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Rommel Feature: GENERALS!


Notice that silence? You can hear flies buzzing. There are thousands of boots lined up on the landing strip but no movement, not a sound. The atmosphere is heavy with the authoritative presence of the lone character who is just now stepping out of his personal transport. Who commands such obedience and discipline? The General, that’s who!

With the imminent arrival of the aptly-named Rommel build, the time has come to unveil a major change in the strategy portion of Heroes & Generals: namely, that Officers and Generals will now be actual characters, with direct command of their own Assault Teams. This means new ranks will now become available. So how does it work? Read on.

Top Brass

The most noticeable transformation in the Rommel build will be that Assault Teams will henceforth be assigned to an Officer character. Characters rank 12 and up will gain the ability to “equip” Assault Teams through the new Assault Teams menu. Field Officers (ranks 12-14) and Company Officers (ranks 15-17) can only deploy Assault Teams belonging to the same branch of the army as them: Tankers command Armor, Pilots command Fighter Squadrons, and so on.

When they reach rank 17 (Colonel/Oberst), they will unlock the option to become Generals. A General character no longer participates directly in combat. Instead, he gains the ability to command units in all branches. Instead of leveling up in action, a General will earn experience from the enemies destroyed by his troops. You will get more experience if your troops are victorious against a stronger enemy (i.e. Infantry vs. Armor).

Lower-ranking Officers will also earn some experience through the actions of their Assault Teams, but this will be limited by the fact that they can’t command as many men as a General. The size and number of Assault Teams a character can deploy is determined by how many Command Points he has unlocked. These points work exactly like Equipment Points, but are used to “equip” Assault Teams.

Stay tuned for more Rommel features!

  1. junelljunell08-01-2014

    So.. Leveling up more characters make you command more ATs with no hard limit on how many you can control in the end? In that case: I <3 it!

  2. atomcorpatomcorp08-01-2014


  3. BruntseBruntse08-01-2014

    I’ve been playing for little over a week now.. So I don’t if there is a standard timeframe from announcement to release? Do we just wait, or is there actually a release date for this that I just don’t know about for being new to the game?

    • zazo2002zazo200208-01-2014

      They will release this feature in the next build which is named Rommel. So when they say Rommel feature it means a new feature in the next build

      • BruntseBruntse08-01-2014

        I got that, thank you :) I was looking for a specific date..?

        • zazo2002zazo200208-02-2014

          They don’t give us an ETA. They would say it in the News section ‘Rommel Build is Now Online’ which means it is released and now in-game

          • BruntseBruntse08-04-2014

            Okay. Thank you :) I will just have to be patient then.

  4. Battle-BBattle-B08-01-2014

    Hah I kind of like the idea, this way they shall counter the double accounts. To bad that I don’t play the FPS parts o much to have any characters up to the levels

  5. kaese_felixkaese_felix08-01-2014

    Won’t change much.
    Just longer grind for at’s and massive buff on premium accounts.
    This will still result in an at spamm sooner or later.

  6. SPOCK5SPOCK508-02-2014

    This is a nice thing to see, but one thing needs to be sorted out in this build: entering vehicles. There needs to be a way to lock players out of you vehicle so that they don’t do stupid things such as stealing an APC or entering a tank and shooting the machine gun. I don’t have a problem with people stealing my APC because I’ve never used one, but I do have a problem with players entering my tank and shooting the machine gun at tanks or at the wind or trees. This gives away my position to other tanks and gets me killed, hinders the team’s ability to capture points because there is an infantryman shooting away pointlessly in my tank, and it makes it take longer to grind away on all the tank badges because they are taking kills(when they aren’t pointlessly shooting tanks or the trees) in my tank. Adding the ability to lock vehicles to other players would solve quite a lot of frustration that tank drivers, APC drivers, and jeep drivers have, and would also result in less vehicles being destroyed because of ill use.

    • crazyhair99crazyhair9908-05-2014

      yes but that is not a good thing for jeeps for people will troll and not let people get into the vehicle

      • NoodleSoup17NoodleSoup1708-08-2014

        Maybe it would be better if instead of locking players out completely, it simply locked down the weapon. They would not be able to fire, but would still be able to ride the vehicle.

