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“Countryside” Game Map in progress

I am creating a new game map called “Countryside”, which consist of a large terrain (4000 x 4000 meters) with a small river cutting through the sloped landscape.


The Main Capture Point is the area around “the old water mill” and the old stone bridge crossing the small river.


“Countryside” is kind of a T-junction map, that mainly will be used to connect to maps with only one Access Point e.g. the Air Field. We can then “divide” the supplyline between two “normal” maps with this map – and when conquered you’ll have a direct route to the Air Field. To secure the Air Field from attacks, you only need to make this map a stronghold.


I could also imagine some nice tank battles on this large terrain since the mix of close vegetaion and open spaces are perfect for this type of battle :-)

hg_map_countryside_230212_04 hg_map_countryside_230212_05

It’s not live yet – but I’ll keep you informed when you can have a GO!


  1. GilatarGilatar02-24-2012

    How long does it take to create these maps? They looks incredible for an alpha!

  2. cRo4ti4cRo4ti402-24-2012

    Booooaaaahhhh impressed of upcoming “thoughts” looking on those awesome pictures.
    Can’t await see units operating on this huge playground. Any infos about how much players you have thought to play on these map.

  3. razvanssrazvanss02-24-2012

    Good job,keep up the good work!

  4. golani79golani7902-24-2012

    Looks amazing!

    Can´t wait to play it :)

  5. PoundeRPoundeR02-24-2012

    Waiting to drive around the riverbed with my kubelwagen :)

  6. MattMatt02-24-2012

    Can you tell us how large the Village map is?

  7. TheraplugTheraplug02-24-2012

    thirds picture is this a tank or a bunker with a PAK? =O

  8. satarcsatarc02-25-2012

    nice looking terrain. mmm bunker :)

  9. golani79golani7902-25-2012

    Matt :
    Can you tell us how large the Village map is?

    The size of the map is mentioned in the first sentence of the news …

    • MattMatt02-25-2012

      This 4000mx4000m map is called “Countryside.” The one I’m asking for the size of is called Village. Just want to use it for comparison so I can get an idea of how large this map really is.

  10. cRo4ti4cRo4ti402-25-2012

    golani79 :

    Matt :
    Can you tell us how large the Village map is?

    The size of the map is mentioned in the first sentence of the news …

    He ask for the village map , the country side one is 4 * 4 km.

  11. cRo4ti4cRo4ti402-26-2012

    Matt i think this is the same large like the other maps, only that here is the different to have “maybe only some capture objects in the middle “? So the area around is clear of objects ? but hey not sure , but looks like .

  12. savier123savier12302-26-2012

    I’d hate to say it, but as of alpha stage a large map like this is unsuitable to be put in action. Since the player cap right now per game is around 20, I doubt any gunfights will involve in a 4000×4000 map.

  13. LegertLegert02-27-2012

    Great. I feel the scale, distance and Europeanness. How about pre-war signboards, traffic signs and so on? And on some map could be also a graveyard.

    This 4000 is a constant size? That mean a map such as 6000 x 2000 isn’t possible?

  14. maxanmaxan03-07-2012

    I hope so, you make a good, logic and fair balance of penetration between tanks .Dont favorize any tank, just try to they have a realistic balance and speed too..I think , this is a basic and important things in future tank battles on this game…

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