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Heroes & Generals will be Free2Play

After a long period of research, uncountable design-meetings and thorough considerations, we have decided to let Heroes & Generals be a free2play game. Let us tell you why, and what we offer.

Why Free2Play?

More players = more fun

We wish to create an online Wargame, where the war seems massive and ‘real’, with thousands of players playing their role in the grand war. By making Heroes & Generals free2play, we remove the initial barrier of entry, so we’ll have a greater chance of filling the servers, making the game more fun for all. One of the major killers of launching a new online multiplayer-game is if you don’t get enough players to fill the servers.

Wide range of participation

H&G’s unique combination of Strategy and FPS gameplay allows players to participate in the grand online war at hugely different levels. Casual once-a-week FPS gamers can play alongside hardcore 10-hours-a-day master strategists and all players play their role in the grand war.

So if you only want to spend a few hours once in a while, you still have a fun experience and make a difference, and if you wish to be more involved and spend several hours a day, you can make an even greater difference and have an equal amount of fun doing so.


All new online games, besides the top MMO’s, are now launched as free2play games. So if we were to launch Heroes & Generals as a subscription game we would be in very tough competition with all the other free2play games, and we might not be able to get enough players in order to make it fun.

We’re a small independent developer team, and we’re developing and publishing Heroes & Generals ourselves, without the financial aid from large publishers. It might be possible to be successful with a subscription-based MMO if you’re Blizzard or LucasArts, but all others seem to die slowly or convert to free2play.

So what do we offer?

First of all, let’s make this clear: We wish to create a healthy, solid and well-balanced game and community, where you can get a great experience playing the game, no matter how much money you spend!

In-game economy

There will be an in-game economy, where you earn in-game credits for being active in the game, by playing FPS-missions and/or handling Assault Teams.

These credits can be used for personal stuff like buying characters, additional characters slots, specializing/customizing your characters and modifying weapons.

But you can also use the credits for team-based stuff, like buying Assault Teams, additional Assault Team slots, specializing/customizing Assault Teams and modifying vehicles. All credits spent on Assault Teams gives benefits to other players as well as yourself.

A balanced design

We strive to make a balanced design in all the game-influencing items. One example is the Weapon Modification system: All weapon modifiers will be balanced, so that you may choose to increase, for instance, precision for a weapon, but at the cost of decreasing, for instance, range. This means that you’ll not be able to get one golden super-weapon which is just better than all other weapons, but instead you’ll have an extremely specialized weapon, which is really good at certain things.

There will also be an perk-system where you, based on your actions, can earn Ribbons, which can be combined into Badges. Badges will give you certain perks, but you can only wear a few Badges at the time. Ribbons and Badges cannot be bought for any currency though.

Gold credits and Premium Subscription

We will give you the option of buying “gold credits”, which can be converted to in-game credits, so you have the option of saving time and don’t need to grind that much. We feel that this model will be beneficiary for both hardcore players playing the game for many hours, and for more casual gamers, who don’t have the time to grind.

We must admit that initially we thought that H&G should be subscription based, but we have now come to the conclusion that free2play is the best model for Heroes & Generals. However, we plan to offer a Premium Subscription to accommodate wishes of having an all-inclusive package, where you earn in-game credits at an increased rate and Premium Subscribers can acquire all items by in-game credits alone.

Tell us what you think!

As with all other things we do, we would like to hear your opinion and experience. The plan presented in this blog-post is the starting point of our free2play design, but the details are not set in stone and we will probably change the design to some extend, as we get further in the process. So tell us what kind of good and bad experiences you’ve had in other free2play games, so we might learn from other’s mistakes.

We believe that we, with your help, can build a great game which all of you will enjoy playing, and have a great community around it!

See you on the Battlefield!
The Heroes & Generals Team

  1. CaptainSnoxCaptainSnox02-29-2012

    Awesome! :)

  2. PoundeRPoundeR02-29-2012


    You may have just killed this game for me…

    • SimenLKSimenLK02-29-2012

      Why is that so bad?