    • majorswiftmajorswift08-12-2014

      This happens to me all the time on my tanker. I sually solve this problem by facing the tank away from enemy line (ie. to the side or behind me) and keep the main cannon facing forward if they start shooting randomly. I find that when they face nothing, they stop, and if I wait long enough, they leave and bugger off.

  7. kaese_felixkaese_felix08-02-2014

    Good job you morrons just keep on deleting any negative feedback you see.
    This tells me you have actually read it.
    This build announces more grind to the stategy game which is needed but sooner or later you will still reach the point of an overspammed map no matter how long the grind is.
    The only real thing to stop an overspamm are global faction limits but you wont introduce them cause it seems you are just Retoded.

    • punylittlegermanpunylittlegerman08-02-2014

      What will happen to my existing Assault Teams? Do I keep them under the command of a relevant soldier, or do they just vanish so I have to repurchase them? I don’t have any Level 12+ characters yet I do have a Guard AT, so this is quite a concern for me.

      • punylittlegermanpunylittlegerman08-02-2014

        Oops! Didn’t mean to make this a reply message!

      • richy1066richy106608-02-2014

        ur guard AT stays, but is unsuable until u hit the correct rank to use it (rank 12 should be enough for 1 guard AT) , also there is no more AT limit, meaning you can just buy filler AT’s until you can use the ones you currently have – these will not be deleted, merely un-usable until your character hits the correct rank to equip them

        • PunylittlegermanPunylittlegerman08-02-2014

          Bugger… Thanks for the reply though. Swift answer, I wrote that like 15 minutes ago.

  8. richy1066richy106608-02-2014

    I hope you also add new forum ranks then, to match the new in game ranks :P

  9. PunylittlegermanPunylittlegerman08-02-2014

    I reckon there needs to be a stiff penalty when dying, and NO KILLCAM. This will cut down on the noobs who rush into the middle of a firefight, get killed, and run in again. Maybe you only get one life per soldier per assault team, or something like that? It would make gameplay infinitely more realistic, far more so than any specific such as muzzle climb or fatigue, and wouldn’t be very difficult to implement (and I should know, I’m an amateur JavaScript coder myself). Players would be more cautious, and more downright sensible. Otherwise, great game! BTW the Panzerkampfwagen IV wasn’t actually designed as an assault gun- Heinz Guderian designed it to support Panzer III’s! Minor flaw though, and it doesn’t really affect gameplay. On the other hand, it’s another easily fixed flaw.
    ;-) I love your game

    • PunylittlegermanPunylittlegerman08-02-2014

      I would like to see a few more armoured vehicles available (emphasis on the Panther and Hunting Panther) but really that’s just secondary stuff. The Germans are left lacking their 88-armed Jagdpanther, which was a formidable local power, with a low silhouette, powerful weapon and viable mobility- however, the immense Pak 43 gun might make things a bit one-sided, so I don’t mind if you evict (for now) my personal favourite AFV. The range you’ve provided is ample and combat-worthy (except maybe the Panzer’ I) and can be left to rest happily for a long while… I might put in, however, that the Sturmgeschutz III was not a purpose built tank hunter (its name literally means “assualt gun” and I would like it replaced by the Jagdpanzer IV/70 (V) as soon as is convenient- it doesn’t really matter, I just get tired of seeing a close support howitzer termed a tank destroyer. Again, this doesn’t need to be tended to immediately, since a couple of Stug’ IIIs were converted for tank hunting.

      • PunylittlegermanPunylittlegerman08-02-2014

        Heavy emphasis on- these are just irrelevant flaws in the vehicle description, they don’t really make a difference. You won’t lose any fans over misdesignating an assault gun, and if you can’t be bothered changing it then that’s OK. I’ll keep playing your application all the same, and it’ll still be just as fun and generally awesome.

    • TheCanadianCommanderTheCanadianCommander08-06-2014

      What’s wrong with noobs running into battle? I’m just not sure why you would care…

  10. deathmachineptdeathmachinept08-02-2014

    As long I can still command my 10 ATs with 3 Armor ATs and 1 Fighter AT while being able to fight on the ground. I’m ok with it but this seems like adding more restrictions to the detriment of gameplay I don’t want realism in restrictions reducing fun this is what RETO has done here.

