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Two recruits reporting from HQ

We are 2 boys from 9th grade at ‘Toftevangsskolen’, Birkerød, DK, and we have been the trainees of Reto-Moto for a whole week now. In the beginning of the week we were finding bugs in the game that we thought should be fixed and reported them as an issue. We found places in the game were there was missing textures – that means there was no graphic on the chosen object. But the game is not finished yet so it will improved over time.

We also attended a brainstorm meeting about the upcoming launch trailer. That was fun, because you never think about how much work and resources is used to make a trailer. We have of course also tested the game a lot, and we have been playing against other alpha-testers and giving them tips that we have learned this week.

In the evenings we played at home in game sessions – with players from all over the world.

We also helped designing a train-station in the game. We found some historical material to help making and designing the train-station. We saw how they made buildings and stuff e.g. the train-station. They use Autodesk XSI as 3D software to make the game look realistic and fun to play. It has been a great week here at Reto-Moto and we think the game is going to be a lot of pure epic awesomeness.

In-game                                                     Reference

  1. Mjr_AwesomeMjr_Awesome11-18-2011

    “a lot of pure epic awesomeness” lol, indeed

  2. steelexiasteelexia11-18-2011

    MAN i wish i could have worked in a game studio in grade 9 too! :P

  3. cRo4ti4cRo4ti411-18-2011

    the game is going to be a lot of pure epic awesomeness !!! same i thinked Yesterday after i try my first steps in the Game.I can feel it in my Bones

    There is something smelling very good in the air, and its not weed.

  4. LeonNetLeonNet11-18-2011

    Why a reference picture? The roof looks completely different!
    But the ingame looks very good.

  5. OrganicHallucinosisOrganicHallucinosis11-21-2011

    Chooo Chooo.

  6. SamHagelundSamHagelund11-25-2011

    Would be nice more of this train station to follow the steps of AAA development. U know, the usual; hiding the repeated tiling on the roof. Decals all round the building to make it less sterile. Busting it up to match the war ridden landscape. I certainly hope this ain’t finished… ;)

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