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Rommel Feature: New Weapons : FG42 & M1 Carbine

In the upcoming Rommel build we are introducing two new weapons: The American M1 Carbine & the German Fallschirmjägergewehr 42. We did talk a bit about them in our live broadcast on Friday, and if you missed the show, you can catch it here on our Youtube channel.

SO let’s start with the new German toy, the:

Fallschirmjägergewehr 42

The Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 (or FG42 among friends) is designed to fill a key niche where you both need a rifle and a light machinegun, but can only carry one. It has a 20 round magazine and is a formidable weapon in the hands of experienced soldiers. The FG42 unlocks for German paratroopers with the Parachute ribbon – rank 9

For a quick overview of how this awesome new weapon performs, take a look at the stats below.

M1 Carbine

Switching over to the Americans, their new paratrooper toy is the M1 Carbine. The first version of this weapon to make an appearance in the game is the version with the wooden stock, and fortunately for the users a number of the late-war 30-round magazines has been made available for the weapon as well. The Carbine is a quick-firing semi-automatic weapon capable of sending quite a lot of lead down-range. Though not as powerful as a M1 Garand it is easier to control and shoots faster placing it as a nice mix between an SMG and a rifle. The M1 Carbine unlocks for paratroopers with the Parachute ribbon rank 6, and due to the effectiveness of American industry (not being hit by bombs does that for you), it is much cheaper to buy.

For a quick overview of how this awesome new weapon performs, take a look at the stats below.


    look at precision :))))))))

  2. ton1309ton130908-25-2014

    FG-42 vs MP-34
    MP34 stats are looks better.But FG-42 have more little bit damage :P

  3. IvanLadavacIvanLadavac08-25-2014

    I guess you did good job, but I am kinda confused with the same amount of ROF. FG42 was fast as Thompson and precise almost as SA rifles…

  4. RaulRaul08-25-2014

    No matter what you guys demand, Reto will ALWAYS stick with symmetrical balance, what we’ve got here is a copy of the BAR…from the look of it…

    I wanna see the cries and raging when we get the STG44 >:D!

    Still, the noobs got what they wanted, and we’ve got some new shiny weapons to test >:)!


    I can’t wait! :P

  6. Viper9Viper908-25-2014

    Are those weapons for paratroopers only?

    • RaulRaul08-25-2014


  7. nef_pinef_pi08-25-2014

    a full automatic rifle for germans and a semi for allies ? really?
    Allies prepare to be raped by germans paratroopers.

    • DerTiejaDerTieja08-25-2014

      What did you want??? they have the same rate of fire…so how fast can you klick a button???

      • nef_pinef_pi08-25-2014

        I want a balanced game, fg42 is obviously superior than m1 carbine. Fg42 has more damage and is full automatic, the poor precision is irrelevant because paratroopers are specialized in short distance.

        M1 should have more damage than fg42.

        • Marv2.0Marv2.008-25-2014

          well, actually german technology was way better… thanks to reto they wanna go around 50:50 arcade to realism (if this is stil true…). And we can be happy that steel quality in this game doesn´t matter, cos than we might have a problem against the axis tanks…

          The FG42 was actually also for med&long range the carbine is a short distance weapon to a max of around 275 meters (med range), was used by infantry and paras in city battles where it´s fast and precise fire on short distance was a big advantage.
          The FG42 had the option for automatic and semi-automatic fire (hope this is the right term) and i´m glad the axis don´t get also the version with the scope for the FG42…
          While the M1 Carbine was used by Infantry (normaly technicians as they needed a light rifle) and Paratroopers (those had a specialised version) the FG42 was as it name says, was only for the axis Paratroopers (Falschirmjäger)

          Anyway i´m not to talk about the actual facts of these weapons.
          I´m looking forward, but the M2 had the possibility for automatic fire, and the M2 had an 30 bullets mag, while the M1 had just an 15 bullets mag… and the M3 had a scope.

