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Heroes & Generals is Now Available on Steam!

We have just released Heroes & Generals on Steam Early Access, so we encourage you to install and play the game using the new stand-alone PC client for Steam.

Our shiny new Heroes & Generals – Steam Launch Trailer

The browser client will also still be operational on and both clients give you access to the same version of the game itself and will connect you to the same wars with the same accounts, and it’s of course still free-to-play. You can still use your current account when playing Heroes & Generals on Steam and you will have full access to everything on your account no matter if you play on Steam or use a browser.

The differences between the browser client and the Steam client are:

Stand-Alone Client

The Steam client runs via a stand-alone client and needs to be installed and patched using Steam, whereas the browser client runs via Chrome, IE or Firefox and is installed and patched as usual.

Steam Wallet

When using the Steam client, all Gold-purchases are made with the Steam wallet, offering a lot of different payment options, whereas when you use the browser client you will be able to pay using our usual payment system.

And we wish to shout out a huge “THANK YOU!” to all who voted for us to be Greenlit on Steam. We’re absolutely sure that we have the best community in the world, and we’re extremely grateful for your support!

…So, what are you hanging around here for soldier? Get back to the frontline and help your faction win the war!

The Heroes & Generals Team


  1. pade4utodaypade4utoday07-11-2014

    Wonderful vid you got there :)

  2. basett3basett307-11-2014

    Nice video.oh thats russian soldier with pistol fights vs all german army lol :D

    • CurstCurst07-11-2014

      He’s not alone. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that there’s also a machine gunner covering him. Also, he’s also not just a soldier, he’s an officer.

      I wonder though… what kind of pistol is he holding? It doesn’t look like TT-33. The angle between handle and barrel is all wrong. Or maybe I’m imagining things.

      • BlaineUKBlaineUK07-11-2014

        It’s an American Officer with the Colt 1911.

        • CurstCurst07-11-2014

          I thought so too at first, but why is there a DP machine gun covering him?

          • BlaineUKBlaineUK07-11-2014

            It’s not, it’s a Browning Automatic Rifle. You can tell by the the metal bar underneath the gun barrel and the quick change barrel mechanism, neither of which are present on the DP.

          • CurstCurst07-11-2014

            Watched the video again, now in high resolution. Damn. It is a BAR indeed. Shame on me. :( I’ve mistaken a shadow for a disc magazine.

  3. Astatine11Astatine1107-12-2014

    I’m liking the new techno sections that have been added to the German Theme. Unless I’m just massively behind and haven’t realised it’s been like that for ages. Still, brilliant work Reto!

  4. tmncutmncu07-12-2014

    yes steam ….ihullllll @@@@@

  5. westwickwestwick07-12-2014

    Welcome Steamers!

  6. complejocomplejo07-12-2014

    good trailer, looks like a movie

  7. BoskoBuha1BoskoBuha107-13-2014

    How did you make that video? In studio, with cast behind green screen or comp animated?

  8. warlordrushwarlordrush07-14-2014

    Best World War 2 Game of All Time :D

What are you waiting for soldier? We need heroes on the battlefield and generals to lead them!