    Why I can’t be a general while still fighting on the ground? I suggest you change Heroes and generals to Heroes or Generals.

    The army in both sides had air units under their command you don’t needed to be pilot to have operational command over them the same goes for Panzer or Armor command.

  11. MeatpupetMeatpupet08-02-2014

    I want new MAPs for the zones to fit. I want a (Beach Head Assault) map also give us a large city or town map, Church map is old.

    I would also like to see artillery in the game i.e. Mortars or in place artillery that cannot be moved. I would also like to see more planes or at least different types. The American plan sucks.

    I would also like for you to address the constant cheating from the German side. I have sot people 12 times with my Thompson and they did not die but somehow are able to kill me with one shot. This is going to hurt the game if you don’t fix it or at least find a way to kill the cheating.

    Next I want more weapons. The amount of weapons to chose from is extremely limited.

    On that Note you need to fix how much a paratrooper can carry 6dots is ridiculous. Paratrooper should be able to carry grenades or a knife or both with his rifle.

    I know I have more to say but I just woke up so this is at the very least a start.

    • TheCanadianCommanderTheCanadianCommander08-06-2014

      The German’s aren’t really cheating, I find it’s just luck. Sometimes I go into a game and come out with 3 kills and 30 deaths and others I come out with 30 kills and 3 deaths. I get what you mean by the way though.

    • Mjr_XavierMjr_Xavier08-12-2014

      First things first, I’ll address the cheating you claim. In the game, you can modify a weapons trigger, sight, internals etc.. But I do agree that Germany is rife with cheaters, just yesterday I killed a kraut and picked up his MP40 to notice that its ammunition stayed at X/999 with x being the amount in the current clip, and no matter howuch I fired and reloaded it stayed at x/999. The match ended before I could check who it was that I had killed (last minute or so) also, in Operation Overlord, Paratroopers were equipped with bare essentials, pretty much just a rifle, knife, and maybe 1 grenade. Its good that Reto doesn’t let paratroopers have all the infantry weapons or we would see a lot of paratroopers acting as missile launching scrubs. But I see where you’re coming from.

  12. trentdiggytrentdiggy08-02-2014

    Why not the player choose to unlock and add a separate Generals soldier when he reaches the required rank verses having him convert the soldier? It penalizes those who invested so much in that character. Yes… I know its a choose but please think about those who’ve already invested in this game

    • zzoonyzzoony08-28-2014

      Word dude. I totaly agree with you. Whoever has input to make this game better is sadly mistaken to what makes a great game.

  13. KROATKROAT08-02-2014

    I have 1 Q, if player have several characters, and if promote only 1 character inf. as example in to general” this mean that others characters will be also unavailable or only 1 character ?

    • KROATKROAT08-02-2014

      And also this” again shows blank space between ranks, what we already talked a lot, mean some others ranks need to have some tasks” in fps and on large” map to create command on all levels, at last higher commander then SL”, to handle all ATs in fps, and then would have sense all kind of generals by branches” and below, and not only one.

  14. verlichverlich08-03-2014

    Ok all I want is the ability to carry AT without losing a limp here the cost of most reliable AT is your eternal soul and some, and why do we have armor battalions in a game when one side has no one to drive them and the other does. it makes no sense, if AT is one in what? twenty soldiers and they have what? five tanks and you none, and people wonder why teams just roll over and die. oh sure I love a good challenge with a hint of suicide but jeez storming across a bridge with two Shermans and a hellcat bombarding you is just hellishly over kill and makes the game way to one sided, also stop these damn spawn queues I didn’t download to play the white glove slapping match of fairness. I do recall you people saying, oh well a smaller group can out match a larger one by being smart. well yeah you can but you lied in a way, you only make the field equal by restricting the other team and hampering their experience. We don’t want to be fair this isn’t an eye for an eye if we did this on D-day, we would only be letting half our troops off the boats to be fair to the Nazis. This is WWII not the gentlemens wars of the 1700s. There is a time and a place for balance and a place for it to be thrown out the window.

