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War in the trenches

I’m currently working on a skirmish level with a simple map layout with trenches. The skirmish levels will automatically be spawned when two Assault Teams confronts during troop transportation.

Skirmish Level with field fortifications.

We talked about trenches and fortifications in this forum thread ( and the player NSU_PzU posted this for reference (

Soldier waiting in the trenches  Trenches and Czech Hedgehawkes

I was inspired by the original entrenchment used during WW2, and adapted what was useful into the map. The measurements are scaled up a bit due to gameplay and controls. I still need to work on the “underground” parts – since I’m not able to “cave” into our terrain system.

The first Skirmish Level - situated in the forest with field fortifications. 

The trenches will hopefully add some new experiences to the gameplay. It will almost be like a maze – but where you always can pop up to navigate (and get your head blown off?). The team controlling the trenches firstly will definitely have some advantages – if they can coordinate what to do. Tanks are less useful – but on the other hand – if you can maneuverer your way through the Czech Hedgehogs you can just drive over the trenches.

MG position  Basic Trench Walls


  1. WildcatnateWildcatnate11-13-2011

    Great work! Will you design different dugout layouts for different maps?

  2. reto.fleckreto.fleck11-15-2011

    oh yes :-) … but the first test will be the skirmish mission. I’ve added some dugouts for mortar and MG’s on the other levels as well.

  3. hammmerhammmer11-18-2011

    Fandamtastic!! Incredible graphics on those trenches. A job very well done. Can’t wait to experience those in-game. Salute!

  4. SamHagelundSamHagelund11-25-2011

    Looks good. If I may be a little annoying and comment this. Grime, decals, sand, dirt is missing.. give it history.
    Try increase anisotropy on LOD model – the uniform horizontal lines are mashing together in the mipmapping.

  5. SamHagelundSamHagelund11-25-2011

    Planning a GI system? Real-time render perhaps? :)
    LPV is a pretty straight forward implementation… so please don’t say no. :P

    • SamHagelundSamHagelund12-02-2011

      Guess, this is more of a Reto.Dave question. I understand he’s the render dude.

  6. -JYK--JYK-12-22-2011

    good place to take a beer and smash the enemy!

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