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America – Rise of the infantry (fan-made gameplay video)

It’s always a pleasure to watch how skilled players plays H&G. Check out this awesome video Siberius made for some mighty fine kills! :)

  1. avatarsiberiius07-08-2014

    Thank you H&G !!

    • avatarAzrielDestroyer07-08-2014

      Why do you add kills from diferent maps?
      But nice video tho.

  2. avatarL4rcher07-08-2014

    That’s a nice video Siberiius. Well done.

    BTW is that a ohk rifle?

  3. avatardustine12607-08-2014

    how do you close the windshield for the halftrack? i havent learned how people do that yet lol

    • avatarsiberiius07-08-2014

      uses the control key to your character puts it in position covered

  4. avatarpade4utoday07-08-2014

    From a german axis member opinion that is the most fine shooting ive ever seen. Better then most sniper’s ive seen XD. Great video

  5. avatarbasett307-08-2014

    Just luck .you joined in battle where is lot of noobs, and started killing them with bazooka and rifle aslo with armored truck :D

    • avatarhalvadakis201207-10-2014

      Joining against noobs?So what that makes u a pro?Omg these people.

    • avatarPinochet07-10-2014

      agree …

  6. avatarbasett307-08-2014

    Try to play in RU server and i will see what pro you are.

  7. avatarL4rcher07-08-2014

    Why you trying to flame the guy he has show good skills, particularly with the rifle. It doesn’t matter who he was playing against.

    Siberiius, I know its a M1903 but apart from the headshots it seems to be a ohk.

  8. avatarRageMachinist07-09-2014

    Hahaha. He goes on a spree with the MG42, how surprising :-D Seriously, nerf that thing.

    Nice vid overall !

  9. avatarBabylonjoke07-09-2014


  10. avatarwarlordrush07-10-2014

    Nice video siberiius
    Keep up the good work :D

  11. avatarPinochet07-10-2014

    And while America loses forever! imbalance!

  12. avatarhalvadakis201207-10-2014

    Excellent siberius real good stuff and nice video!!!

  13. avatardeadboy07-15-2014

    you guys need to add a d day map were Germany is always defending and america attacks via beach but america has to have a least 1 plane and 2 airborne divisions and 3 infantry with a least one tank division.
    so there are two objectives on the beach(that Germany holds) and then they branch out into three rows of objectives.

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