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Intelligence Bulletin Vol 1 * No 1

Welcome to the first “Heroes & Generals Intelligence Bulletin”. The purpose of this bulletin is to give you an insight in the development progress of Heroes & Generals and show you what each of us are working on at a weekly basis.


Our current primary focus is to make a stable version of the game so that we soon can invite alpha-players in to test the game and give us feedback. For the past couple of months we’ve been refactoring a lot of servercode, implementing a new character rig, worked on new character models, made more vehicles, started to replace prototype weapon models with new better ones and a whole lot of other things “behind the scenes”.

We’re extremely excited about inviting you in for an alpha-test soon, but please be a bit patient with us a little while yet, while we prepare the next development stage.

Now let’s proceed to the Team Debriefring…




Team Debriefing


Game Director
“The primary task for this week has been to design ‘wireframes’ (or blueprints) of all screens and components for the strategy/flash site. Other than that I’ve been going through our outsorcing assets, started to work on the graphics for our upcoming teaser-trailer and then I’ve attended more meetings than I can count…”
Level Designer
“Focused this week primarily on 3 areas – 1) optimized, bugfixed and polished places that are going to be used in the recordings for the upcoming teaser, 2) worked on getting the three new city-levels onto the server – and finally 3) started to plan the remaining levels for launch.”
Community Manager & Game Designer
“The game’s webpage is coming up for an overhaul so I am working on getting everything ready for that. Since I can’t leave the actual game alone I have also done some tweaking on the weapons precision setup and started planning for more fun weaponry to play with.”


3D Artist
“This week I’ve added new ingame versions of the Thompson M1A1, M1903 bolt-action rifle, ZF39 scope and the Karabiner 98K. I´ve also been preparing a new weapon type. Infantry mortars!”
Lead Character Artist
“I’m making the German Infantry soldier uniform parts. It’s highres and in-game models with the various texture maps. They consist of the uniform jacket (field tunic) with the harness straps and belt that holds all the customizable weapons gear (Ammo pouches, bags, holsters etc.). The Infantry pants with heavy jackboots and the standard Infantry helmet. I also started on the archetype 1 head.”
Character Artist
“This week I’ve been working on the US Paratrooper uniform models (highres, in-game and textures). They are a Paratrooper jacket with harness traps for the weapons gear. A pair of Paratrooper pants with Paratrooper jump boots plus the M-1 Paratrooper helmet. Finally I’m making the hand for the first person view.”
Lead Animator
“Finally – this week the new Character Rig and basic hold, aim, aimprecise poses for the different weapons have been implemented into the game. I am quite satisfied with the direction its heading though a lot of basic animations needs to be done and implemented before we are up to scratch with the basic gameplay package”
Concept Artist
“I’ve been doing textures for at new French village house, fixed up some props and UV mapped a barn house.”


Programmer and Technical Lead
Made “hngsync”, a replacement for the existing downloader, and the connected functionality in the browser plugin. Compared to the old one, it offers much better communication with the strategy game client (the strategy game knows more about whats’ going on). Also, the usual round of testing and bugfixes.”
Flash Programmer
“Continued my refactoring of the Campaign part of the game. Struggling to separate the data from the graphics, so my first attempt at it did not attain to anything, but now I have a new plan of how to get a grip of it.”
Code connoisseur
“Sick and out for the count for half of the week – having returned to work spend some time trying to integrate perforce functionality into the warmap-editor.”
Render Programmer
“Added further parameters to the new ‘low vegetation system’ for Reto.RedBjarne. Finished distant clouds in the new cloud system. Prototyped path tracing (very cool looking, but performance-heavy rendering technique) and automated update/integration of the war database in our build/deploy system.”
Senior Programmer
“I’ve started implementing our statistics module in a high-performance Berkeley database, which is capable of handling large quantities of data quite well. This is the backend system for leaderboards and the Character Specialization system, where you can get ribbons and combat badges.”
Gameplay Programmer
“Created a new spawn menu, where players can select character, and choose between different spawn options, e.g spawn as soldier, spawn as paratrooper or spawn in a vehicle. The rest of the week has been dedicated to bug hunting.”
Gameplay Programmer
“Switched to the new skeleton and character graphics. Put a bit more collision on the vehicles, just a simple push for now. Worked on the new animation editor.”


Lead Sound Designer
“I have removed placeholder gun-shot sounds and added new and more exiting ones. Almost all the guns presently in the game now have the new sounds. Adjustment is still needed though. I’ve also found, recorded, edited and mixed a lot of placeholder propaganda sound files. I will add the first iteration of the placeholder propaganda later today, so we can find out if these sounds add atmosphere to the game or not.”


“Wrapping up the loose ends with our outsourcing partners and had some interesting marketing meetings with a number of very knowledgeable people.”
PR & Marketing Coordinator
“I’ve been in contact with various marketing services trying to figure out how we can utilize our next-to-nothing marketing budget in the best possible way. Besides that I’ve been working with Reto.Robotron3000 on restructuring our website and I’ve also been preparing some stuff for our upcoming teaser-trailer.”



The Intelligence Bulletin is designed primarily for the use of the members of the Heroes & Generals community. It is a vehicle for the dissemination to them of the latest information received from Reto-Moto Intelligence sources about the development of Heroes & Generals. Readers are invited to comment on the use that they are making of the Intelligence Bulletin and to forward suggestions for future issues.

Reto-Moto Intelligence Division,
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