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Feature: New Adjustable Wrench; tool & weapon

In the upcoming build named Rommel we are introducing a new piece of equipment – The Adjustable (or Monkey) Wrench.

The Wrench is a very versatile tool that can be used to repair vehicles from bicycles over cars and half tracks to tanks.


It is available for tankers to keep their steel beasts running, and for Infantry to help keep their cars, and commandeered civilian vehicles running.

But HOW do I get one I hear you all asking! Well continue reading right here..

Wrench unlocks

Tank Driver Rank 5
Driver Rank 9

The wrench repairs 30 HP pr. second so to repair a smoking heavy tank to full health takes about 2 minutes, while a bicycle that just bumped a tree can be fixed in a few seconds.

IF you are disturbed while repairing, the classical response from mechanics worldwide is, of course, to run after the disturber and hit him repeatedly with the wrench, and my scientific experiments with unwilling coworkers tells me that it hurts about the same as being hit with a shovel :-)

The wrench takes up 2 equipment points and will be available in the store as soon as the Rommel build hits the servers.

  1. xenedorxenedor08-15-2014

    This is bullshit! Selffish tank will retreat and repair his tank and don´t care about the battle

  2. blorpcandyblorpcandy08-15-2014

    Ok, first off, i like the idea. Mind you chaps though, its an IDEA, not a full-blown item. It takes the response of the community to take this seed and turn it into a plant.

    And also, i think it would be better to instead of being a wrench, being something more like an actual toolkit or repair kit, something like that.

    • Colonel_MasonColonel_Mason08-19-2014

      it says right at the start of the article that it WILL be added, its not ‘just an idea’

  3. KROATKROAT08-16-2014

    I can not wait to see how it will look when the player repairing tank. Now i can not stop laughing to imagination. When I started playing, tank operator was by far the funniest character, and pilots, when tankman jump out of the burning tank with those glasses and mad moving and looking around who the hell, I always laughed like crazy.
    Good idea.

  4. KROATKROAT08-16-2014

    probably when two players repairing one vehicle goes faster, but RETO with this dots, unbelievably

    • Sir SchnibblebibensSir Schnibblebibens08-22-2014

      I’m worried about 2 people behind a heavy tank that just repair it non stop.

  5. GermanSoldierGermanSoldier08-16-2014

    Well nice idea but i think something like this would pretty good fit on an engineer class

    • Colonel_MasonColonel_Mason08-19-2014

      engineers in WW2 didnt oporate in the field… the game, though the gameplay tends to be unralistic, the idea is to be realistic.

      • Sir SchnibblebibensSir Schnibblebibens08-22-2014

        well, depends on what type of engineer. If it was an engineer who repaired vehicles, then true. Combat engineers are what I would like to see. The soldiers who specialized in explosives and demolition. That should be the class that has AT grenades, mines, or anything more powerful then a hand grenade. (with the exception of Rocket launchers)

  6. Tony_StevensTony_Stevens08-16-2014

    i like it. But isn’t this gonna make this a fully world war 2 battlefield?

  7. Tony_StevensTony_Stevens08-16-2014

    I hope for more factions like Russia, Britian, Japan, Italy. What ever i just hope for more factions

  8. Tony_StevensTony_Stevens08-16-2014

    are there animations while fixing it?

  9. CursedBlazeCursedBlaze08-16-2014

    There needs to be a serious downside to having this equipped, like severely limited repairs per life, or it needs to take like 5 equipment slots.
    Tanks are already very powerful when used properly, if you have a bunch of guys standing behind one repairing it whenever it gets a scratch they will become OP monsters of death…


    • GeneralSmashGeneralSmash08-16-2014

      That’s called Tactics…. Stop bitching.

    • Sir SchnibblebibensSir Schnibblebibens08-22-2014

      Battlefield 1942 wrench that had the repair limit and took FOREVER to fill back up. (It was faster to die then wait for it!)

  10. hausser0815hausser081508-16-2014

    What about us pilots?
    Finding a tanker who will drive all the way back to a safe landing location and play luftwaffe ground crew instead of HE’ing inf at their spawn might not be that easy.

  11. MaxPower66MaxPower6608-16-2014

    The only way I see this could work is if the tank is unable to attack or move during the repair, having a tank on top of a hill, at the end of a bridge or wherever, with 3 guys repairing it from behind can be unbeatable. Besides, it shouldn.t repair 100% of the dmg

  12. DDSSTTDDSSTT08-16-2014

    I’d rather see them remove the ability of the .303 and 7mm MGs from being able to destroy a tank than have a Battlefield Wrench….

  13. SPOCK5SPOCK508-16-2014

    This sounds like it could be a very interesting feature that will affect hero gameplay and general gameplay( less vehicles lost). I see another way a wrench could be used other than just for repairing; it could be used to lock your vehicle to other players( tightening a tank hatch or jamming an apc door shut).

