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Technical Difficulties with a Hardware Component

Update [2014.07.16 16.15 UTC]:

The servers hamsters have been fed and some of them replaced but the servers are back to duty! As a thank you for your patience everyone has a 2 day Veteran Membership added to his account. Those who already had it running, will have 2 days extra added. Thank you for your patience and see you in battle!


Update [2014.07.16 12.30 UTC]:

The servers are still misbehaving. We currently can’t provide an estimated time when the servers will be back up. We will keep you informed on all platforms.

Thank you for your patience.


Today we experienced multiple server issues which lead to imminent downtimes. Despite IT’s efforts to solve the issue today the servers will remain offline for tonight.

It appears to be that one of our hardware components is experiencing technical difficulties. The servers will be back up and running as fast as possible tomorrow.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and will make this up to you. Those who have ribbon boosters and veteran memberships running will not have to worry about their lost time.

We thank you for your understanding and patience with us.

  1. [RZD]Le_Flemard[RZD]Le_Flemard07-16-2014

    Thanks for the information !
    As it a risk of every online games, don’t feel to too much about it, we love you reto for what you are accomplishing, even major company had some technical problems like that.
    Even if some players complain a lot, they still like your game !

  2. AlphaUKAlphaUK07-16-2014

    I don’t like your game ……. I BLOODY WELL LOVE IT !! ….. so take your time Reto, and get things right before reopening.
    At least I won’t die every 2 mins tonight, trying to get to the Recon class, but like I said, I love it.

  3. Commander_ZemasCommander_Zemas07-16-2014

    It’s okay! I hope you will give adequate time to those who purchased veterans. I am not one of those ragers who say about losing money. Good luck with fixing your problems! Love the Game! -Zemas

  4. BehrBehr07-16-2014

    Hey, you guys are always on top of things and informing players of whats up. We as a public couldnt ask for more. I hope everything is going better than planned and best of luck. But of course I know us of the Wehrmacht cant wait to get the Panzers, Grenadiers, and Luftwaffe moving!
    Fangen sie bitte an!

  5. Hannibal-lecterHannibal-lecter07-16-2014

    These types of issues are expected to happen. Please take your time. If you keep building ill keep supporting!! Your efforts and hard work are appreciated. I love your game! PEACE

  6. adnandenan1adnandenan107-16-2014

    Its not a problem, I absolutely love this game and thank you for everything. Wish you guys the best with fixing everything and hopefully in the long run you guys provide your customers with some new weapons. I’m looking forward to this game!!! Have a good one RETO!

  7. VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev07-16-2014

    If update so long can Reto-Moto update some new weapons? Such as the TT-33, PPS-43, Mosin-Nagant M91/30 or the SVT-40.

    • FalshmjagerFalshmjager07-16-2014

      They will post in the news if they are adding weapons into the game.

  8. KingFuJulienKingFuJulien07-16-2014

    New weapons already exist in the folder packed_ but well, the M24 Chaffee was also for over 1 year in that folder, before it appeared on the fields ;)

    Wish you good luck to fix the issue. Take your time and I’ll keep pressing F5 :D

  9. basett3basett307-16-2014

    This game need more buildings,maps,vehicles and aslo the players favorite WEAPONS.
    And only one thing what i want, its to change ungly SDKFZ 250-3 to beautiful SDKFZ-251 and i will be verry happy if Reto fix it.
    There is lot of work and problems will be like this one.So i Wish Good luck for you RETO! :)

  10. basett3basett307-16-2014

    (Thats SDKFZ-251 in action) :D

  11. CronomCronom07-16-2014

    How long the server will still be offline?

  12. xjuliussxxjuliussx07-16-2014

    Take your time guys, Reto guys, we know you have a lot of work to do, take your time and do it right. No hurry , WE are playing this game 24/24, day and night, and all the vets are tired :D a little break is always welcome! Good luck solving all the problems you encounter, from the 5th “Wiking” Division.

  13. CronomCronom07-16-2014

    i cant play, server offline

  14. CronomCronom07-16-2014

    he delete the news: The server now online ;)

    • Lt.StanleyLt.Stanley07-16-2014


      • CronomCronom07-16-2014

        nope 10 min. stay this info.

      • CronomCronom07-16-2014

        why you think, i post, i cant play . Facepalm

  15. Shiina_Shiina_07-16-2014

    Just download this game :(

  16. CronomCronom07-16-2014

    server online, and thx for the membership

  17. MadeyoucryMadeyoucry07-16-2014

    Ribbon boost also needs to be corrected. All mine have expired

  18. ghostdoggoghostdoggo07-16-2014

    thank you , much appreciated Reto .
    i hope they will run for a long time .


    finally the server is back

  20. starkiller4starkiller407-20-2014

    ok the servers still will not work for me and my friend so i know its not just me when i try to load up a server Mission can’t be found will come up and the estimated queue time will be 0:00 so i dont know what to do

    • starkiller4starkiller407-20-2014

      also it shows that people are on the server

      • starkiller4starkiller407-20-2014

        ok its working now

  21. RikuSsenkradRikuSsenkrad07-20-2014

    i cant get past the “logging in” screen on steam or web

  22. brobuscus007brobuscus00707-20-2014

    the game is stuck on “logging in” any help?

  23. imnoheroimnohero07-20-2014

    Mission can’t be found will come up and the estimated queue time will be 0:00 so i dont know what to do
    Help me i really like this game

    • imnoheroimnohero07-20-2014

      and when i hit cancel it wont work

  24. crustydem16crustydem1607-30-2014

    i am having problems clicking on things in the in game menu like settings exit and resume. I was playing with the video resolutions then my mouse stopped being able to select things but it’s still able to shoot and do every think ells. I uninstalled then re installed the game butt still no good

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