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Twitch livestream today at 1500CEST!

IS it friday? YES it is. And that means we’ll do a livestream on our Twitch channel this afternoon (click here to see when this takes place in your timezone).

This time we have received a bunch of questions in the forum and we have gone through and sorted and poked people in the office for answers.

We also have a couple of guest stars lined up; Reto.Desji (not Matt Damon) will talk a bit about a new skirmish map that is in production and we might even get to see the elusive Reto.Splixxen live on cam!

And lastly, if you missed last weeks episode, take a look here:

This weeks episode will of course also be made available on our Youtube channel when it is done.

  1. westwickwestwick09-12-2014

    This was informative and insightful as always. Thanks Gents for going above and beyond!

  2. SurrakorulesSurrakorules09-13-2014

    I know this is fun but an shit but….when are you gonna tweak the xp for ranks?

  3. VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev09-14-2014

    I have a request for adding 2 new factions into Heroes & Generals. The Soviet Union & Japan factions.

    Faction and faction battle
    Soviet Union VS Germany
    United States VS Japan

    Starting Capital
    Soviet Union (Moscow) x1
    Germany (Berlin) x1
    United States (Pearl Harbor) x1
    Japan (Okinawa) x1
    Total capital: 4

    Soviet Union from Moscow to Poland (Warsaw) to Germany (Berlin)
    United States from Pearl Harbor to Iwo Jima to Okinawa

    Another Capital Example

    Capture 12 capital win

  4. VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev09-14-2014

    Japanese Weapons
    Close Combat Weapons
    *Type 98 (Shin-Gunto Sword)

    *Nambu Type 14

    *Arisaka Type 99
    *Type 5 (Semi-automatic rifle copy from the US M1 Garand modified to use 7.7×58 Arisaka rounds and use the Japanese tangent sight and with a 10 round internal magazine loaded with 5 rounds stripper clips)
    *Arisaka Type 2 paratrooper rifle
    *Arisaka Type 99 Scoped (Sniper rifle version of the Arisaka Type 99 rifle)

    Sub-Machine Guns
    *Nambu Type 100/44 (Nambu Type 100 modified in 1944 increase fire rate)

    Light Machine Guns
    *Nambu Type 99

    Mounted Machine Guns
    *Nambu Type 92

    Anti-Tank Weapons
    *Type 4 70mm rocket launcher/bazooka

    Grenades & Mines
    *Type 97 Hand Grenade
    *Type 3 Anti-Tank Grenade
    *Type 99 Anti-Tank Mine

    Light Tank
    *Ha-Go Type 95

    Medium Tank
    *Chi-Nu Type 3

    Heavy Tank
    *Type 95

    *Zero Fighter

    Transport Plane
    *Kawasaki Ki-56

    Terrain Vechicle
    *Type 98 passenger car

    *Type 97 Moped

    *Ho-Ha Type 1 (Halftrack)

    Scout Car
    *Type 92 Armored Car

  5. FinogenovFinogenov09-19-2014

    Please, do not delete. I think that this function need. One whistle will not do.
    English voices :
    German voices and StG-44 :
    P.S. Google.Translate. The original:
    Пожалуйста, не удаляйте. Я думаю, что эта функция нужна. Одним свистом не обойдёшься.

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