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Feature: Personalize your Bazookas & Panzerschrecks!

Tired of looking at the same old Bazooka? Want to stand out from the Anti-Tank crowd?
Then look no further! In the coming build ‘Quesada’ we have added a new batch of weapon personalizations, this time for the Bazookas and Panzerschrecks.

Continue reading to see the rest of the awesome new paint-jobs for the anti tank weapons!

If you are a really good shot, they can also be used to get rid of those pesky planes that transport enemy paratroopers to the battle.

Bazooka Variations

We don’t want to cheat the Germans, so the Wehrmacht has been busy mixing paints as well :-D

Panzerschreck Variations

That’s it, we hope you like them and stay tuned for more ‘Quesada’ features in the coming days.

  1. pade4utodaypade4utoday07-01-2014

    About the new build will there be a chance a german ostwind panzer be comin by?

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300007-01-2014

      Unfortunately not. Let’s give the paras a bit of breathing space before we introduce a new toy to reach up and pull their planes out of the sky ;-)

  2. The_DominationThe_Domination07-01-2014

    When will the new build be added? Can we expect it in the next week or 2 weeks?

  3. Lord_SteinLord_Stein07-01-2014

    Please give a ETA of the next build, so we dont hope each day it will come.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300007-01-2014

      Soon™ – we are killing off bugs and testing, so as soon as we can :-)

      • Lord_SteinLord_Stein07-01-2014

        What is your soon? A couple hours? Days? Weeks?

        • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300007-02-2014

          Hopefully just a few more days!

  4. PrideInUSAPrideInUSA07-01-2014

    Oh yes! I just love being able to waste money on useless shit like this. Why not just make that Lazer guided MG different colors too. Something like yellow or pink could work. Good job nexon.. I mean retro.

    • steelpanthersteelpanther07-01-2014

      Go pride. bitch at them for putting in features demanded for years. Who listens to players anyway?

    • DondergodDondergod07-01-2014

      So… first people complain that this game is P2W etc.
      Then they add skins etc. for gold… and it’s useless and they are idiots?

      What do you want them to do? Just make everything free?

      • pade4utodaypade4utoday07-01-2014

        you have a point there

        • PjosipPjosip07-01-2014

          Let’s not forget players on forum literally asked for Panzershreck skins in particular.
          So reto should go ignoring user feedback, is that what you are asking PrideInUSA?

    • TaekwondokidTaekwondokid07-02-2014

      Pride, who are you to judge? You AFK’d in every match I saw you in. As far as I can tell, you don’t actually play.

  5. SemperFiSemperFi07-02-2014

    oh yea and i cant wait what all weapons get new skinnst the PARA to i think all soldiers will get and i hope camo fore vehikles too :D sounds build ‘Quesada’ bring many cool new stuff in

  6. ChaseemChaseem07-02-2014

    Will the German parachuters receive a gehwer, a karabiner, or something else?

    • wojaqwojaq07-02-2014

      Chaseem read the post about paras and you will know what they will NOT have (they will have the rest of weapons)

  7. RageMachinistRageMachinist07-02-2014

    Good! More camos! Love it!

    Now please tone down the Assault Rifles…errr…I mean MGs. Thanks! :)

  8. pade4utodaypade4utoday07-02-2014

    If the paratroopers are being involved I’m going to guess the fg42 and the m1 carbine. Hopefully

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300007-02-2014

      Unfortunately not right away! More para weapons ARE on their way, but we would rather have paras without new weapons than have to wait for another build before getting paras with new weapons.

      • Lord_SteinLord_Stein07-02-2014

        Wait, your saying the German paratroopers are not getting the FG42 this build, that’s ridiculous, like seriously ridiculous.

  9. DwoinkDwoink07-02-2014

    Good news about skins but is there a chance to get more recoil upon MG’s… ? cause i think the german MG are abuse and very too easy to use. We get no chance against it…. that’s why germany always win the war… let see stats…. ;)

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300007-02-2014

      MG recoil & sway is tweaked as well in Quesada.

      • WillertzWillertz07-02-2014

        Great news. But I hope you plan to turn them into support weapons(200 rounds and deployble) in future builds?

  10. Crazysoldier123Crazysoldier12307-02-2014

    Might we also be able to look forward to the Panther or Panzer V in this build as well? If not then I would love to know when we might be able to get it for future builds and so on. Shortly said, an ETA would be awesome!

  11. Lord_SteinLord_Stein07-02-2014

    Are infantry and recon also going to get camouflage patterns as well as paratroopers?

    • Lord_SteinLord_Stein07-02-2014

      Not to mention vehicle camouflage?

  12. pade4utodaypade4utoday07-02-2014

    a panther would be nice including another American tank destroyer like the wolverine.

    • vanzamvanzam07-03-2014

      as you are magnanimous…. take the panther and give allied the wolverine lol i trade panther for jackson what you think is not more fair??

  13. pade4utodaypade4utoday07-03-2014

    well I still go with panther and aren’t there uneven types of tanks on both of our sides that need to be even up like say the medium tanks and tank destroyers?

  14. pade4utodaypade4utoday07-03-2014

    actually I prefer new planes like the ju-87 :)

  15. rods427rods42707-03-2014

    Reto.Robotron3000 just a doubt that many must had complained…

    * when we drop a vehicle and we get like ejected in the air and killed is fixed for Quesada Build?
    * When we drop a vehicle and the driver steers and we get TKed continues or its fixed?

    And to dev team nice camo added to the bazookas

  16. punzybobopunzybobo07-29-2014

    Huh, and here I thought that the Air Force in this game was going to be more neglected and useless than Goerings’ Luftwaffe.

    JU87 (And siren) please? ;-;

    Or even the JU88 or JU52 for our fine paratrooper pals.

    I promise, I’ll come back to the game. Well, once it gets out on Steam anyway.

  17. punzybobopunzybobo07-29-2014

    Also, as much as I hate to double comment, will there be the option to remove the Panzerschrecks’ shield?

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