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Feature: Paratroopers are coming back!


Paratroopers are getting ready to jump! In the next build named Quesada (after the United States Army Airforce general Elwood Richard Quesada) paratroopers will fly back into action!

Jump into action!

If you have an Infantry soldier at rank 7 or above you can transfer him to the paratroopers! Paratroopers are not as heavily armed as other soldiers and cannot carry Machineguns, Panzerschreck/Bazookas so if you have purchased a lot of heavy equipment for your soldier, it might be an idea to play another soldier up to rank 7 and convert him. Or if you don’t have the time for that you can buy an academy trained paratrooper for gold. Keeping at least one normal infantry soldier is always a good idea to help minimize waiting times when EVERYBODY wants to play with a specific type of soldier.

Uniform Personalizations

Along the reintroduced paratroopers we have also opened up for uniform personalizations. If you want to stand out from the crowd you can customize your paratrooper with special uniforms. For the Americans these include a number of fieldcamo personalizations to help blend in with the terrain. Take a look at them below, Khaki is the default colour and the alternatives are Green, Brown & black fieldcamo.

The Germans has a longer tradition for uniform variations and below are the available German variations with the GrauGrün being the default, and the following variations available: Graugrün (default), Grey Splinter, Green Splinter, Brown Splinter & Tan ‘A’.


In the action game we have updated the transport planes so they are now computer controlled. On the spawn menu you can choose to spawn at any spawn point on the map and the plane will then adjust its course to take you as close to that capture point as possible so you can jump directly into the battle.

  1. saltcellarsaltcellar06-27-2014

    Paying for custom skins is a good gold option for personalisation but i hope, in the future, you don’t force us to buy outfits for Recon to rectify it’s camouflage problem. Still, I’m looking forward to using the Paratrooper class.

    • The_DominationThe_Domination06-27-2014


      • rutger345rutger34506-30-2014

        i can no waiting for the paratroopers

        • rutger345rutger34507-03-2014

          how can you switch to a paratrooper

    • The_DominationThe_Domination06-28-2014

      Wait when exactly is the next build coming out?

  2. BabylonjokeBabylonjoke06-27-2014

    What made the paratroopers so special was the fact that I was able to jump where ever I wanted to do it.
    Making computer controll the Plane and having the ability to just drop close to the spawn points doesn’t make them special anymore.

    Correct me if I’m wrong

    Anyway…What about add gliders as mobile respawn for the paratroopers?

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300006-27-2014

      You can choose from any of the capture points on the map and the spawn menu will tell you when you approach it.

      You are basically free to jump from the plane as long as it is over the actual map and not turning around outside the combat area..

      • BabylonjokeBabylonjoke06-28-2014

        allright, I’m curious to see how it will work

  3. FrostphoenixFrostphoenix06-27-2014

    when will this be?

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300006-27-2014

      As soon as it is stable = not during the weekend.

  4. ketaminketamin06-27-2014

    tommorow i hope :))

  5. FrostphoenixFrostphoenix06-27-2014

    okay thx

  6. SemperFiSemperFi06-27-2014

    OH awesome :D how i say the weapond skin is only a first test so that the uniforme and maybe tank como will come in and the german para looks realy cool :D so where is Kreta :D

  7. TictacmanTictacman06-27-2014

    can t wait can t wait OMG !!

  8. RocksitterRocksitter06-27-2014

    Nice been waiting for a while thank you .

  9. Agent_V2Agent_V206-27-2014

    Yes! Finally!

  10. koigunskoiguns06-27-2014

    Wait can Paratroopers carry M1918 automatic rifles?????????

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300006-27-2014

      M1918 is counted as an LMG in our terminology. So short answer: No.
      We might readjust what paras can and cannot use oevr time depending on balancing and use etc.

      • McCloskeyMcCloskey07-03-2014

        Historically, the US Airborne didn’t jump with the BAR. Some troops scavenged a BAR here and there from the crashed gliders on and after D-Day though.

      • deadboydeadboy07-15-2014

        can u please make a d day map

  11. Dr.Who1234567890Dr.Who123456789006-27-2014

    How can you get transport planes?

  12. complejocomplejo06-27-2014

    when you can modify normal infantry uniforms?

  13. LaudanLaudan06-28-2014

    Fancy camo….I really dont understand why did you have to kick in the dark with rifles camo at all…..

    Pls can you take care of those GER backpacks….instead of badass elite troops they look like weekend mountaineers….

    And, I hope US paras will also keep their original camo….they were sexy indeed…


    • husarz1906husarz190606-28-2014

      What will be the price fot this paratrooper?

  14. BlaineUKBlaineUK06-28-2014

    I hope these guys get Recoilless Rifles/Panzerfausts as equippable weapons ;)

  15. RaulRaul06-28-2014

    Seems the AAA will be back in action, along with the AHQ, long time no see those paras ^_^!

  16. drkfrontiersdrkfrontiers06-28-2014

    Very Very cool :) Looking forward to it. I really hope that you include some of the uniforms of the notable units of the war please! I beg you to consider it a exercise in a bit of historical accuracy.

  17. SemperFiSemperFi06-28-2014

    the only thing is why computer JU 52 :( sounds not nice but we must look

  18. RageMachinistRageMachinist06-28-2014

    I hope this is not the only feature coming in Q?