    • TheCanadianCommanderTheCanadianCommander08-06-2014

      I agree the deploy queues are really annoying, who really cares anyway if you win the war or not?

  15. Vulture2kVulture2k08-03-2014

    so as someone that has rather low ranked soldiers but 10 ATs i am screwed now? meh. dont want to grind fps just to get back to generals.

  16. VizualEyezVizualEyez08-03-2014

    It says that Generals gain experience for troop kills, why would I want to gain experience on a max level character? Do they mean experience for the ATs or will there be some need for more experience for a General?

    • majorswiftmajorswift08-12-2014

      Generals are rank 18, and can continue gaining exp until rank 22, which is General of the Army.

  17. aarenoaareno08-03-2014

    а до скольки обнова будет ?

  18. SemperFiSemperFi08-03-2014

    OH i see the Admin option does we gar that too XD
    and the shild whats that fore a simbol ?

  19. codefoxhoundcodefoxhound08-04-2014

    That’s More Like it, Its getting better and betta! whoohoo!

  20. AllosaurusJrAllosaurusJr08-04-2014

    The Allied general looks a bit plump… And underpowered… Whereas the Axis general on the other side… :(

  21. An93l8l4nc0An93l8l4nc008-05-2014

    PLZ Primero arreglen los Bugs no Puedo conquistar la capital!!!

    BUGsbugs BUGS!!!

    • An93l8l4nc0An93l8l4nc008-05-2014

      se me olvidaba :P se ve muy bueno toda esta mejoras que le ponen pero… espero que se arrglen los BUGs!

  22. Lord_SteinLord_Stein08-05-2014

    You guys going to release any new information about this “imminent” build?

  23. TheCanadianCommanderTheCanadianCommander08-06-2014

    This game just keeps gettin’ better and better! :)

  24. LuminesLumines08-06-2014

    Does anyone know what assault teams paratrooper field officers will be able to command in the new build?

  25. vonfeltyvonfelty08-06-2014

    Hrm… Seems ok. But one thing I have to ask is do you have to switch between characters to move all your troops around.

    It would be annoying if I had 6 motorized infantry units and 3 panzer units and then I would have to switch between the too to actually move the units around. It would be better if you could move all your units at once without having to do that.

  26. TuldbluckTuldbluck08-07-2014


  27. Sir SchnibblebibensSir Schnibblebibens08-07-2014

    Anybody else laugh at the names and descriptions of the assault teams?

  28. RaylionnRaylionn08-08-2014

    Today i lost 3128 credits in a battle. Why the hell can i loose money? i made 12 kills! isnt that enough? Do i only get my fucking Money when my team captures points? I think there is something to balance…

    • Sir SchnibblebibensSir Schnibblebibens08-10-2014

      Were you using a tanker or pilot or anything else that can have an auto-refill or repair turned on?

  29. athonathon08-08-2014

    Has this been fully thought out?

    I ask as I have been playing for about four months. I play an hour here or there, or have Generals running in the back ground when doing other work. My top character is just shy of level 12, and I could not imagine giving him up to be a General and do the grind all over again just to get to where I currently am in the game.

    On the other hand, I field 7 AT’s. Two are upgraded and all seven will likely be eligible to upgrade again likely in the next week…once I grind out some WF’s. I support the smaller conflicts on the map and seize opportunities as they arise for the larger conflicts, with a good deal of success. Does this new Generals scheme mean that my AT’s cannot be deployed until I reach X level and all my work was for nothing?

    Does that also mean that I will have to sacrifice my most valuable FPS character to do so?

    I am a mid-ranked player, but what about the thousands of new players out there who have not even fielded an AT?

    Practically speaking; will there be enough units on the map for people to even fight given the current player base and new shortage of AT’s? Just how many players are going to sacrifice a high-level character to become a general?

  30. Atillius0311Atillius031108-09-2014

    Looks good, but there is a lexicon mixup. You state ” Field Officers (ranks 12-14) and Company Officers (ranks 15-17)” That should be switched around. Field Grade is a Major to Col and Company Grade is a 2Lt-Capt. I know you did add the “grade” portion, and I understand what you mean, “field” being the shooter portion and Company being the General portion…but to me it just looks weird!