      • ScHrANZDiNgEnSScHrANZDiNgEnS02-29-2012

        Cause to 99% a play4free game will be a pay2win game.
        I am not going to say that H&G will become a game like the 99% of the other play4free games, but i understand that many users take into consideration.

    • 11fl11fl02-29-2012


      • ZevkaZevka03-01-2012

        Yep, sad, sad news…

        F2P are always bad for the player

        A standard pay model (like most multiplayer FPS for exemple), or a subscription based one force the developper to think the gameplay in terms of fun and intelligent concepts to attract more players and keep the playerbase active and intersted. It leads to stable, balanced game, where the players skills make the metagame.

        A free 2 play model (even the “best” ones, that are not pay to win) force the developper to think in greedy terms, encouraging player to pay for poor content, or to ease the organized frustration. It leads to unstable game, unbalanced, where player skill can’t do much against randomness and theorycrafting.

    • RhodesEzRhodesEz03-10-2012

      F2P tend to be lower budget, i would rather pay for this then get it free

  3. ZeknurnZeknurn02-29-2012

    Great news. Going F2P will help form a large and healthy community.

  4. PhilrowPhilrow02-29-2012

    Hm, I’m a bit worried about this.
    Most F2P games turn out into a “Pay2Win”.

    I’d rather want to buy the game than playing against some1 who bought a weapon which kills every1.

    • commando501commando50102-29-2012

      Well clearly that would never happen since they will be making the game balanced. Does an insta-kill weapon that you can only get by buying it with real money sound balanced to you? Clearly things that like that will never happen as the developers have the intentions of not making their game shit.

  5. MatrosovMatrosov02-29-2012

    Well i think thats good . Even money card dont helps nerds to be killd by some freeplay player :) And more players more fun true 100% .The main treat to game is cheaters they can kill it wery wery fast :(

  6. aagaardaagaard02-29-2012

    I had hoped for P2P… But I understand the reasons.
    Just make sure it newer becomes Pay 2 win.

    On good thing about a FPS compared to many other types of games, is that playerskill is very important… and having a bigger gun is not really that helpfull, if you can’t hit anything.

  7. SnowcoverSnowcover02-29-2012

    Hm… “healthy” community is a hard task for a free2play game. We all know what hacker fest a free2play game can be.

  8. LegertLegert02-29-2012

    I would have preferred a subscription-based game (well, something for $ 5 a month) and in addition the f2p roles , where players would be restricted to certain types of weapons (but with realistic properties) and with limited (by HC) spawning places.
    Although, if I am seen the entire structure in the activities, then I can have a clearer understanding of things.

  9. lodrysillodrysil02-29-2012

    F2P means P2W, i never liked any F2P games. I got a feeling this will be no diffrent, but i really do hope i will enjoy it.

    If not, well it has been a nice journey.

  10. omar67omar6702-29-2012

    I don’t know if I like this. I would have preferred a subscription based game. If you are able to “buy” increased precision but with lower range as the trade off as in the example, then this game just went arcade mode. I had hoped for better. There should be nothing you can buy to increase precision. If you want better precision, practice aiming.

    F2P itself will not guarantee a large playerbase. Accurate modeling and a good experience will. My enthusiasm and hope for the game just died somewhat. I will wait until it is in final release to make my final decision but for me personally, this is a bad choice. There should be no “powerups” of any kind in a good, well modeled, accurate game. You should not be able to “buy” modifications to make a vehicle better. The only field mods made to any equipment were bolting on extra armor or installing a more powerful gun during the transition phases between phasing out the old and getting supply of the new. For example 50mm guns were installed on old panzer III’s until the tanks with them installed arrived from the factories, or bolting on additional armored plates until better armored tanks arrived from factories.

    To me, this is a step towards the dreaded arcade mode.

  11. MattMatt02-29-2012

    I can accept the game going F2P and it makes sense because we need the players for the campaign mode.

    BUT WHAT I DO NOT ACCEPT, is you guys allowing players to buy gold credits and premium subscription. Pay2win is a game killer for many players out there.

