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The First Trailer-shoot

Yesterday we had our first Trailer-shoot featuring 9 community-members in a basement in Central Copenhagen. We had a fun day and ended up with some really great shots for the trailer.

basementshotgroup_720 True gamers ftw! Community-members with blue gamertags, and Reto-Moto developers with red (except our trailer-director ‘JesperColding’ – also with red tag).

Thanks to all the participants for your time and dedication to our project, and for helping us make a hopefully great trailer. We look forward to show all of you the trailer when it’s finished.

We had to cancel the outdoor shoot in ‘Dyrehaven’ Saturday due to bad weather-conditions. Instead we’ll spread it out to several shorter sessions throughout the next month or so. So if you might be interested in participating, please send a mail to [email protected] with your name and your phone number, and we’ll contact you as soon as we have found some new dates for the outdoor sessions.

We’re looking for ordinary gamers at any age, height and weight. The task is unpaid, but we’ll provide food, beverages, an Alpha-key (should you not have one already) and hopefully also a fun day!

  1. tycoonboytycoonboy12-05-2011

    when you guys also pay the plane ticket, i am in!

  2. GtkallGtkall12-05-2011

    And the Oscar of 2011’s Best Actor goes too… T4ble.M4p! :P

  3. lodrysillodrysil12-05-2011

    It was fun! :)

    Also thanks for letting us come!

  4. VashuVashu12-05-2011

    It was a fun day. I can’t wait to see the result!

  5. DiedTryingDiedTrying12-05-2011

    I’ve already killed most of the guys in that photo. No need for me to go in person.

  6. anchelanchel12-05-2011

    Had lots of fun! Looking forward to the rest of the shooting sessions as well as playing the game against all of you! ;)

  7. cRo4ti4cRo4ti412-06-2011

    oMg i realize just now , that wasnt be a Dream ……

    Heroes and Generals is True !!!

  8. GonnGonn12-06-2011

    Ahahah…Table name tag is a Win. Voting T4able.M4p for General….Our win is assured….

  9. Reto.ColdingReto.Colding12-06-2011

    Thanx – you guys that contributed on Sunday… it made my life a bit easier :P … I urge you to join tomorrows outdoor shoot (wednesday) … see the details in the post above.

    Cheers – Reto.Colding

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