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Winners of the SteelSeries 9H headsets

We wish to thank everybody who participated in the server stress test this week. The servers survived and we hit around 2000 concurrent users at peak with a total of 4516 players logging in between 20.00 – 23.00 CEST Tuesday this week.

As promised we would make a draw between all who participated in the event for 3 x SteelSeries 9H headsets, and the lucky winners are:


& Erador

We have contacted all three using the email-address they registered and when we have their physical addresses, SteelSeries will ship the headsets to them. Should they not reply before the 1st of July we’ll make another draw and contact the next.

Furthermore, the emails with 3-day Veteran Membership voucher codes went out Wednesday. If you participated in the stress test and believe that you’re entitled to a voucher code due to this, but haven’t received it yet: please check your spam-folder and otherwise contact support.

Once more: We thank all who participated in the stress test and a special shout out goes to our friends at SteelSeries for sponsoring these cool prizes!

  1. SemperFiSemperFi06-26-2014

    Congratulation to the winners :)

  2. clawz81clawz8106-26-2014

    great !!!!! :)

  3. DondergodDondergod06-26-2014

    Never heard of those guys, would not surprise me if they didn’t even know they were participating.

    • Crazysoldier123Crazysoldier12306-26-2014

      Haha Dondergod. I guess someone else wanted to win such a headset eh? Can’t blame you though…. But no matter! Congrats to these 3 guys. Hopefully they’ll like their new headsets.

  4. EradorErador06-26-2014

    Thanks a lot !!! Keep it going :)

  5. ArtcticArtctic07-03-2014

    Was on a business trip. Today saw a message in the mail. Wrote support its physical address. What if today is July 3 I did not get my lawful prize???

  6. Rocco_SiffrediRocco_Siffredi07-04-2014

    Congrats winners! :)

  7. ArtcticArtctic07-04-2014

    You acted not very much beautifully. To declare a man a winner on a main site and to give his prize to other) at least strange. Being in on-line games already more than 5 years) occupying the far not last places in such projects as World of tanks. Did not yet see such. Being on the early stage of project) To you obviously not plus. And other players think I will be supported! IF PRIZE WON that he must be only your!!! Amen!

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300007-04-2014

      We clearly wrote that winners should get in contact before 1st of July we’ll make another draw and contact the next.

      We saw you in the game and wrote you directly but you did not answer any of us.


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