    The worst of the 2 is the gold credits, allowing you to skip all the effort and any teamwork in the game and go straight to the goodies. A premium subscription on the other hand still forces you too cooperate with others, its just the amount of grinding takes less time than usual depending on the bonus experience.

  12. omar67omar6702-29-2012

    Other than a scope, there is no field modification you can do to increase the accuracy of a rifle. You can’t make your smg fire faster with a field mod, you can’t make your tank faster off road with a field mod. you can’t make your turret rotate faster with a field mod. This to me is a step in the wrong direction but I will wait for release to make my final decision on whether to stay or go.

    • Piment4Piment402-29-2012

      I think the same way, cant stand those perks and non-sense abilities. It just killed the game for me :/

      BTW changing the a free game free makes sense to get more players, but not in this type of game.
      People will play the game just because its free, wont help the team or anything!! Just like happen in others FPS free games. Sad but true (lol Metallica haha)

      You guys can make this game awesome!!
      Just dont add these perks and stuff.. Thank you!

      • aagaardaagaard02-29-2012

        I think you should think of the perks as stats for you character. Some soldiers runs faster then others, some are stonger, some shoot better.

        As long as its only small modifications that is ballanced, I think it can work ok.

    • aagaardaagaard02-29-2012

      actually its pretty easy to mod some MPs and the MG42 to improve the RoF…

  13. razvanssrazvanss02-29-2012


  14. ScHrANZDiNgEnSScHrANZDiNgEnS02-29-2012

    U can also discuss about the news in the forum:

  15. cRo4ti4cRo4ti402-29-2012

    I have no idea of free to play games. But i think the idea and this decide to allow all players be part of it, vithout neef of pay. Sounds fair, due the gamesystem we need allot of players, so iam fine vith this news. But the comrades who are now afraid have to be heard.
    Too i will say this comrades, youre part of this game so youre able to observe the system.

    Ive opened a thread , for didscussion in the community part in forum. To keep the news page of crying bad vibes.
    Plz comrades disscuse it allot in there, how much more opinions , that much more support to hold balance.


  16. balckbalck02-29-2012

    Grinding? Why? Let the PvP rule.

    No grinding for me thanks. And no, I won’t spend money on perks.

    I will however spend money FOR a game that provides challenging and engaging PvP which fosters and promotes team-work.

    I wish you the best of luck and I’ll reserve final judgement till release.

  17. Brzi23Brzi2302-29-2012

    I like idea of F2P
    but no Pay 2 Win because lots of people can’t pay

  18. TlanTlan02-29-2012

    I like the idea of F2P however I think should have been a pay once and than it is free so like a 2 week trial and than 10 bucks for the whole game and than bam you get unlimited free play with the ability to buy some in-game credits. I know who can argue with a great game thats free but I feel that somehow this would be a better strategy.

  19. GtkallGtkall02-29-2012

    Well, who would know… :P Well, going F2P means bigger community, but also bigger challenges. But, you can always find the right way, like what FireFall is going to do! But, I am not very sure about alternative outfits, cause we are talking about the friggn WW2! But some scarfs, maybe some veteran weapons with no power changes, just the color or something else, noticeable but not game-changing, would be great! Awesome decision you made, just make sure you don’t dfall on EAsy’s steps *cough* BFplay4free *cough*…

  20. darkrf2610darkrf261002-29-2012

    I don’t know guys…well, maye you are right about more people = more fun, but what about the play4 free thing, there are so many play4free game now that most of them are easily forgettable….

  21. AlonimoAlonimo02-29-2012

    I fucking love your decision. You showed so much potential and I alos love the part with the open development, you are surely to have a great future if you keep it up like this.

    But as in all free2play games, careful not going pay2win, or free2pay instead of free2play! Just don`t give the gameplay advantage to those who pay! Keep it fair!

  22. satarcsatarc02-29-2012

    good luck with your decision. i know it would have been hard trying to come up with the best solution.

    to the people who dont like the idea wait and see how the f2p model is implemented before you decide. ive seen it work very well and not become p2w in another game. so it is possible.

    games like this cost a huge amount of money and making the wrong revenue decision could close the game. which would be sad.

    again. good luck and i hope it works for you Reto team..