          So we will see what we will get in the end, but i would prefer the M1A1. What I´m more interested in is the new sound of those weapons as the FG42 was the loudest weapon for the infantry (well para is inf with wings, but after landing normal inf)

          Anyway looking forward to this, and for the balancing it´s ok our weapon was weaker up to a point, as it was actually designed as a light rifle, with the high rate of fire and low recoil but an higher damage and way better range, and the US-Army wanted it as better defense weapon for soldiers that are not inbound in daily fighting(e.g. technicians), as the Garand/SMG was for those too hard to handle and a pistol won´t effect on longer ranges. As primary it was not the best some soldiers said but as secondary it was a beloved weapon(e.g. MG-Gunners).

          Enough of this historical correctness I want my Carbine.


          But actually the M2 had an 30 bullets round, and the possibility of automatic fire

        • Alvin_YorkAlvin_York08-26-2014

          How about lets not make the M1 deal more damage then the FG42? IT shoots a freaking .30 cal and the FG42 shoots a full rifle round ok. You cant compare the damage, obviously the FG42 will deal more damage and have more range. Look the FG42 is a full blown advanced BATTLE RIFLE, the M1 is a CARBINE, C-A-R-B-I-N-E. Lets not make it “balanced”, lets make it historically accurate. Also the M2 wasnt used in ww2…..


    i can’t wait for them.And i have a question:why the US can unlock the M1 Carbine at rank 6 of the parachute badge and the Germans unlock it at rank 9?


    the Germans unlock the FG 42*

    • PathPath08-25-2014

      “due to the effectiveness of American industry (not being hit by bombs does that for you)”

  10. MasterTankerMasterTanker08-25-2014


  11. SemperFiSemperFi08-25-2014

    realy nice :)

    how all time GOOD JOB

  12. RynazardRynazard08-25-2014

    Really Nice :)

  13. VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev08-25-2014

    US Weapons
    1. Colt M1911A1 (Released)
    2. M1A1 Thompson (Released)
    3. M3 (Released)
    4. M1 Garand (Released)
    5. Springfield M1903A1(Released)
    6. M1 Carbine (Released)
    7. Browning M1918A2 (Released)

    (US weapons complete released)

    German Weapons
    1. Walther P38 (Not Released Yet)
    2. MP40 (Released)
    3. STG44 (Not Released Yet)
    4. FG42 Ausf. E (Released)
    5. Kar98k (Released)
    6. Gewehr 43 (Released)
    7. MG42 (Released)

    (German weapons uncomplete released)

    Soviet Weapons
    1. TT-33 (Not Released Yet)
    2. PPSh-41 (Released)
    3. PPS-43 (Not Released Yet)
    4. Mosin-Nagant M91/30 (Not Released Yet)
    5. SVT-40 (Not Released Yet)
    6. DP-28 (Released)

    (Soviet weapons uncomplete released)

    • crazyman199crazyman19909-05-2014

      the amerian also used the johnson adn the thompson 1928 but what the german really need is a berrta model 38 and g 24

  14. VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev08-25-2014

    The M1 Carbine rifle must set it in infantry weapon due to US infantry also use it and the paratroopers must set it to use the folded stock version M1A1 Carbine rifle.

    The FG42 assault rifle is used by the German paratroopers and the infantry must give them the Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle.

  15. FontanFontan08-25-2014

    Rate of Fire ? 399/min ? O’RLY ?

    German Weapons ingame RoF = original RoF/2
    Allied Weapons ingame RoF = original RoF x 2

  16. AxeHeadSlamAxeHeadSlam08-25-2014

    And of course they had to completely nerf the FG42.
    Half the actual rate of fire and terrible precision. This is just complete and total bs.

    Meanwhile, the M1 Carbine gets double the clipsize?
    It’s M2 that had a 30 round mag, not the M1. Do some research once in a while.

    Once again, I’m highly dissapointed in you Reto.

    • Tony_StevensTony_Stevens08-27-2014

      Reto knows that the M1 Carbine has 15 rounds but Reto also knows that there was 30 round mag for the M1 Carbine. Search up M1 Carbine 30 round mag on Google or some shit.

    • halvadakis2012halvadakis201208-28-2014

      Think ur right.Reto favours allied side.THey even gave allied side lazer tommies.

