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Alpha VideoLog 4

A new VideoLog is out on our YouTube-channel showing you some of the features and assets available in the latest build.

The features highlighted in this Videolog are:

  • An introduction to the Strategic Multiplayer Campaign and the connection to the Shooter-part of the game
  • The new Factory Map
  • New Vehicles (including bicycles)
  • New Character models
  • And many more…

Please remember that the graphics, sound, physics, gameplay, etc. is work in progress and not yet final.

  1. Raymond_SaintRaymond_Saint03-01-2012


  2. cRo4ti4cRo4ti403-01-2012

    Jipiii, new alpha log video juhuuu. Great voice is showing great pictures.

  3. lodrysillodrysil03-01-2012

    Actually despise the hate i have against F2P this actually looks good. Can’t wait to test the next build! :)

  4. razvanssrazvanss03-01-2012

    Is the new build going to be released in tonight sesion play?Or it will be specialy anounced?

  5. PoundeRPoundeR03-01-2012

    Oh reto you sound so sexy why dont you visit the ts3 server in the next session :)

  6. aagaardaagaard03-01-2012

    The new build is a huge improvement… but offcause with its own ny bugs.

  7. Reto.VashuReto.Vashu03-01-2012

    Where could I find the TS3 information? I might show up :)

  8. L3TitBL33DL3TitBL33D03-01-2012

    you guys are showing some great improvements, looking forward to abandoning fps whores ea/dice and cod for good. can’t wait.

  9. ScHrANZDiNgEnSScHrANZDiNgEnS03-01-2012

    Waiting for a new videolog so long, and now…can’t await the next =)

  10. AlonimoAlonimo03-01-2012

    Awesome work guys! Keep it up!

  11. Hellion1213Hellion121303-01-2012

    just great.
    I can’t wait for release

  12. BelrickBelrick03-02-2012

    Im really impressed by the increasing speed of your development.

    Well done team!

  13. DeadlyDadDeadlyDad03-02-2012

    Wait… Each player has their own campaign that any players can FPS in? That’s… that’s BRILLIANT!

  14. MattMatt03-02-2012

    You actually pronounced sdkfz 250/3…

    I’m jealous.

  15. cRo4ti4cRo4ti403-02-2012

    DeadlyDad :
    Wait… Each player has their own campaign that any players can FPS in? That’s… that’s BRILLIANT!

    Create own war , and let your Team mates form the assault teams….and fifht for the win !! .

    This is war Chess !

    Thats unbeliavable

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