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Veteran Weekend Winners!

Heroes & Generals! Ladies & Gentlemen! We have pulled the numbers from the servers, counted the captures and assists and added everything together, so we can announce the winners of our Capture Competition.

Veteran Weekend Contest!
– Capture the objectives!

We hope that everyone enjoyed our event, we saw a lot of great battles, with heroic heroes fighting for control of the maps and earning ribbons and ranks as well with the Veteran Membership. CONGRATULATIONS not only to those who won, but also everybody else that joined in and made this a fun event for everybody :-)


With a Capture Score of 573.
Winning: 90-day veteran membership & 4000 gold!


With a Capture Score of 529.
Winning: 30-day veteran membership & 2000 gold!

With a Capture Score of 428.
Winning: 30-day veteran membership & 1000 gold!



  1. Dobr9k (score: 374)
  2. kenji1912 (score: 320)
  3. a258572414 (score: 279)
  4. kumar4ik555 (score: 263)
  5. tw690610 (score: 258)
  6. TrueStarKiller (score: 246)
  7. Oldman_55_rus (score: 244)

Each wins: 14-day veteran membership!

We will contact winners directly on the email-address the account is registered to, so please make sure it is up to date :-) And prizes will be available later this week.

If you didn’t make the Top10, don’t worry! We are working on similar contests in the future.



    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300008-12-2014

      It is the number of Captures and assists from Friday the 8th of August to Monday the 11th of August (at 15:00 CEST both days) when the event ran.

      • monkeymafiamonkeymafia08-12-2014

        any chance of top 100 list?

  2. FontanFontan08-12-2014

    Hervorragend ! Thanks Roland for winning and congratz !

  3. OneXStoneOneXStone08-12-2014

    573 im ernst? Ich hatte Sontagmorgen 1620 mit screenshot :p

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300008-12-2014

      The only number you would have been able to see yourself are the lifetime values for your account. That is why the numbers look higher.

      • OneXStoneOneXStone08-13-2014

        no not lifetime! a game on sunday morning 1620 cappoints, I take a screenshot!!

  4. DemervalDemerval08-12-2014

    Robotron, are you sure about these numbers? I had all weekend free and played like 12 hours a day each of these 3 days of event, i fall in love with this game =), im sure i did more than 500 points all theses3 days of event, can you check my points please?

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300008-12-2014

      I am sorry but we don’t have the capability to check everybody’s numbers individually.

  5. assassinboss2_croassassinboss2_cro08-12-2014

    top 100 please…



  7. Azzurrii-08Azzurrii-0808-12-2014

    Congratulations Roland and all the other winners! I really gave evertything I had so I am very pleased with the second place! I am looking forward to future contests. Thank you Reto for this event, it was a lot of fun and in my opinion that is all that matters! :-)

  8. Panther_15Panther_1508-12-2014

    TOP 100 please

  9. LaudanLaudan08-12-2014

    Congrats to winner….just another proof how Reto is favouring Axis and how Axis is Op….
    When will the lighter uniforms for Axis getting implemented?


  10. H1TMaNH1TMaN08-12-2014

    Roland du CapTier ;) Glückwunsch!

  11. ray37ray3708-12-2014

    Where am I? I am sure I captured atleast 10 spot which means 38 points per capture sum of 380 points why I am not in top 10 then?

    • Azzurrii-08Azzurrii-0808-12-2014

      Only the total captures and assists are counted, not the actual XP your soldier gets. Otherwise Roland I would be in a total of 10,000 points at least.

      • ray37ray3708-12-2014

        WOW I must say I played a lot :) but capture 500 points in 3 days is too much how many I have can I get the number and actual position I am very interested in

  12. truestarkillertruestarkiller08-12-2014

    yeah i’m 9th place yeah…..

  13. rene_starsonrene_starson08-12-2014

    Agreed, lets see the Top 100.

  14. TheHeroRolandTheHeroRoland08-13-2014

    thank you, it was good piece of craftsmanship

  15. TheHeroRolandTheHeroRoland08-13-2014

    You’ll always remember that as the day, that you almost cought TheHeroRoland

  16. jackixjackix08-13-2014

    If you are planing to make more of those contest in the future, could we have something for pilots? For example you have to be the one who has the most airkills or ground target destroyed.

  17. yinmastahyinmastah08-13-2014

    Carefully picking your fights and searching for towns with the mose unoccupied / empty lines.
    Gives you at least 4 caps per battle.

    ‘Contests’ like these don’t mean a thing. Next time judge players on overall skills; k/d ratio + number of caps + assists + enemy vehicles destroyed.

    I wonder who will be on top then

  18. Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300008-13-2014

    OGCreshan 243
    Dondergod 239
    h1s0wn 239
    nicolagimul 239
    RedBull42 236
    Warski 235
    bizziall 232
    Demer23 229
    shanhu90 228
    nosferath 219
    Taist 219
    Tripzsy 219
    jaspu 218
    Blitzkrieg-Bob 209
    alkodil 207
    buziwuzi 206
    hamuf 206
    Andrew89 204
    iike 204
    top068957 204
    Meyler 199
    CooL_JaiLeR 198
    dreadisan 198
    OneXStone 192
    FriedRiech 191
    Jager2k 191
    mephsisl 189
    Vora 188
    El’Coyote 187
    Monkeymafia 185
    Argonner 184
    Guderina 183
    monkie400 183
    Exil 182
    Soapy7 182
    klausss 181
    pinewell 181
    Sologirl 181
    Blodrik 178
    reddvex 178
    FeULaJi 176
    monstermouse 176
    kost83 175
    kudanila3 174
    IvanSpirit8 173
    KuroiYuusha 173
    _Briz_ 171
    H3rmann 171
    SgtDonny66 171
    Reaver589 170
    Starby_WT 170
    ToshioKun 170
    assassinboss2_cro 169
    CULE147 169
    damoxix 169
    Ranerth 169
    Fontan 168
    HaraldBlutfaust 168
    junjie 168
    Ferminico 167
    Platin001 167
    Drestan 166
    Preede 166
    Bockusan 165
    KerryTakeda 165
    Equim 164
    WarHero2014 164
    Althawyn 163
    CaptainLebkuchen 163
    Peppar 163
    Sapey 161
    deaddood 160
    Lesh91 160
    K8K33 159
    m.j.patterson 159
    eisentrout2 158
    Marsu 157
    RustyNutt 157
    juneok 156
    Nutbag 156
    Joshuab128 155
    Destrega111 154
    fordf11949 154
    TerrorWristsGP 154
    TMoscar 154
    Tommy_Jones 154
    Vikazi 154
    buckweed 153
    Charara 153
    pirosing 153

  19. Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300008-13-2014

    There! I managed to talk reto.indusninja into giving me the Top100, so take a look. :-)

    • monkeymafiamonkeymafia08-13-2014

      Thank you Robotron3000 and indusninja, but how about top 500?

      just kidding ;)

    • assassinboss2_croassassinboss2_cro08-13-2014

      thx glad to see my score…

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