    Still, step in the right way, 100% like!

    Just remember that the default camo should be the best in terms of (non)visibility :)

  19. VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev06-28-2014

    A little bit boring due to no new weapons update

    • RageMachinistRageMachinist06-28-2014

      Or rebalancing of old weapons…*cough*mg42*cough*

      • The_DominationThe_Domination06-28-2014

        You got that right MG 42 is overpowered, plus the german counter part of the M3 Grease Gun.

  20. VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev06-28-2014

    The German Paratroopers must have the FG42 and the US must have the Paratrooper M1A1 Carbine

    • narcisomouranarcisomoura06-28-2014

      Exactly! They could try to be more historically accurate and equip the characters of the game was the same as that used at the time the game is set. If it is a game based on historical facts necessarily need to be precise. For example, there was no distinction between the MG34 and 42, were both made ​​for the same mission, the last being the replacement of the first, do not know why you put this game in two different classes.

    • ketaminketamin06-29-2014

      you are right!

  21. shtailishtaili06-28-2014

    let parachutists kar98 and M1903, Please!

    • HamdexHamdex06-30-2014

      Huh? You mean M1A1 right?

  22. shtailishtaili06-28-2014

    with the 7th level? are you kidding? with at least 12!

  23. GerhachtGerhacht06-28-2014

    Can Paratrooper ATs pick a certain AP to attack now?

    I really like the restictions to certain weapons/Equipment for that amazing character class!

    When does such Approach return for other specialized classes f.ex. antitank weapons for anti tank ATs only or same in case for recons and sniper rifles?

  24. tpojattpojat06-29-2014

    Allready have paratrooper so only skins and computer controlled planes are new

  25. Marv2.0Marv2.006-29-2014

    As long as we can make a remake of Operation Market Garden everything is fine.
    Looking forward to this.


    • deadboydeadboy07-15-2014

      there needs to be a d day map

  26. Lord_SteinLord_Stein06-30-2014

    Any ETA when this will be released?

  27. koigunskoiguns06-30-2014

    So how much do these Paratroopers cost?

  28. carldacreepcarldacreep06-30-2014

    So stoked it would be cool if we could have face camo and webbing on helmets kinda like band of brothers

  29. HamdexHamdex06-30-2014

    Soo does that mean M1A1 Carbines?

  30. GeneralPablo25GeneralPablo2507-01-2014

    How many equipment points do paras have?

    • epociepoci07-01-2014

      I’m gonna make a wild guess and say 6, like all non infrantry classes

  31. FrostphoenixFrostphoenix07-01-2014

    like this is going paratrooper wont be fun it was more fun when there where a few paras now instead of tanks this game wil be haveing many srry TO MANY paratroopers i get that evry1 wants 1 but i wont like to be paratrooper if half of your team is to we wil not have infantry anymore cus they al transfer to paras

    i hope u guys dont spam the paras pls and a question, can this game get flamstrowers cus they used them in ww2

  32. Grim21Grim2107-01-2014


    Good Job guys, but now that I see here, I have a small question.
    Why the paratroopers in the game have still their parachutes on their backs after the jump?

    In theory, after the jump, they’re unnecessary.

    • steelpanthersteelpanther07-01-2014

      Until you get the bike bug.

  33. tjenniostjennios07-01-2014

    yeeeeaaaaaahhhh paratroopers

  34. ChrisofIowaChrisofIowa07-02-2014

    I wonder how many equipment slots they will get?

    • steelpanthersteelpanther07-02-2014

      Rumor has it 6. So they will actually be rather useless.

      • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300007-02-2014

        They are supposed to be an alternative class, not just a better class… :-)

        • steelpanthersteelpanther07-02-2014

          So being remotely useful is better? all they can carry is a tommy or a rifle and a shovel. Without having 8 slots there is no at and a gun.

          • ChrisofIowaChrisofIowa07-03-2014

            I was thinking the same thing when I read this I mean is it now impossible to jump out if a plane with a tommy and some explosive Grenades? I guess i ll put a scope rifle and a pistol like my recon character if it’s only 6 slots ..

  35. totalnuggettotalnugget07-02-2014

    When does the next build come out?

  36. Dak_CommstarDak_Commstar07-03-2014

    I do hope there is a major re-work of spawn locations in this. I don’t care for skins or camouflage. I don’t care for new weapons or vehicles. Just fix the damn broken spawn points. There are jeep spawns that face you directly at trees, fences or walls. I have heard from tankers that there are even tank spawns that damage your vehicle. Emergency spawn locations spawn you so far away the enemy can kill the defenders, cap and entrench before you get back. Please let there be a fix for that!

  37. SgtBullSgtBull07-03-2014

    Great Job Guy´s

  38. FelixTheBear030FelixTheBear03007-04-2014

    Hey all,
    Great job as always Reto-team,thank you for making us (paratroopers) even nicer!
    Keep the good job!

  39. Ringo2515Ringo251507-04-2014

    So can a paratrooper carry a thompson?

  40. deadboydeadboy07-15-2014

    u guys need to add a d-day map with the beach and wall and bunkers
    That is when ill start truly loving this game
    ps the airborne need to have a 82 camo and 101st camo and thing like that same with tank, recon, infantry and pilots

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