  23. CadaCada02-29-2012

    IMO renting a premium account to save time is a good concept.

    But allowing gold credits to buy modified weapons is the trap you should not fall into, because premium players will be able to hit F2P players while out of range from weapon of their opponent, or to kill them faster face to face. So premium players will quickly rule the field and drive away F2P players so you will not fill up your servers after a couple of monthes.

    I suggest you keep any kind of bonus on the field out of your premium/gold system, so you’ll need 2 separate credits systems.
    You’ll tell me : but then why should players pay real money ? According to me the only valid answers are : saving time + personalization.
    So how could a premium player save time ? Buying extra slots for units, maybe buying extra supply too… But be carefull about this : don’t make the victory automatically go into hands full of $$$$… I can see two possible “delimiters” to that dangerous secondary effect : limit the number of possible slots per player, and globally limit the rythm for sending supplies.
    Besides that I would be ready to rent (let’s say 5$/month) the game after some trial time, with or without premium I don’t care, provided I’m satisfied by the gameplay (both game parts) and the general balance (including local fairly realistic unbalance). So AFAIC F2P concept is necessary to try the game, and only after I could start paying ;)

    Good luck,

  24. DeadlyDadDeadlyDad02-29-2012

    Unlike most people, I think that it is possible to have a F2P system that isn’t also P2W; it just takes time and effort to study what other games have done with it, and what has worked and/or not worked for them. Personally, I think that the only things that a game like this should sell are flare items and advanced options for advanced players.

    Flare items have always been popular, and should be good money makers, even for the majority of players who won’t still be playing in six months. ‘Nuff said about that.

    Advanced items should be for those who are in it for the long haul, like dedicated clan VOIP channels, access to medium/heavy tanks (once they have earned enough XP through regular play to rate them), etc.

    No paid content should be enough to unbalance gameplay more than a very small amount, but we probably still have a couple of years to get that down right.

    • satarcsatarc02-29-2012

      i agree it can be done in away that is fair for all.

      but its a fine line to walk.

  25. AlonimoAlonimo02-29-2012

    And about the paying part: You mean that if people are lazy, they can pay and get some game currency faster? And those who can`t/don`t pay can still get the same currency by simply playing, but at a lower rate????

    THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME. Its the best idea I`ve ever heard, its so fair yet it still gets you money. Very good idea indeed!

  26. AgentXAgentX02-29-2012

    Going to a free to play model I believe is a good idea. Although, I am worried about the types of people that will join in on games like these, such as, cheaters (you will need a very good anti-cheat system) or those that just do their own thing and don’t know how to play as a team (Call of Duty Syndrome).

    I don’t see a problem with weapon mods, I’ve read the posts here about how you can’t mod a weapon to be more accurate, or have a higher fire rate, etc, but they are absolutely wrong. Sniper weapons on both sides weren’t just a random rifle with a scope placed onto it, they had to have the best streamlined barrels from the factory when built to have such accuracy. Not only that, rifling twist within the barrel has to do with it. Any sort of pitting in the rifling would cause inaccuracy, along with quite a few other factors.

    SMG’s CAN get a boost to their rate of fire. It was known that US soldiers would modify M1A1 Thompsons by shaving/streamlining the bolt and firing pin to add a bit of extra rate of fire to their weapons. Even the M1 Garand was modified by US soldiers to fire in a fully automatic mode by shaving down certain parts of the internal firing mechanism.

    Not only that, MG34’s were built with a mechanism to change their rate of fire if need be. BAR’s were produced with semi-automatic and automatic functions, along with models that were purely automatic, but with a mechanism that allowed a rate of fire change.