  17. TheDemonZerTheDemonZer08-25-2014

    I’m a little disappointed to see that the M1 Carbine will be only available to Paratroopers, I would… much rather have had the M1A1 Wire Frame Stock as seen in
    The M1 Carbine was a weapon used universally, across the board by the forces during world war 2, and the wire frame model was mainly used by paratroopers and tank crews due to its folding stock and lighter weight which allowed them to carry more.
    the wooden stock variant was primarily seen carried by infantry and supporting troops who accompanied Demolitions, Anti-Tank teams even radio operators…

    the weapons standard weapon’s ammo type was .30 and held 15 rounds as standard but a 30 round mag was available for an M2 variant which had a selective fire switch.
    if the ammo capacity is to bring it up to par with the FG-42 then it will still be unable to equal… as the bullet type is 7.92mm and was more powerful and had 30 rounds… semi and full auto but issues with overheating… so that could allow it to balance against the reliability of the m1 carbine

  18. GermanSoldierGermanSoldier08-25-2014

    Wow this is such a dissapointment.

    How do you come up with this?
    You give the allies a 30 round mag that was never used by any para in ww2 and still make it lighter than the fg42? I bet the fg42 is way more inacurate than the carbine even though it should be other way around. Why does the fg42 take up more points? why can i take less stuff than the allied para?
    And why does the carbine unlock way earlier than the fg42? this is no balance not in a single way! this is allie favoring in a big deal. You should realy rework the fg42 totaly. Or let me also buy a carbine.

    And again the fg42 is no lmg, not in a single way, and was never consturcted or ment to be one. its simply a rifle. And btw you disignd the wrong pouches…. those are ones for 15 round mags that where used with the carbine

  19. saltcellarsaltcellar08-25-2014

    Love the image descriptions. The fact that the FG42 is more powerful than the M1 doesn’t really bother me, since i will be in a close to medium range with my paratrooper, my tommy will be just as effective as an FG42, perhaps even more so.

    • saltcellarsaltcellar08-25-2014

      Come to think of it though, with 6 slots required wouldn’t the FG42 be incapable of holding extra magazines unless a German uses the Hoarder perk?

      • Sandtiger87Sandtiger8708-26-2014

        my thoughts exactly. they also said in the live stream that they wont be increasing equipment points for the para. so its either a mistake or every weapon has one extra mag combined with it (which would not be cool)

  20. vrtropervrtroper08-25-2014

    News maps, vehicles in update ???????

    • skreignerskreigner08-27-2014

      They said they are a small development team so will delay the new maps, however, expand the current maps. (but not Rommel)

  21. NexleNexle08-26-2014


  22. LordenLorden08-26-2014

    Definitaly not a fan of this balancing. Please fix the balancing and stick closer to historical accuracy. If you need to buff allies then do it some other way. This skewing towards allies because axis have better players is a terrible terrible design decision.

    • FusionPhoenix199_PicklesFusionPhoenix199_Pickles08-26-2014

      They said like, last year that the game wasn’t gonna be strictly balanced towards historical, they are making it a Arcade. That’s why “Rising Storm” and “Red Orchestra” was made. BECAUSE THEY WERE RATED BEST WWII RELATED GAME.

  23. Foxhound9000Foxhound900008-26-2014

    I wonder if we will be able to mod these guns. FG-42 needs more rof

  24. FusionPhoenix199_PicklesFusionPhoenix199_Pickles08-26-2014

    Guys, u may not know zis, but stability for a LMG is the rarest thing you can find in the world, i mean, the Type 88 has a crazy cone of damage yet, the FG-42 has such a high stability, it’s basically a rifle… with automatic fire.

    The M1 carbine on the other hand, is completely madness. Because it’s a rifle, doesn’t mean it should have high stability, nor precision, any way. The carbine form of any rifle is a modified one, a smaller version. In this case, the M1 Carbine is a smaller version of it’s counter part, the M1 Garand. And anyway, it should have it’s stats balanced. It also should fire 0.5-1 bullet per second.

  25. ali1945ali194508-26-2014

    but Where is the STG44 ??!!!

  26. minisukaiminisukai08-26-2014

    that is balance!!!!!
    but u think that is your balance????
    FG42 shoot range is 450m and M1A1 is 275M
    FG42 is a auto rifle and M1A1 is a semi-auto Rifle,FG42 rate of fire is 600-900 and a semi-auto rifle how can u to shoot a 399B/M?????
    m4a3e2 can kill a 4H in 2 shoot
    so on
    can i ask u a question?

    The US is your father?