    This would address an issue that many tankers, apc drivers, and sometimes jeep drivers have: players getting in and doing random acts. For tank drivers, the issue is players will get in the tank and shoot the turret and random things or tanks. This causes the tanker’s position to be pinpointed by everyone and makes it impossible to sneak up on other tanks. Another issue with players entering a tank is that means there is a player who should be out capping or defending, but they are instead getting tankers killed or annoyed. An example of this is a match I played recently. I was playing a tanker in a defense match on airfield and I was at the control tower. I was trying to kill a paratrooper that had dropped in, but I was unable to kill him. The only other player anywhere near the point got in my tank and started spraying the wall. I asked him to get out and go defend the point and do his job, but he just sat in there. I realized he was never going to do anything, so I did what a tanker is never supposed to do: I exited my tank and tried to kill the enemy. I ended up dying and we lost the point. Immediately after the player said something along the lines of “This game sucks” and then he left. We ended up losing that match due to one player wanting to be useless in a tank machine gun.

    The issue for apc drivers is that players will often get in the turret and do the same thing they do in tanks: give away the position of the vehicle. Another issue is that players will unlock apc’s, rendering them useless.

    The issue that jeep drivers sometimes have is that they are trying to sneak behind enemy lines or they are trying to sneak up on a tank and a gunner is in their jeep and starts shooting wildly.

    Allowing vehicle drivers to lock their machine and choose who can get in their turret would reduce frustration and would result in less vehicles being destroyed. In combination of the repairing power of the wrench, generals would not have to fear as much about the cost of repairing an assault team.

  14. Tony_StevensTony_Stevens08-16-2014

    this feature is going to make it 100% battlefield. Please don’t do dis!!!!

  15. vrtropervrtroper08-16-2014

    Me parece perfecto esta idea, es una herramienta muy util. Deberiais de perfeccionar los movimientos de la infanteria que son bastante lentos.

  16. namcostnamcost08-16-2014

    You guys fucked up. The wrench does not belong to tank crew or infantry, it belongs to the engineer class youve yet to introduce. The engineer can repair vehicals, repair aa turrets, and plant/difuse dynamite. Field ops type class should be able to restock aa turrent ammo, and call in air strikes and supply drops (bigger maps with waypoints further apart). You also need a medic class. Scrap the wrench until you add these 3 classes.

  17. ReedataReedata08-17-2014

    You’d better fix situation with LMGs in this patch.

  18. Zsombor001Zsombor00108-17-2014

    Please no make this “feature” !

  19. DrakoDrizztDrakoDrizzt08-17-2014

    EY guys.. the tool is a must! but please take note of the feedback..
    Add the tool. But After Romel and The General stuff that is comming, please work on the ENGINEER AND MEDIC SOLDIER. And when you get de Enginer done, give him the repair tool and remove it from the other classes.

  20. KROATKROAT08-17-2014

    better to say finally, before you could fix the plane when you land on a1 b1 c1 d1 e1, and many thought that the tank can be fixed on the same position, including me, but it was not so, but it was constant requests to be allowed that the tank can be repaired.
    Tank operators know best how much this means, and now you can repair other vehicles, which is a good thing, keeping in mind that the vehicle is a resource which you have to pay, and some of are very expensive.

  21. KanotomCzechiaKanotomCzechia08-17-2014

    Make it only for infantry/engineers same as at mines+at granades make engineer trooper with this

  22. skreignerskreigner08-18-2014

    I used your screenshots to illustrate a video explaining the Update is for the Spanish speaking community. Is there a problem?

  23. RedralRedral08-18-2014

    What the game needs: errors fixing updates.
    What the game doesn’t need: new items.
    Fix the errors first, then items, please.

  24. basett3basett308-18-2014

    Add ‘GOLIATH’ robot too, and its 100% battlefield 4 XD

  25. basett3basett308-18-2014
  26. gentwolfganggentwolfgang08-19-2014

    ffs guys what part about “taking around 2 min to get a tank from smoking to repaired” don’t you under stand, this is not op what so ever. remember your dam rocket launchers, your mines, your dam American sticky grenades, and your super chaffe guns?. I’m 100% sure you can out dpm the repair tool, even if there is 3 guys behind the tank, what’s stopping you from rushing it or sneaking up on it like you always do, throw a nade, these guys have wrenches out, they will have a delay before they get a gun out. and as I stated before, don’t want to get close? use your rockets, they already 1 or 2 shot a tank, yes this is going to waste more ammo, boo hoo. another reason for team play in bringing ammo cars or apc’s to support your fellow brothers, and the wrench will likely have delayed smacks if you ever played team fortress then you know how the wrench works, or even farcry 2, I say its going to be repair-pause-repair, you guys really need to stop being so but hurt every time a new feature is added. this is my opinion, yours may differ, im just saying as the game is now, you will not see super tanks never dieing due to the damage of every anti tank weapon, plus if any tank driver is smart, they will likely fall back somewhere safe before repairing because SOME of us know that its causing that general a shit ton of money each time we recklessly get one killed, and that’s one less tank to push on to another battle on the world map. my rant. have a nice day :) fight hard, no mercy 07


    Well… Patton approves this update… hopefully it will keep my tanks in one piece ;)

  28. Sir SchnibblebibensSir Schnibblebibens08-22-2014

    I’m worried that I will see 1 or 2 people behind a heavy tank just standing behind it and repairing it as it gets hit.

  29. punzybobopunzybobo08-24-2014

    Rommel update should have been a dedication to Rommel, in my opinion, making an Afrika Korps and Marines would’ve been epic!

    Well, Marines… Heh, I would’ve liked to see the Commonwealth in this game much more than Americans.

  30. joshzekillerjoshzekiller08-28-2014

    why not make BOATS!!!! and D-day??? that would be cool, and adding landing crafts that has a sherman on it

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