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Help us crash our servers TONIGHT (Tuesday) and WIN SteelSeries headsets

UPDATE at 23.00 CEST on Tuesday the 24th of June: The servers survived this session and we wish to thank all who showed up!

One of the coming days all who successfully logged in between 20.00 – 23.00 CEST will receive a voucher with a 3-day veteran membership by email – we’ll use the email address you signed up with. The winners of the SteelSeries 9H Headsets will be announced on this blog one of the coming days and we’ll notify the winners by email.

A while ago our friends at the Yogscast created and published some hilarious videos, which caused our servers to roll over and die due to a massive influx of new players. In the meantime we have optimized the code and added more hardware, but we really need your help to test how much the servers now can handle.

So in collaboration with the SteelSeries community we invite you to come and do your best to crash our servers on:


Tuesday the 24th of June 2014 at 20.00 CEST / 14.00 EDT.


If you successfully log in during the stress test, we will subsequently reward you with a 3-day Veteran Membership, plus you will participate in a draw for 3 x SteelSeries 9H high-end gaming headsets.

The stress test ends at 23.00 CEST / 17.00 EDT or if we’re not able to get the servers up again after a crash. The servers will be closed down for a few hours Tuesday and re-opened when the stress test starts. If you want to know when the event takes place in your timezone, take a look at the World Clock here.

Winners of the draw will be published on our blog later this week and will be contacted directly by email. Vouchers with the 3-day Veteran Membership will also be sent to the email you registered your Heroes & Generals account with. If you need to change your email-address, please click here.

  1. rosiemarosiema06-23-2014

    My headset broke last sunday, gimme!

    • kyr_sp33dykyr_sp33dy06-24-2014

      Why go for this, when you already have like 2 ?

  2. redhitmanredhitman06-23-2014

    well, for me just a veteran membership would be great prize! I need to get one more level on light tank…

  3. hcawcanhcawcan06-23-2014

    Thank you very much for posting the time with the World Clock link, very good idea.
    Its nice to have such encouraging events, good luck with the stress test.

  4. MasterTankerMasterTanker06-23-2014

    Ill be there but please not a draw, make a contest like the last time, winner for number of kills or capture, in differente categories its not the same a tank than a solider.

    Nice prizes, thanks reto.

  5. AxeHeadSlamAxeHeadSlam06-23-2014

    This is a terrible idea, the game is near unplayable because of lag as it is, a stresstest is only going to end with disappointment .

    • KnubbisKnubbis06-24-2014

      I don’t think you got the right idea of what a stresstest’s purpose is. :o

    • DondergodDondergod06-24-2014

      That’s the whole point of a stress test…

      • iglixiglix06-24-2014

        Stress tests are obviously meant to be stressful due to lag :-)

        • AxeHeadSlamAxeHeadSlam06-24-2014

          My point is that the servers will lag plenty without a stresstest.

          • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300006-25-2014

            And without testing we are not able to find the core issues and fix them. That’s why stresstests are a really good thing to have every once in a while :-)

    • Dr.LovecraftDr.Lovecraft06-24-2014

      There use to be a huge amount of lag. In the last month though, no lag at all. I’ve had a ping of about 20 and an FPS of 60. On my laptop (AMD A10 with a Radeon HD 8650G) I’m getting a 20 ping and FPS of 11 (and I still manage to get at least a 1:1 frag to death ratio). Before the lag fixes I would have agreed it was unplayable, but I haven’t seen any lag in the last month. It use to be horrible every night, but now it’s fine all day long.

  6. apollogxapollogx06-24-2014

    I haven’t had any problems with lag, I’m in the US and even on servers with red ping the play is smooth just have to lead a little more. Overall I’m enjoying the game very much!

    • TheWildLambTheWildLamb06-24-2014

      same im in the uk and i havent had problems with the lag also i am enjoying the game alot aswell

  7. warlordrushwarlordrush06-24-2014

    Great! i will help :D

  8. SemperFiSemperFi06-24-2014

    roger that

  9. [RZD]Le_Flemard[RZD]Le_Flemard06-24-2014

    Will try to log in, good luck !

  10. Smile_beSmile_be06-24-2014

    i always wanted to crash a server and now i can!

    haha :p good luck guys!

  11. MasterTankerMasterTanker06-24-2014


  12. somebodytookmynamesomebodytookmyname06-24-2014

    We are gonna mess everything up SOOOOOO hard…

    BTW: Yogscast are the best!!!

  13. SargentPottsSargentPotts06-24-2014

    Let’s crash some servers

  14. blacksmoke15blacksmoke1506-24-2014

    When will the servers be back up for this?

  15. sgtbullsgtbull06-24-2014

    ^^ Lets Start

  16. ВалеронВалерон06-24-2014


  17. stavropolezstavropolez06-24-2014

    Ich kome vorbei!

  18. wolfy77wolfy7706-24-2014

    me & i will be there,
    good Luck for both Sides
    – Players vs the Lord

  19. mOus3mOus306-24-2014

    ok its time to start reeload clips, seeyaa on the battlefields

  20. dysorderdysorder06-24-2014

    interesting :) headset mhm and membership :)

  21. AnaelAnael06-24-2014

    Ready to help!!! Let’s battle in H&G!

  22. VengeanceIsMineVengeanceIsMine06-24-2014

    there’s no way i will ever win anything even if im 24 hours logged :(

  23. ghostdoggoghostdoggo06-24-2014

    curious to see if that voucher will indeed show up .
    as for the stresstest .
    it was not nearly as stressfull as the yogscast zombiehorde, that we had to endure.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300006-25-2014

      Why shouldn’t it?

  24. dep23dep2306-25-2014

    Still no membership.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300006-25-2014

      Please read the text:
      “One of the coming days […] ”
      Not The second after the test ;-)

      • Dep23Dep2306-25-2014

        Now I’ve got one :)

  25. evans76evans7606-25-2014

    i have gotten my voucher

  26. smknsmkn06-26-2014

    Why u keep doin it wrong reto?!… ffs this is inadmissible…
    Ok u managed to send me the voucher… but why would u forget MY headset? :/

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300006-26-2014

      We simply could not get it into the ethernet plug in the wall. and when we tried the electrical plugs, sparks flew all over the office. We then decided to send it using ‘wireless’ and threw the smoking remains out of the window, so as soon as some wifi comes by and picks it up you should get it. :-D

  27. SgtBullSgtBull06-26-2014

    me too

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