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Leveldesign: City Map, Boulevard

In the presentation of the “City-River” map, Carsten suggested an idea to a new city map – a more open space location.

I’ve tried to layout the idea – and would love some comments, before I mock it up.

The basic idea with this map is:
1) Very simple layout – opposite to many of the other very complexed maps
2) Only 1 Main Capture Point for winning
3) Open area combat
– snipers positioned in buildings along the boulevard
– canons/tanks positioned on the edge to cover the main boulevard
4) Close area combat
– shotguns/CC weapons usefull in the tunnels connecting the pavements
5) Group tactics are essential, working together to move ahead




  1. vergeltungfeuer4thvergeltungfeuer4th08-19-2011

    Hello evbody…
    -Could be the “City hall” the “Capture point objective?
    -Then that building could be the “Spawn Team Y”
    -“Team X” begins in the only Red one (South left).

    -Red team can conquer any point, but only if he conquered all the blue points, he can intend the “Final assault”.

    ps)I made a map but I dont know where to attach it, sorry :(

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