Master your own destiny! Command a nation! – Devstream #1; Live from Copenhagen

Today at 1500 CEST (click the time to find it in your timezone) we will do our first live broadcast from Reto-Moto Headquarters where we will talk about features in the upcoming Rommel build AND take questions from the community.

Asking Questions

IF you have a question about the upcoming Rommel build that you like to ask the Game Director here’s how to do it:
Just pop into the channel here AND send your question as a private message to the user ‘heroesandgenerals’ that owns the channel. We will sort through the questions as they come in and answer as many as we can related to the Rommel build. If you write your question in the subject line and with any extra clarifications in the text below you will have a better chance of getting YOUR question answered ;-)


Here is the link to the stream:

Who? How? What

For this first episode we have grabbed our Game Director Jacob Andersen (Reto.RedBjarne) and Community Assistant Frédéric Scarfone (Reto.Gargamel) and will throw them in front of the camera, ready to chat about the game, upcoming features and answer questions.

When is this marvelous event taking place?

Today Friday 22 August, 2014 at 1500CEST

  1. RaulRaul08-22-2014

    Whew, finally! This’ll clear some questions :D! Thanks Reto on behalf of the community :).

  2. sandtiger1987sandtiger198708-22-2014

    can you guys keep the vod? i’ll be missing the broadcast

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300008-22-2014

      We are planning to add them to our Youtube channel, so yes :-)

      • sandtiger1987sandtiger198708-22-2014

        THANKS :)

  3. NevetosNevetos08-22-2014

    And of course it has to be at night for me.. 11pm =/ Just because I live down under.

  4. yakattack91yakattack9108-22-2014

    Subject is weaponry.

    Will you guys ever make the weapons more realistic on damage for example in games like red orchestra 2? I like this game and have been playing for about 2 years now.


    I hope they will add some realism in weapons because 6 hits no kill that’s not realistic at all.It’s ok that the weapons aren’t all 1 shot kill but 6 hits no kill isn’t good.And also i hope the devs will add bleed to death.

  6. westwickwestwick08-22-2014

    Quite a nifty little lighting setup you have there.

    • NevetosNevetos08-22-2014

      I wonder if they use more money on lighting their live-stream or creating the game?

      • westwickwestwick08-22-2014

        What a productive way to spend your time. Keep on wondering.

        • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300008-22-2014

          It is reto.coldings private setup for photography that he brought to work for this….

  7. MasterTankerMasterTanker08-22-2014

    My question is, “Why i cant get a decent and solid framerate if my pc and connection are good?”

  8. VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev08-23-2014

    can you released the PPS-43 Sub-Machine Gun?

  9. VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev08-23-2014

    They say the M1 Carbine is just for paratroopers. Especially the M1 Carbine also used by infantry in the war. the paratroopers is used the M1A1 Carbine. Originally in ww2 the M1 Carbine is used the 15 rounds box magazine. the 30 rounds magazine is for the M2 carbine assault rifle.

    M1 Carbine rifle is for infantry
    M1A1 Carbine rifle(folded stock version) for paratroopers

    STG44 assault rifle is for infantry
    FG42 assault rifle is for paratroopers

  10. SaverickSaverick08-23-2014

    Haha I knew I recognized that accent, Reto.Gargamel! Fière d’avoir un Québécois dans l’équipe!

    • SaverickSaverick08-23-2014

      Also I vote for the coder to spend whatever time is needed to add the bipods!

      • FaithantFaithant08-24-2014

        I think that is too much trouble creating something that would rarely be used.

        For example you can go prone now with LMG but every time i tryed that i came to conclusion that strafing left right or hiding behind and shooting is better than having your head open whole time as you get headshoted too soon.

        Bipod would be supercool as i love LMGs but using them would be merly for fun.

        Better idea is to just make LMGs 100% no recoil when u prone to feel like u have bipod

        • SaverickSaverick08-24-2014

          The point is that right now people can use the MG while standing up and strafing left and right with very little recoil. It’s like in Commando when Arnold is running with the minigun and killing everyone.

  11. MakutaZeroMakutaZero08-24-2014

    It would be nice, if in future builds players could create training servers where they can tryout new features, find bugs like in World of Tanks…

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