  27. junelljunell08-26-2014

    LoL. Both allied and axis players ranting equally much. Seems like Reto have balanced the guns perfectly.

  28. VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev08-26-2014

    I am watching the video ‘Devstream H&G Copenhagen’ on youtube. The new Rommel build seems when your infantry hero is available switch to tank crew, pilot, paratroopers, recon & generals. But if your character are the other other can I switch my paratroopers back to infantry?

  29. VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev08-26-2014

    Can I switching my paratroopers character back to infantry when in Rommel build?

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300008-26-2014

      Yes you can.
      If you convert an infantryman to paratrooper you can switch him, but if you buy a paratrooper character you cannot change him.

      Same as it is now.

      • VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev08-26-2014

        Ok thanks

        another question here is why the M1 Carbine is just only for paratroopers the US infantry also used it. The US paratroopers is using the folded stock version M1A1 Carbine is not the M1 Carbine. The M1 Carbine is used by the infantry only. Can you create a special M1 Carbine for me just with the 15 rounds box magazine. I dont like the 30 rounds magazine I want the original 15 rounds box magazine.

        US Paratroopers
        M1A1 Carbine (Make a folded stock version M1A1 Carbine for paratroopers and change to a 15 rounds box magazine for the gun)

        US Infantry
        M1 Carbine (For infantry only and change a 15 rounds box magazine for the gun)

        German Paratroopers
        FG42 (The FG42 is a battle rifle is not a light machine gun can you set the correction the category of this gun to battle rifle)

        German Infantry
        Sturmgewehr 44 (can you make this assault rifle for german infantry only?)

        • VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev08-26-2014

          In the game the German weapons is powerful than the US weapons. But I use Soviet weapons in the game will be balancing. I think just the PPSh-41 & DP-28 is not enough. I think is time to add more Soviet weapons such as the TT-33 pistol, PPS-43 SMG, Mosin-Nagant M91/30 rifle, SVT-40 rifle & the PTRS-41 rifle into the game for balancing the war.

  30. minisukaiminisukai08-26-2014

    M1 carbine is only a semi-auto rifle!!!!! So u think u can fire the rifle 399 times in 1 MIN?? What lovely balance!!!

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300008-26-2014

      You know how you write that something costs f.ex. $100 pr. kilo? And you don’t HAVE to buy a kilo, but then ½ a kilo will cost $50?
      Or when your speed in your car is 75 km/h – you don’t HAVE to drive 75 kilometers?

      Same thing, much easier to compare than writing that THIS weapon shoots 19 rounds in 3 seconds and this weapon shoots 57 rounds in 7 seconds.

  31. foofightfoofight08-26-2014

    FG42 has 6 slots required and a 20 mag fitted. Parra has 6 slots usable.
    Does it get an extra mag with that 6 points we cant see or do we have to drop down with only 20 bullets? Oo

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300008-26-2014

      Standard loadout for FG42 at 6 EQ points is 120 rounds carried, ie. 6 magazines.

      • foofightfoofight08-26-2014

        Ok, then i have some grinding to do! :) Nice work!

      • GermanSoldierGermanSoldier08-26-2014

        Still then why does the Carbine has only 5 points AND bigger heavyer magazines? i dont realy get that…..

      • VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev08-26-2014

        When the Rommel Build released?

    • Tony_StevensTony_Stevens08-27-2014

      I’m sure you will get more than just 20 rounds

  32. VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev08-26-2014

    The original rate of fire of fully-automatic weapons

    Sub-Machine Gun
    M1A1 Thompson – 700 RPM
    M3 – 450 RPM
    MP40 – 500 RPM
    PPSh-41 – 1000 RPM
    PPS-43 – 600 RPM

    Assault Rifle
    Sturmgewehr 44 – 600 RPM
    FG42 Ausf. E – 900 RPM
    FG42 Ausf. G – 750 RPM

    Light Machine Guns
    Browning M1918A2 – 450 RPM (Slow Full-Auto) 650 RPM (Fast Full-Auto) (Based on the fire selector switch)
    MG34 – 900 RPM
    MG42 – 1200 RPM (Original) (50 rounds drum belt container + bipod = LMG)
    DP-28 – 550 RPM

    Medium Machine Gun (Mounted)
    Browning M1919A4 – 600 RPM (250 rounds belt + M2 tripod)
    MG34 – 900 (250 rounds belt + Lafette tripod = MMG)
    MG42 – 1500 RPM (Modified) (250 rounds belt + Lafette tripod = MMG)

    Heavy Machine Gun
    Maxim M1910 – 600 RPM (250 rounds belt + Sokolov mounted)

    • minisukaiminisukai08-26-2014

      Just /2 for german

    • PunylittlegermanPunylittlegerman09-19-2014

      Somebody know EXACTLY what he’s talking about- you must be a nerd like me who Googles almost every weapon he uses ingame!

