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Rommel Feature: Multiple Capitals

In the upcoming build named Rommel we are introducing a new addition to the strategic layer of the game – Expanded Victory Conditions.

We are changing the condition for winning a war in Rommel. Before we only had one capital per faction, and you could win by capturing the enemy capital. But now we have expanded the campaign map to a much larger part of Europe and there are now 15 capitals (and other strategically important cities) in total.

When a war starts, each faction controls one capital each – Berlin for the German faction and London for the US faction as usual. But in order to win a war, your faction has to either capture and control 12 strategically important cities OR ensure that the enemy faction doesn’t own ANY.

This will help spread out the frontlines and give generals more options for clever strategies, breakthroughs and pincer movements.

Deploying Assault Teams

When you deploy your assault teams you choose to deploy from any one of these cities your faction controls, but you will be supplied from the closest one. So if I, for example, deploy my Assault Team in Copenhagen and liberate the neutral capital of Oslo I will now be supplied from there EVEN if the sneaky enemy cuts my supply connection back to Copenhagen. How units are kept in supply is something we will continue to work on in future builds.

  1. SapphySapphy08-21-2014

    Very nice! Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for Rommel. Really hoping you guys are working on officer uniforms.

  2. garisatgarisat08-21-2014

    nice !

  3. JaimyJaimy08-21-2014

    Great work guys! Keep up the awesomeness. I love the communication you guys make with the community.

  4. freddieboxfreddiebox08-21-2014

    Could you give us a estimate when Rommel with come live? And please don’t give me the “When it’s done” reply. xD

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300008-22-2014

      I would very much like to give you an exact date, but as we are still fixing bugs and testing the new build it is very difficult to say. If we find a showstopper-bug 2 hours before the planned release, we’ll postpone it until the bugs are fixed.


    Nice feature.Finnaly the wars will last longer.

  6. kdawgkdawg08-21-2014

    That’s pretty cool.

  7. Battle-BBattle-B08-21-2014

    This was how was thinking the multi faction game would work, etc France being a allied side would be in game as long paris is taken and after that untill the assault teams destroyed or something like that.

  8. Alvin_YorkAlvin_York08-21-2014

    Sweet, I see the capital says Rome!!! Does that mean that Rommel will be expanding so we include Italy?

  9. RichFriendRichFriend08-21-2014

    wow, this hasn’t been asked for in years

  10. Vudu_guyVudu_guy08-21-2014


    Cant wait!!

  11. foltrestfoltrest08-21-2014

    Budapest? you are introducing eastern europe?

  12. Van_DiemenVan_Diemen08-21-2014

    This is a real advancement. Thanks Reto!

  13. whitedanwhitedan08-21-2014

    15 capitals with all the same map …gonna be so cool .

    more maps pls.

  14. SemperFiSemperFi08-21-2014

    oh so nice and
    “to win a war, your faction has to either capture and control 12 strategically important cities OR ensure that the enemy faction doesn’t own ANY.”

    nearly a old idea what we have postet long time ago

    thats so nice GOOD JOB!

  15. SemperFiSemperFi08-21-2014

    and some names in the Pic dosent have to do with westfrond but that means the area will be get bigger :D ROME BUDAPEST MARSEILLE :D HELL ROMMEL PLS bring us the dessert :D

  16. Marv2.0Marv2.008-21-2014

    Gameplay in Rommel will be sooo different …
    Anyway that´s a nice feature, so just asking will you introduce an Capital-City Map? sth. different for just 15 towns sounds a little bit weird but these battles should be just amazing not the same maps all the time…

  17. SRS_HCMSRS_HCM08-21-2014

    Rotterdam? really? :D should be Amsterdam, while u correct this plz remove flevoland from map. Can’t wait for Rommel.

  18. RaulRaul08-21-2014

    I can smell the new guys already thinking that with those capitals, new factions will come with Rommel

  19. Soldier HawkSoldier Hawk08-21-2014

    When is it coming? As in after after this war we currently have right now? Or the next few wars to be succeed?

    Great job, by the way!

    • RaulRaul08-21-2014

      Uhh, this is part of the new build, as Reto stated, they want to deploy Rommel build before September hits the calendar.

      • Soldier HawkSoldier Hawk08-21-2014

        Ahh, I understand now. Sort of I am, as you say, rushy^

    • larry156larry15608-21-2014

      When the next update is out.

  20. bsnake(Latvia)bsnake(Latvia)08-21-2014

    El Segundo hm…Google says its a place in California so what could that mean? I know that Reto sometimes leaves a hint in tags.

    • bsnake(Latvia)bsnake(Latvia)08-21-2014

      El Segundo: Located five miles south of Los Angeles on the coast, El Segundo had a large North American Aviation plant that built P-51 fighters, A-36 bombers and B-25 Bombers. There was also a Douglas Aircraft plant in El Segundo that made air frames and SBD-5 dive bombers for the Navy.

      • bsnake(Latvia)bsnake(Latvia)08-21-2014

        My reply’s are getting ridiculous but I think that P-51 is the key here as an American fighter vs bf 109.

        • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300008-22-2014

          A lot of our image captions are lines from song lyrics or song titles…

          And there once was a tribe called quest that left their wallet somewhere :-)

  21. Vinz15Vinz1508-21-2014

    Will you add “Remove shadows” Back?, Re add it, The shadows are killing my FPS!, No one cares about shadow hiding!

  22. NexleNexle08-22-2014

    Meh, we axis will still win ze war!

  23. CurstCurst08-22-2014

    Wait a second. Is the first screenshot showing “Germany + USSR VS USA + USSR” campaign or am I seeing things? :)

    • junelljunell08-22-2014

      The star is the current sign for the capitals. ;)

      • CurstCurst08-23-2014

        Already figured as much. Sigh. Got excited over nothing. Again. >_>
        Anyway. Hope they will release USSR some time this year.

  24. ChrisofIowaChrisofIowa08-23-2014

    This is a real good thing, especially for more fractions :). Now hopefully the Americans can keep Paris easier.

  25. General_JAMGeneral_JAM08-24-2014

    Guys you want to be pro you have to look pro. The correct spelling is LOSE not LOOSE…

    I LOSE the game.

    I set the dog LOOSE.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300008-25-2014

      Yep. That typo was noticed by QA and fixed, but only after I got the screenshot and I’d rather get the post out WITH a typo than delay it until I could grab an updated screenshot. :-)

  26. punzybobopunzybobo08-24-2014

    Italian campaign should be interesting, hopefully Americans spawn there now, instead of London, cause that never made sense to me.

  27. JragonJragon08-27-2014

    Loose all capitals… Really Reto? -_-

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300008-27-2014

      Look at my comment from 25AUG14

  28. vallentinovallentino08-27-2014

    I request Bucharest. Romanian army fight with AXIS in Russia(Odessa, Crimeea, Stalingrad) and with Allies in Europe(Ungaria, Cehoslovacia and Austria).

  29. xjuliussxxjuliussx08-27-2014

    Targu Frumos was one of the most defensive romanian-german tank battle in history of ww2, and its still studied, in present days at West Point, USA.
    First Battle – april 1944
    Second battle – may 1944

    Also , oil field of PLOIESTI , that sustain and fueled the German Warmachine for entire war, high strategic value for resources.

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