    There’s many, many things you can do to these weapons. Granted, this isn’t Call of Duty where you can put on a million different attachments, but there were things that could be done to most weapons to improve what they are, either by a soldier doing a field mod, or something built from the factory. Red Orchestra 2 does pretty well with its weapon mods, use that as a start to what you can do to weapons from this time period. I didn’t even get into soldiers using modified bullets…

    The ONLY problem I have with the pay method is that players will be able to access weapon mods without really doing anything. I realize that they give advantages while creating disadvantages, but they really should be earned, instead of being allowed on the spot. I don’t really see an issue with the currency rate increase, unless it’s something ridiculous over 50% more or something like that. One reason I hated World of Tanks was specifically for paying members getting a ridiculous amount more XP and currency.

    Either way, I think going the free2play approach is a good idea, as long as it’s done right and doesn’t turn into like most people have already said, pay2win, like Battlefield Play4Free turned out to be, along with plenty of other free2play games.

  27. imPsimonimPsimon02-29-2012

    Grinding really kills the fun in a game.
    You start aiming for that next thing to buy(greed=() instead of enjoying the ride(fun=)).
    Just listen to the word, grinding…not synonymus with fun exactly.
    I’d probably rather pay a monthly subscription but will definitely stick around to see how this will play out. (ww2 nerd)

    “Game gold” sounds alarming=(

    I hope the developers wont get greedy and device
    an addicting money machine ala world of tanks instead of focusing on gameplay.

  28. omar67omar6703-01-2012

    AgentX :

    I don’t see a problem with weapon mods, I’ve read the posts here about how you can’t mod a weapon to be more accurate, or have a higher fire rate, etc, but they are absolutely wrong. Sniper weapons on both sides weren’t just a random rifle with a scope placed onto it, they had to have the best streamlined barrels from the factory when built to have such accuracy. Not only that, rifling twist within the barrel has to do with it. Any sort of pitting in the rifling would cause inaccuracy, along with quite a few other factors.

    AgentX :

    Not only that, MG34′s were built with a mechanism to change their rate of fire if need be. BAR’s were produced with semi-automatic and automatic functions, along with models that were purely automatic, but with a mechanism that allowed a rate of fire change.

    MG34’s and BARs were built this way in the factory. It’s how they were manufactured.

    I understand that sniper rifles had the best barrels but more often than not, it was a rifle drawn from the same supply pool and issued to the best marksman in the company with a scope. That was the norm. My point is that the improved accuracy does not reduce how far the bullet will travel or how much damage it can do. The only thing that increases the damage sustained is that you are able to more precisely hit where you are aiming as opposed to open sights which improves the odds of hitting a vital organ. As far as bullet mods, it wasn’t as refined in wwii as it is now with special match grade ammo etc. You used the same ammo as everyone else did.

    Modifications may have been done to M1’s and thompsons. How much did that RoF really increase? 2%? Those instances were not the norm in wwii.

    Now I understand having better stamina, ability to run faster as you would get stronger and in better shape as time wore on. I would not want to see increased health, HP etc. A shot to the heart or lung will do the same damage to an out of shape person that it will do to an in shape person. The difference being the in shape person may have up to a pint of blood in their system more than an out of shape person. This will only increase the time it takes to bleed out by a small margin but will not reduce the amount of damage sustained.

    They gave some vague ideas on this announcement page but it is better to give just the announcement F2P with no details of how it will work and ask for feedback, or not say anything at all. This type of announcement demands a full listing of how it will work as more questions are raised than answered with it.

  29. pittpetepittpete03-01-2012

    Dont want to jump the gun here, but I just lost a whole lot of interest in this game.
    Just became too arcadey for me. Servers full of young twitchers doesnt appeal to me, good luck guys.

  30. CrossTrainCrossTrain03-01-2012

    I think this is the PERFECT way to go. Frankly, World of Tanks is a great example of a F2P game with a LARGE player base that also allows a premium level. The only thing premium does in that venue is to allow a player to progress faster. They can’t do much that an F2P player can’t do (the exception being premium tanks/shells which is not used much in “casual play”). In other words, anyone can compete.

    I love this idea and hope that the monthly premium is $5-10 (max per month. Preferably about $5 to insure an even larger incentive to pump money into the game. I personally think this is very good news.