  33. SQPDSQPD08-26-2014

    FG42 ain’t OP. Think about shooting a jackhammer (the construction too) at someone.


    Whats the fun in having a Red vs Blue game? what ever happened to having a challenge?
    (besides if you guys think the axis is “OP”, why not switch to the faction? :P)

    Personally I would prefer the M1 Carbine to the FG-42 and I honestly cannot wait for the release of Rommel Build.
    (and yes i am excited for the new campaign features too :D )

  35. spadez777spadez77708-27-2014

    Every thing is looking good guys just wondering if you guys are resetting the servers when the Rommell is released ?

  36. BoskoBuha1BoskoBuha108-27-2014

    How about some heads up and compliments?

    Great job in progressing the game!

  37. xjuliussxxjuliussx08-27-2014

    Reto, you made good progress this year and the game is moving forward. We can just congrats you guys for the efforts and the hard work deployed. The game is not in his final version, and it will become more and more complex and more balanced. Also, any update about the new maps ? We badly need them.

    5th Panzer Wiking congratz you o/

    • PunylittlegermanPunylittlegerman09-19-2014

      God, I would LOVE some new maps!

  38. ssd21345ssd2134508-27-2014

    Maybe because there have much unskilled US.
    to balance:make the carbine low damage and make FG42 higher fire rate.

  39. deathmachineptdeathmachinept08-27-2014

    Hope Fg42 is not like the bar cuz bar sucks and is very unrealistic and beyond arcade, the bar should be a 2 shot weapon.

    • Foxhound9000Foxhound900008-27-2014

      MG-42 and 34 too

      • PunylittlegermanPunylittlegerman09-19-2014

        Totally, just because they have ROF doesn’t mean they can’t have stopping power. If RETO doesn’t want them to be too op, why don’t they make them more expensive?

  40. ThornwoodThornwood08-27-2014

    Yeah the m1 Carbine was a 15 round clip. Not to mention the m1 carbine really wasn’t effective past 50 yards

    • locke107locke10708-28-2014

      You are wrong on both accounts.

      1) There were 30-round detachable box magazines for the M1 Carbine. 15 rounds was just the standard loadout, Reto opted to go with the lesser known ammunition capacity. They’re not wrong in doing so.

      2) A rifle that can’t be used past 50 yards? A bow and arrow has more of an effective range than 50 yards. I guarantee you the M1 Carbine is closer to 250-300 yards. While I’ll agree with what you were trying to say — that the M1 Carbine was made for semi-close/mid-range engagements, no one would design a rifle that’s only good for 50 yards… that’s what sidearms and SMGs were used for, lmao.

      Concerning your second post where you cry about your “nerfed stats”, it’s been well-established that historical accuracy comes second to the arcade-style this game models itself after. If you’d like a more realistic game, you might want to try the Red Orchestra series.

      • PunylittlegermanPunylittlegerman09-19-2014

        I agree that the Germans shouldn’t get any advantages that can’t be compensated for ingame, but why not nerf it by making it harder to unlock instead of less effective when you actually need your hard-won LMG?

    • fenikz86fenikz8609-04-2014

      Wrong !
      Its said to have an effective range of 300 yards… I don’t believe it will do much damage at that range, but it will without a problem easily hit and dmg/kill a man at at least 100 yards.

