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First City Map “City-River”

I’ve started to create two new City Maps: “City River” and “City Train Station” and here are my initial ideas on creating City Maps in general.

On the Campaign map all cities currently consists of just one battlefield and thereby one map, but for larger cities we wish to have several maps in one city which should represent different parts of the city (e.g. Dresden = 16 maps connected, Berlin = 80 maps connected).

 Tight combat
Tight combat where Vehicles and Tanks are less useful compared to larger landscape maps


City Maps combat area
City Maps combat area e.g. 450 x 450 m compared to larger Landscape Maps (2000 x 2000 m – 4000 x 4000 m)


Symmetric level-design
More symmetric level-design which induces timing issues to get to capture points


Visual guidance
Visual guidance to navigate – like town squares, bridges, round-abouts, statues, etc.


Multi floors ruins and buildings
Multi floors ruins and buildings to cater for height differences with lots of hiding and sniping places


Canal with 2 bridges
Canal with 2 bridges that divides the 2 parts of the level specifically for the City River Map


I’ll keep you updated on the progress and will show you more later on – please don’t hesitate to give us feedback on your thoughts and ideas.

  1. propapropa07-08-2011


  2. LaribumLaribum07-08-2011

    Looking good!

    The game model will determine which map to choose by which part of the town the fight will be on, right? Maybe there are some interesting places in cities that could be added:

    A long big street as one of the main streets in Berlin (up to 3 lanes and a middle green stripe with trees on it – of course now its littered with broken cars and tanks and dead people maybe)

    A big place like Alexanderplatz in Berlin with lots of open space, filled up with lots of things, small installations, subway entries and surrounded by tall buildings with shops in the first floor and offices above. There should be at least one layer of surrounding streets for flanking movements.

    Actually it would be a cool setting if the two sides have to fight not along a big open street area but from one side of the street to another. The check points would be placed in the second row streets along the big street line so that it would be needed to move across the street area at least once but then there are enemy forces guarding that area, trying to flank and intercept. There is of course the opportunity to move along he enemies road side to capture one point after another but the enemy will of course try to do the same and send single interception groups to the captured points to get them back. I could imagine that this would become a nice map with room for nice group tactics.
    If there are machine guns available for infantry troops they could be used to guard wide sectors to either defend or secure the own movement.


    And as a small idea :)
    Are you planning on placing PzAbwGesch Anti tank Guns in the streets? They were widely used for in-town street combat to destroy installations and simply disturb the enemy while advancing. Would be amazing to have at least two ATG’s per side in the streets that might be movable and need to be operated by one player to support the own troops while advancing. :)


  3. reto.fleckreto.fleck08-19-2011

    Hi Carsten

    I’am working on a new map based on your ideas:

    “Actually it would be a cool setting if the two sides have to fight not along a big open street area but from one side of the street to another……”

    This image shows some of the first ideas I got. As you might know our “Capture Points” are joined, so you can’t capture all over the map. The “Spawn Points” are tied to a “Capture Point”.

    The idea was to make a VERY simple layout’ed map – as an alternative to other more complex City Maps. The main focus will be around the Main Capture Point.

    Snipers would be able to cover a lot of the streets
    Tunnels below the street is close combat area
    Tanks and cannons can be useful, if they are positioned in the edge of the Map.

    I would love some feedback – before I mock it up :-)


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