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Good Mo-o-o-o-o-o-rning, Community – Registration servers are up again!

First of all – Welcome to all the new community-members!

The past few days has been quite hectic. Friday we made an exclusive release of our Debut Teaser at, and Monday we released the teaser + more sweet stuff to the rest of the press, accompanied by a press release.

This effort gave our web- and registration-servers a really hard time, especially when major games sites such as Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Kotaku and Destructoid started to write about us.

So we had some downtime on the servers, but they are now up again, and we’ve increased the capacity, so hopefully there won’t be any problems signing up in the near future.


  1. ImperialDaneImperialDane10-12-2011

    Congrats on all the extra activity and attention :D

  2. Mjr_AwesomeMjr_Awesome10-12-2011

    My friend became aware of this game through the teaser and since him and I are WW2-Shooter-Fans we thought we should give it a try. I hope there will be a big fat new batch of alpha keys soon ;)

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