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We need Clans for testing Heroes & Generals

Quite soon we’ll start our server performance test and shortly after we’ll start to test the Campaign (the strategy part of the game).

So besides all who have already signed up for an Alpha-key we would like to get in touch with clans who would like to help us!

Stug III impact

We’ll provide clans with their own exclusive “Clan-key”, which they can use to invite their own members to the alpha, and we’ll also let you be among the first “Generals” to test the Campaign.

So send a mail to [email protected] with the following information:

  • SUBJECT: Clan-key application
  • Name of the clan
  • Link to your clan-page
  • Clan gaming experience (what games have you played and do you have alpha-/beta-experience)
  • The number of players who will participate in the Alpha
  • The best reason why your clan should have an Alpha-key!

We’ve seen that some new Alpha-players join one time, try the game and then leave and don’t return. We’re really dependent of your opinion and continuous feedback, as well as seeing how the game plays out with other players than ourselves, so you should only apply for a Clan-key if you’re serious about your involvement in the H&G-community!

  1. alisuarnotaalisuarnota01-10-2012

    I want to join you and help provide feedback. But I don`t have a clan, I`ve tested alot of games and have some experience, and not games that you never heard of…Games like RIFT, A.V.A, Genesis A.D, Blacklight Retribution…

    Please let me in and I will let everybody know about your game, therefore I could also make a review and publish it on my gaming blog.

    • Reto.KenSoloReto.KenSolo01-10-2012

      Quite soon we’ll “open up the bag” and invite a lot of players, so don’t worry – you (and everybody else who have signed up) will also be able to “get in” in the near future.

  2. AlonimoAlonimo01-10-2012

    We will see How soon that will be…If its gonna be this week then I can make the review I was talking about and hopefully get more players.

  3. AlonimoAlonimo01-10-2012

    Also, please tell me this game will be free2play! It could certainly be one of the best free2play games.

  4. cRo4ti4cRo4ti401-10-2012

    This sound great will share this to knowen clans.

  5. killerukkilleruk01-11-2012

    22nd ab will be happy to test 75 members on rnl and if games good we will invest n a server

  6. BrightnessBrightness01-13-2012

    My UNIT, MULTI NATIONAL UNITED ( ArmA 2 Unit ) sending in application Fuhrer! Hopefully we will see u in the battlefield

  7. zalak123zalak12301-31-2012

    Is it okay if it’s a fairly new clan?

    You see I have a group of friends and we play a lot of games together, (It’s a fairly largish group like 10 give or take people) but were not an offical clan yet. This is only happening now that I heard of this.

    We don’t have a website yet either.

    • jk098jk09802-01-2012

      Hey zalak im in your clan :P

    • Reto.KenSoloReto.KenSolo02-01-2012

      Well, this sounds like a great platform for a new clan. :)

      Send us an application and we’ll look at it.

  8. zalak123zalak12302-05-2012

    Oh and we DO not have a website. Is one required…? We could get one.

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