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Building buildings

In order to make more and larger levels, we’re creating the majority of the buildings in Heroes & Generals from a set of smaller modules called “masters”. These masters can be combined into larger and smaller structures (buildings) called a “master compound”. It’s kind of like gluing together miniature plastic model houses from a pile of wall, window, roof and door sections.

buildings An example of a building made from some of the “city-masters”

There are quite a few advantages to this approach; one is that we in short time can create a huge number of different buildings from the same masters. Another major advantage is that if we update a small detail on a master, which might be used on tens of different houses, you don’t need to download all of the houses again, but only the updated part. This greatly reduces download sizes and makes it possible for us to make frequent updates without disrupting the flow of the game through long downloading time.

Some structures will be custom made though, like bridges, major landmarks or special monuments.

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