    • SteelyDanSteelyDan03-01-2012

      I will reserve judgement…
      I got into WoT, too late, and this is my time doing a Alpha Test..

  31. SteelyDanSteelyDan03-01-2012

    I’m such a NooB!

  32. BelrickBelrick03-01-2012

    Great news and the right decision.

    Micro economic models is clearly the best online model.

    Ignore all the envious children’s comments about how it will turn into pay2win. Envy, jealousy are base human emotions that are very common among the immature.

    I say ignore them because such cries are also obviously from those who wont pay you a cent for your hard labours anyway.

    I also say ignore because clearly your intended model as stated is pay to save time, increase fun (quicker access to desirable weapons/features) and decrease grinding frustrations.

    Well done!

    • Tris456Tris45603-06-2012

      Dear Belrick

      ah, you see, I understand what your saying, but then again I don’t, how can you think it is fair to gain access to better weapons before other “non-premium” players, you sir are wrong, and none of us are children here, I would rather pay for the game rather than put up with spoilt children who have parents with too much money. If that was the case the game would be like call of duty, for an example, I can complete the multiplayer part of it within a month of getting it, then its just repetitive and gets boring, hence why they need to make new ones each year, companies like Reto cannot do that, as much as I would love them to produce a new version of H&G they cannot because of budget limits and team capacity.

      that is my point made, good bye sir.


  33. MattMatt03-01-2012

    Belrick :
    Great news and the right decision.
    Micro economic models is clearly the best online model.
    Ignore all the envious children’s comments about how it will turn into pay2win. Envy, jealousy are base human emotions that are very common among the immature.
    I say ignore them because such cries are also obviously from those who wont pay you a cent for your hard labours anyway.
    I also say ignore because clearly your intended model as stated is pay to save time, increase fun (quicker access to desirable weapons/features) and decrease grinding frustrations.
    Well done!

    What an idiot, most of us are users in the forum who suggested a regular 11.99 monthly subscription so the game can avoid hackers. We don’t mind the premium subscriptions. Its the gold credits that we hate because they allow instant access to the good stuff. We don’t want noobs like you jumping into the game with the best crap that you bought only to be useless to our team.

    • BelrickBelrick03-01-2012

      You need to be more honest.

      Re-read you post. Its obviously written from the perspective of jealousy and envy.

      So my message to the devs remains the same, do not let base emotions turn you away from making the right decision, micro economic model can be a great source of income for you.

      For their will always be people who have less time to grind and plenty of money to spend upon their hobbies.

      • MattMatt03-01-2012

        Thats as honest as I can be with an obvious hint of insult to your post. Perhaps you are just upset at my response.

  34. MrAwesomeMrAwesome03-01-2012

    I think we should do Free2Play, I love that this is the option due to me having a low budget in general life. The topic on the gold credits is kinda iffy in my opinion due to most people ranting about ‘free2play, pay2win’. And I think you are more of a good player if you have the best stuff without paying for gold credits or something, but if some people REALLY think that they wanna spend their money on starting out with it, let them. I honestly don’t care, nor hate the people that do, no matter their skill(unless they purposely try to ruin games in general, I think you know what I mean). I’d rather not turn this into an arguement, but rather celebrate the fact that this will greatly compete with MMO’s out there like they said on the announcement. If we did only 11.99 a month, Heroes and Generals would probably have half of what it might have when it’s done. Just my opinion.

  35. cRo4ti4cRo4ti403-01-2012

    C,mon ,comrades join the community talk. Join the public gamw talk there you can explain your opinions more intense.

    Join in Forum – heroes and generals talk- news disscussion.

    Wanna hear you all there too.

    Thx for your opinions

  36. AlonimoAlonimo03-01-2012

    They could also earn money by putting for sale fashions for real money, but it would be kinda hard as H&G has to keep it realistic, maybe they could design different sorts of infantry and pilot outfits, different from the default ones.

  37. Reto.KenSoloReto.KenSolo03-01-2012

    Dear all,

    I’ve just posted this in the forum – here is a copy/paste. And please continue the debate in the forum, as it’s a better format for a discussion. Here is a link to my post in the forum:

    Dear all,

    We really appreciate your honesty and your opinions on our chosen business model. Honesty and open debate is the cornerstone in the community we’re interested in having and the kind of developer we wish to be.