  41. ThornwoodThornwood08-27-2014

    Can we start using the correct stats of the german gear, not the nerfed stats that we keep getting handicapped with

  42. stannersstanners08-27-2014

    So the Germans now get a weapon that is more or less an Axis BAR, but US paratroopers still cannot have this weapon, give US paratroopers the BAR back

  43. Sandtiger87Sandtiger8708-28-2014

    you know what’d be funny? if the guys release rommel just before the americans are about to capture berlin. would be the biggest troll of the year. the kids are going to cry so much. wonder if thats why they are holding back the build

  44. DonanzadorDonanzador08-28-2014

    For everyone that cries about nerfed stats on the FG42, take a look at here: Reto.Splixxen said there that FG42 has now its RoF increased to 599 rpm and its recoil slightly increased.

  45. FinogenovFinogenov08-28-2014

    When stg 44?

  46. ralpgallandralpgalland08-28-2014

    Cuz 15 rounds wasnt enough.
    Another fantasy weapon for the US forces in this game, cuz Reto can’t figure out how to balance a game without fantasy stuff for the US.

    • PunylittlegermanPunylittlegerman09-19-2014

      If you’re talking about fantasy weapons in that context, some German weapons fit that category too (C96 instead of Luger, Sd.Kfz 250 instead of Schwerer Wehrmachtschlepper ) . Still a good post… If they want something nice and easy to change, why not give new Germans the Carbine 98 Short and not the Rifle 43?

  47. birdogbirdog08-30-2014

    I have used the base carbine a fair amount. Not impressed. To hard to aim after first shot. I died alot.

  48. fenikz86fenikz8609-04-2014

    Why the heck are people crying about the FG42 taking up 6 points, and the carbine 5 points ?
    Loaded the FG weight in around 5 kg, the carbine on the other hand was around 2.5 kg ???
    So whats the problem – The ammo for the M1 is also about ½ the weight of the FG ammo.
    I own both M1 carbine, and a mauser kar98(fires same round as the FG42) irl – And I tried throwing on of each round on a digital weight – The 7.92×57 mauser weighs around 24g and the .30 carbine weighs around 13g – And the projectile on my own Mauser ammunition as actually shorter than the ones used in ww2 – Thats double the weight in both weapon and ammo…. so stop whining about equipment slots – if anything the M1 should be even lighter ingame !
    As for the M1 ingame – Im not impressed, I’ve tried to grow fond of it, and played it quite a bit. But I can’t seem to master it. I play both up close and personal and long range… Normally using either the Thompson or the Garand. The Carbine is simply to weak for medium-Long range, takes to many shots to kill, and ppl don’t usually stay put when being shot at :S
    In close quarters its “OK” – But any SMG or the FG42 beats it at those ranges.
    Its a bit of both worlds, but I’d still rather use the Garand or the Tommy.
    And If US para’s wanna use a fully automatic weapon, they have the same issue with equipment slots as the germans does – The tommy and greasegun also takes up 6/6 slots – So no room for extra ammo. The tommy and FG was around the same weight, the grease gun, and also the MP40 are a bit lighter and should IMO only be 5/6 slots.
    My real life experiences With the M1 carbine are pretty good talking precision. Easily hitting a “smaller” than man-sized target at 200m – Have in mind of course, that those targets were stationary :) and not Nazi’s moving around and shooting back at me.
    I don’t know how much “stoping-power” the bullet has left at 200m – But I don’t think it it has a whole lot of power left at that range
    Also it has nearly no felt recoil, making it very easy to fire rapidly. Ingame it does seem to have a bit too much recoil IMO, only making it effective at rapid fire at very close range.

    • PunylittlegermanPunylittlegerman09-19-2014

      Yeah, I’d love to see Machine Pistols lighter, around 4 points, since they were IRL weapons for Officers designed not to get in the way when commanding your troops- they are more compact than rifles too. BUT I know why they’re so heavy- It’s so that you can’t carry a BA rifle and an SMG at the same time, otherwise you’d be too unbelievably op regardless of range.

  49. PunylittlegermanPunylittlegerman09-19-2014

    I love this idea you have with making German stuff more powerful but easier to unlock, this represents the situation in WWII- one Tiger can take four Shermans in a straight fight, but four shermans cost less than one Tiger! I’d like to see more stuff along these lines, like an Sd.Kfz. 251 Hanomag for Germans with Chauffeur Twelve? Or maybe Jagdpanther versus M36 Gun Motor Carriage? You could also make German MG’s more expensive, but give them their IRL rates of fire. Awesome update, and I don’t really miss my cheap rubbish AT.

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