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30 days of Steam, Veteran Weekend!

Steam Veteran Weekend

To celebrate our first 30 days on Steam and the fantastic response we have received from players we are launching a Veteran Weekend from this Friday the 8th of August to Monday the 11th of August (at 15:00 CEST both days). Click the link to see the dates in your timezone.

ALL players who has registered an account and played at least one battle before the Veteran Weekend starts will get a FREE 72 hour Veteran Membership starting from Friday the 8th of August at 09:00 US EDT / 15.00 CEST.

The Veteran Membership gives the following benefits:

+50% credits earned
+25% warfunds earned
+25% XP gain
+25% Ribbon XP gain
+ 1 extra combat badge slot
…and more


If you already have an active Veteran Membership, we will add 72 hours to your membership.

And we are of course having a little competition as well!

Veteran Weekend Contest!
– Capture the objectives!

We will keep tally of how many capture points each player caps during the Veteran Weekend and whomever captures the most points (incl. assists) will win prizes!

  • 90-day veteran membership PLUS 4000 gold!
  • 30-day veteran membership PLUS 2000 gold!
  • 30-day veteran membership PLUS 1000 gold!
4th to 10th PRIZE
  • 14 day veteran membership

All you have to do to take part is to play the game and capture those objectives (all capture points count, not just O1 & O2.

NB: Technically we have been on Steam for 30 days on Sunday, but having a veteran weekend only on Sunday seemed a bit too short ;-)

  1. huixionghuixiong08-06-2014


  2. [RZD]Le_Flemard[RZD]Le_Flemard08-06-2014

    Too bad, I won’t be able to participate (gonna go on festival), have fun everyone!

  3. Lord_SteinLord_Stein08-06-2014

    How bout some more Rommel news?

    • smknsmkn08-08-2014

      Specially some info on how to make more regular missions active… way too many training missions going atm.

  4. CayleyCayley08-06-2014

    Wir brauchen Artillerie-feuer, auf dieser Position!

    Go Germany !!!

  5. FTWinningFTWinning08-06-2014

    With hundreds of thousands of players… your rewards are severely lacking and disappoint us.

  6. ReDemoNReDemoN08-07-2014

    +50% Warfunds in Veteran Membership????

    in the in-game screen showing the benefits of being a veteran it show “+25% Warfunds”!!!!!


    • Reto.KenSoloReto.KenSolo08-07-2014

      You’re absolutely correct – sorry for the type-o. It’s now fixed – 25% warfunds boost it is!

  7. MissMeMissMissMeMiss08-07-2014

    Are you sure the server will up & ready ? cause I’m sure there will be outbreak, IM IN.

  8. colbyhuangcolbyhuang08-07-2014


  9. SergioWW1WW2SergioWW1WW208-07-2014

    so, it will automatically load those benefits to my account???? when i turn on my PC tomorrow i will automatically have a 72 hour veteran mebership???? do i have to complete a form or something???

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300008-08-2014

      No, you only have to have one battle completed before the event starts.

  10. zakufa782zakufa78208-08-2014

    seems nothing happen to my account?

  11. sjs147sjs14708-08-2014

    Hello everyone, this game is pretty good, I Chinese civilization game player, O (∩ ∩ O _).

    • blitzkrieg1blitzkrieg108-08-2014

      Jesus, grammatical mistakes in BOTH Chinese AND English? That’s tragic.

  12. AUSGrizzlyAUSGrizzly08-08-2014

    So question is. How hacked is the game that would no doubt let someone teleport to points and capture them quickly, letting them rise in the list super fast…
    I hope this is just a silly bit of senseless worry, but yeah you know. Hackers…

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300008-08-2014

      The servers decide where people are and how fast they move. But IF we see any hacks we will of course do all we can to get rid of it.

      AND we have full freecam replays of every single battle fought so we can quite easily see if something is amiss. We do take the threat from hacks/cheats very serious!

  13. Azzurrii-08Azzurrii-0808-08-2014

    Thank you Reto for making contests like this possible. I can’t wait to participate, even on my birthday!



    is the contest over?

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300008-11-2014

      Yep, we are currently counting the captures by all of you guys :-)


        awwww……..damn i was away for 1 day :( i missed a lot of captures :(

      • Azzurrii-08Azzurrii-0808-11-2014

        Have fun counting mine. I think I passed 500? :-)


    500 captures ? :O

    • Azzurrii-08Azzurrii-0808-11-2014

      Including assists. Probably around 250 caps / 250 assists.


    ”o” cazzo


    and when we will know the winners?

  18. KRYDEL1977KRYDEL197708-11-2014


What are you waiting for soldier? We need heroes on the battlefield and generals to lead them!