  31. FlyingBladeFlyingBlade08-10-2014

    First of all : cool idea a bit connecting the heroes part to the generals

    I started playing when getting wf was easy like taking a candy from a child and i got 4 at’s in about 2 weeks.
    Now I’ve been playing for about 3 months and mainly with the generals part. So i have 10 Ats and still not a character over 10lev, but i still rly like the conception of this build. Maybe there are better
    options to deal with the at spam on the map but i haven’t seen any of them here.

    Generals in fps game could be a very good and new thing in the game. First thing came in my mind was Battlefield 2 (Commander) Lot of guys mentioned supply crates artillery etc. Maybe they should even decide which at should be in combat, though its a bit risky because of player getting their own at’s in battle, but if it was well balanced can be a great feature.

    My only problem about the current system is that newbie have to play tons of battles to get even their first at just a bit optimistic calculation:
    We have a newbie he needs 30k warfund just to get his first guard AT
    As i said be otpimistic he gets 1,5k WF every battle so he have to play 20 battles
    every battle around 30 min this means a total of 10 hours of gameplay just to get your first Guard AT which is not a big thing to get normal income from playing the rts part he needs at least 4-6 inf AT that means around 120-190 WF which means about 45-70 (just guessing) hours gameplay kinda horroristic. Maybe a system where you need more wf to buy at if you have already some of that type (guess you already thought it) or idk for example a free inf or guard At for new players should be great.

    This game is getting better and better and yeah it would be awesome if we were have more factions various tanks and maps, but we have to wait.

    One thing I very like in team is that you actually communicate and inform us always and try to comepnsate when there are big server downs unlike some other big comanies, just to mention wargaming.

  32. kpburginkpburgin08-10-2014

    i just cant wait but will me lose are squads that we already have?

  33. killerrawkillerraw08-10-2014

    I hope the generals get to spec the game so they can give direct orders, and please make better turtorials to give some hope for americans to win another war.

    • ricotrickle82ricotrickle8208-10-2014

      The Us hacker must loser.Ever and Ever

  34. Tony_StevensTony_Stevens08-12-2014

    i like it!

  35. Tony_StevensTony_Stevens08-12-2014

    Please Reto. For the last time. STOP SUPPORTING NAZI’S

  36. Tony_StevensTony_Stevens08-13-2014

    Reto. Please fix the glitch where i get launched into the air from my bike or car or whatever the hell that can be used for transport. it’s annoying as hell. i get a death on my in game K/D and i also get a deploy penalty

    • [TXO]Phobz[TXO]Phobz08-22-2014

      Stop worrying about K/D. I see too many players worried about their stupid K/D just camping instead of trying to push objectives. K/D is one of the worst statistics ever added to FPS games!

  37. abacusdogabacusdog08-25-2014

    Out of curiosity, won’t this make it more difficult to “get into” a non-training match? Clearly it will severely limit ATs on the campaign map, but it won’t limit the player base much. That will make any generals AT’s, once deployed, even more valuable and therefore it will be even MORE annoying when new / un-experienced players waste them.

    What mechanism will there be to preserve ample campaign missions? Maybe the game would place some number (maybe 25 per team) non-player guard AT units randomly every 1 hour of game time in occupied territories. Even more fun, maybe have a 10% chance of placing non-player guard AT units randomly in ENEMY territory to represent partisan uprisings :-) (excluding home countries of course).

  38. SOGS313SOGS31308-28-2014

    Sorry.. i am noob and i don’t understand sth that a officer or generals command other player that play such heroes in game or command bots?

  39. zzoonyzzoony08-28-2014

    The game was working everyone was enjoying it, but now as games always do they listen to the vocal minority not the happy quite game grinders. Why would most people who are playing a first person shooter think to their self ” I know lets through away all the work I have done, and some money, and play a strategy game. I really don’t know what I was thinking playing shootsies”

    Silly. :-( PS I would like a better smaller target aeroplane cuz my twin engine beast don’t cut it.

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