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A Beginner’s Guide to Heroes & Generals

Reto.Circinus has been busy these last few days updating and expanding the Beginner’s Guide section of our community forum with new, detailed entries about various topics, ranging from ranks to tanks.

Not Just for Beginners

Whether you just joined us or have been playing for months, you are sure to find useful information in the various new game guide threads. Below is a quick overview of the existing sections.

H&G – How does the game work?
This is where you will find an explanation of the user interface and the basic game concepts: how to manage your characters, how to use the map, how to join battles and how to play the action game.

Combat Badges & Ribbons
Here you will find an explanation of the various Combat Ribbons and the Combat Badges they can unlock

Tank Statistics
Pretty self-explanatory. This section contains previously unreleased armor thickness specifications, to help tankers know what their chances are against other armored vehicles.

Assault Team Costs & Earnings
This section is for the Generals. Here you learn what you can expect to spend to maintain certain units active on the Campaign Map.

This section contains a description of the various soldier ranks and insignia, as well as the associated experience requirements.

Just as the game is still under development, so are these game guides. Reto.Circinus is working on more sections (among others, weapons and weapon upgrades) and you are welcome to post a reply if you find some erroneous information in one of the guides.

Stay tuned for more!

  1. MasterTankerMasterTanker06-12-2014

    I have so many credits and warfunds earned in battle why i cant spend them in nothing, my main character is in the top o experience, i want a new uniform what expresses my rank

    This game is so massive what the map is small even with the new 1000 airports, so many players fill any possible battle, since months ago i cant use strategy as before when my men saves the battle in the las minute, now i only play random battles because makes no sense to wait for a real battle, moreover the ping issue and framerate in my case.

    I cant understand why sometimes i have 100 fps+ and other days the game barely touches the 10 fps, i can even remain idle far away from battle looking at a wall and the fps ranges from 4 fps to 23 fps, weird.

    Sometimes when the battles is 5 vs 5 the fps is 60 – 50, why?? why????? WHY!!????

    • generaleisenhowergeneraleisenhower06-23-2014

      I agree with MasterTanker. I’d like to change the uniform and also the fps is crazy.

  2. LaudanLaudan06-12-2014

    Nice job Circy….I hope they are paying you…:)


    • Reto.GargamelReto.Gargamel06-12-2014

      I slide a peanut butter sandwich through a slit in the door to his cell every once in a while ;)

      • LaudanLaudan06-12-2014

        Darn…sending package already

        I will organize LIVE AID FOR CIRCY in Axis channel….will call me fried Bob Geldof….


        • AzrielDestroyerAzrielDestroyer06-12-2014

          It will be a Circus, try to remain calm!

  3. warlordrushwarlordrush06-12-2014

    Very useful, thanks Reto.Circinus.

  4. GerhachtGerhacht06-13-2014

    As mentioned in the tank statistic post already:
    It is a very nice Information to predict your Chance to penetrate the armor of the opposing tank. BUT it lacks the Information to calculate the penetrating hits needed to kill the enemy tank.
    Please add the damage dealt by the tank guns/inf AT and the HP of the tanks.

    It is published for all the infantry guns. Why isnt it published for tank weapons?

  5. transilvanientransilvanien06-13-2014

    i speack on german wat problem i have: – warum must die feinde markierung habe, als infantery dreieck, und als tanks (panzer un auto) viereck (qvadrat)rote farbe ober den kopf. das bedeute keine überaschung in kampf, war so gud wi war frühere, kameraden muß ich sehe, aber feinde must so pleiben wie ist seine uniform kleidung,gantz natural wi ist. ein sneeper wen hate rote punct als feind markierung ist todt, genau so wi andere. markierung für feinde ist aber gud in trainig, nicht in normales krieg situatzion,dort muß ich selbe cucken. in english language the anemie must see only natural, not to have red colour on the head in kombat, this situation are very good for trainig scool,wen recrut go to training not in battle, in war, in battle must evry thinks real to stay, mabe mi kamarad to see me, were i am. by the way i play germans squad, and i see american were are in battle, its like durty game. please komback to reality. its very good and form me to stay normal and natural, and without red colour to see sombody mi presents in treash, other in bush. war mean kombat, kombat mean, ambush, but all must clean wen soldiers play. its good to have red point only on the radio station, and , to radio station please somthings suply more weapons for a posibility to uset for avans in ribbon and medical resurch.

  6. freddieboxfreddiebox06-14-2014

    Well done Reto.

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