    We realize that there are many different views on free2play, and we would really like to hear all your views. However – as the decision for going free2play is final, we would like the have your help on defining exactly HOW we can make a healthy, fair and competitive free2play model.

    We have researched a lot and have a fairly good idea of how the model should look like, but many details are not yet worked out. So the reason why we have revealed it now is, that we would like to hear from you, in details, what you think will work and what will be fair.

    We have looked at many other f2p games and have drawn some conclusions ourselves, but before we present OUR views, we would really like to hear from YOU exactly what works in other games and what doesn’t.

    Why is it, in very concrete and specific cases, that you believe that ‘game X’ is a bad f2p game and why is ‘game Y’ a great f2p game?

    As mentioned in the blog – It IS our goal to create a well balanced and fair f2p-game, and it would greatly help us if you could help us reach our goal!


  38. W3stsideW3stside03-05-2012

    I think you just ruined the game for me :(

  39. Tris456Tris45603-06-2012

    i have always been against play4free games which end up being games where people pay to get uberhaxor guns or other advantags over reguar players, i rather pay £15-£25 for a game like this tahn to get pissed off at kids who have no skill and only have an advantage becuase they pay2play or win in this case.

  40. thefsgthefsg03-07-2012

    I guess if you pay 15 per month you will pay2win as well. Or pay 150 up front for the year and you will be winning :) Either way is good to me as long as they dont introduce redicoulous arms that are not period specific.

  41. avrikavrik03-07-2012

    I think it’s a great idea. I know there is a lot of retort against it, but to be completely honest this game doesn’t seem to be one of those run and gun Call of Duty copies, nor is it a cheap MMORPG from Asia.

    World of tanks is F2P and it is doing great with team work, as is LoL which is also another F2P game.

    5/5 with this decision.

  42. FauerholmFauerholm03-08-2012

    I’ve been looking forward to this game like a child waiting for christmas, but I beg you to reconsider, please do not make it Free2play, that ruins the game for people willing to ACTUALLY spend money on the game in the way of subscriptions, because it usually brings a horrible and selfish community.
    There are MANY people out there who would pay a decent monthly fee to play a game like this if its good, but you lose all the good players and the chance of a good community helping to evolve the game they so love.

    I beg of you H&G please do not do this.

    • RhodesEzRhodesEz03-10-2012

      I love how everyone hates the idea of a F2P, The devs dont listen to the community it seems…

  43. LeadmagnetLeadmagnet03-10-2012

    F2P is fine, but you mention modifying weapons, this is not a way to go. Each weapon stats should be the same regards F2P and Premium users, otherwise you end up with pay2win.
    Premium perks should not involve weapons, maybe instead a type of first aid kit to heal a percentage of health which still allows a F2P user with skill to nail you again(to use kit stops you shooting for a period of time)
    I would pay sub per month for a good game but if weapons power is increased by Gold you’ve lost the plot and the game will lose hardcore cash payers and get instead bit payers.
    Think carefully here, look before you leap.

  44. RhodesEzRhodesEz03-10-2012

    Why cant we just pay? I would rather pay for a an amazing game then get a f2p where everyone buys “premium” and skips all the main parts of the game. Dont ruin the game with this f2p nonsense, im sure people will pay for a decent game this is

  45. jumanajumana03-11-2012

    I don’t know of any f2p agem which isn’t pay to win and I would have loved to see this game being subscription based. But I can also understand your resaons for making this decision. So I really hope that you can find a way to meke some revenue on the one hand and keeping the game balend on the other. Not to mention all the goldsellers, china-farmers and trolls which are usually present in a f2p game – I hope you can find a way to reduce stuff like this to a minimum.

  46. artemkaartemka03-13-2012

    very bad news :(

  47. BlueSmileyBlueSmiley03-17-2012

    Another Pay2Win game? That’s a damn shame.

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