looks awesome and like the helmet. The german outfit looks better than the american outfit in my opionion.

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