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D-Day Veteran Weekend Winners!

UPDATE: New results, a new list and new prizes has just been announced:

Ladies & Gentlemen! We are finally done pulling numbers out from the servers and counting everything together, so we can announce the winners of our Capture Competition.

Storm the beach!
– Capture the objectives!

We hope that everyone enjoyed our little event and also found time to give thought to the mighty battle fought in Normandy 70 years ago. So without further stalling, here are the results from the bean counters in the capture-score-counting department. CONGRATULATIONS to not only those who won, but also everybody else that joined in and made this a fun event for everybody :-)


With a Capture Score of 492.
Winning: 90-day veteran membership & 4000 gold!


With a Capture Score of 200.
Winning: 30-day veteran membership & 2000 gold!

With a Capture Score of 187.
Winning: 30-day veteran membership & 1000 gold!

  1. Cashishclay (score: 180)
  2. Pirikitum (score: 172)
  3. Moopa1 (score: 167)
  4. Zorguan (score: 163)
  5. cdnDare (score: 159)
  6. Marshall_Monty (score: 158)
  7. Sipulipatonki (score: 152)

Each wins: 14-day veteran membership!

We will contact winners directly on the email-address the account is registered to, so please make sure it is up to date :-) And prizes will be available later this week.

If you didn’t make the Top10, don’t worry! We are working on similar contests in the future.

And for the curious among you! Here is the rest of the Top 100 Capture Veterans:

  1. iller89 (score: 147)
  2. Azzurrii-08 (score: 144)
  3. Cap-Coop (score: 135)
  4. losttrooper (score: 135)
  5. swordz_shieldz (score: 131)
  6. ESTRIBUCHADOR (score: 128)
  7. Gamedrake (score: 124)
  8. Beggi (score: 124)
  9. Xoldor (score: 122)
  10. Bergsen (score: 120)
  11. Techigai (score: 119)
  12. HaggyGTuk (score: 118)
  13. infinitys (score: 118)
  14. Stuntmanmaik (score: 115)
  15. topgunwt2 (score: 114)
  16. Ironklaus (score: 114)
  17. Demiurgos (score: 113)
  18. Laudan (score: 112)
  19. DemonixELT (score: 112)
  20. ((Waffen)) (score: 111)
  21. ridesdragons (score: 111)
  22. Guliguli (score: 109)
  23. Gullis (score: 109)
  24. Kolya_stalker (score: 108)
  25. Hetzering (score: 108)
  26. Deiru (score: 105)
  27. ben1379 (score: 105)
  28. DoctorFurion (score: 105)
  29. mahutma (score: 105)
  30. Nather (score: 105)
  31. Wolfy77 (score: 105)
  32. EsiX23 (score: 104)
  33. KeyboardHero (score: 104)
  34. mOus3 (score: 104)
  35. Urged (score: 104)
  36. H3rmann (score: 103)
  37. bbojan (score: 103)
  38. bloodhun23 (score: 103)
  39. doserexe (score: 102)
  40. MloveC (score: 101)
  41. Toecutterz (score: 100)
  42. Soborocks (score: 100)
  43. XaSaN21 (score: 99)
  44. Ossibo (score: 99)
  45. lexich0204 (score: 98)
  46. wolfpups (score: 98)
  47. Huds (score: 97)
  48. ezubahin (score: 96)
  49. Ludwig_Adelmeier (score: 96)
  50. shrek1970 (score: 94)
  51. Dark_R1d3r (score: 93)
  52. HarveyCamper (score: 93)
  53. persex (score: 92)
  54. Rurjevit (score: 92)
  55. H3rmann (score: 92)
  56. Royal_Elite (score: 91)
  57. serapham55 (score: 90)
  58. Garffin (score: 90)
  59. Malzbierman (score: 90)
  60. DarthTemplar (score: 89)
  61. Coolblood86 (score: 89)
  62. DrTrager (score: 89)
  63. vitaliy_mac (score: 88)
  64. fieldoperation (score: 88)
  65. vangress (score: 88)
  66. Einherjarsrage (score: 87)
  67. Pete150 (score: 87)
  68. Laudan (score: 86)
  69. mullm831967 (score: 86)
  70. josh21112 (score: 85)
  71. Taxman-Timmy (score: 85)
  72. Graffels (score: 85)
  73. Beau_Nerr (score: 85)
  74. R.Müller (score: 84)
  75. RevoltaSK (score: 84)
  76. razvanss (score: 83)
  77. Rendezvous (score: 83)
  78. maarten551 (score: 83)
  79. Staudman (score: 82)
  80. sybyeld (score: 82)
  81. TapionD (score: 81)
  82. Space375 (score: 81)
  83. Yagaar (score: 81)
  84. Pestzecke (score: 81)
  85. ExoValdes (score: 80)
  86. FrederikTheFeared (score: 80)
  87. ROSSHOLE (score: 80)
  88. serpentmF (score: 80)
  89. KnownSoldierNL (score: 80)
  90. jervi_servi (score: 80)


  1. TuupertunutTuupertunut06-10-2014

    I doubt that first place result is genuine. It is two and a half times more than the second place with every other place being just a little below the second. How can one player then achieve almost 500 captures if everyone else just reached to around 200.

    • warlordrushwarlordrush06-10-2014

      My score is genuine, play this game without sleep 2 days, i really want to win so i made a little sacrifice and play the best i can and the largest time i can, thanks Reto Moto Team.

      • eikkoeikko06-10-2014

        yeah, easily. I only played like 6 hours each day during the event, didn’t really expect to win, because i thought more people would go sleepless

        • FrederikTheFearedFrederikTheFeared06-10-2014

          That is true, I did barely anything, i was online Friday only, and i scored a 96th place up there :/ so it surely seems possible

        • warlordrushwarlordrush06-11-2014

          Congratulations for winning the 2° place eikko, nice to play with you bro.

  2. westwickwestwick06-10-2014

    A very, very, good score is about 5 caps per match. 100 matches like this over 3 days? Possible I suppose.

    Run this comp every week, nice to see people capping instead of camping.

  3. BlaineUKBlaineUK06-10-2014

    Laudan (score: 112)
    Laudan (score: 86)

    • Reto.indusninjaReto.indusninja06-11-2014

      The leaderboard is per character. player “Laudan” must have been using different characters that both made him into the top 100.

      • ChlodovechChlodovech06-11-2014

        I quote from the competition announcement:
        “We will keep tally of how many capture points each player caps during the Veteran Weekend and whomever captures the most points (incl. assists) will win prizes!”

        How does that justify a leaderboard per character? Reto’s credibility is at stake now.

  4. shtailishtaili06-10-2014

    and the class was paratrooper in the competition?


    maybe he was paratrooper for a few matches or not … pretty irrelevant at this point … hope i haven’t been too blunt in my honesty :|

  6. DrTragerDrTrager06-10-2014

    HEY! I made it in the top 100! pretty good considering I didn’t play at all on sunday. Congrats to the winners!

  7. kingfujulienkingfujulien06-10-2014

    congratulations =)

    • warlordrushwarlordrush06-10-2014

      Thanks bro i really put a lot of effort to make it.

  8. LaudanLaudan06-10-2014

    Not that I care about competition and places….but will mention that the winner of competition was throwing grenades on me and TKled me 2 times, while capping together


    • warlordrushwarlordrush06-10-2014

      You can talk shit about my, the chanlog never lie so keep doing bro, i never do team killing or kill you with purpose, some people can’t be good loser.

      • KauleisteKauleiste06-10-2014

        Well, people will do everything just to gain a bit of attention and some “money”

        btw laudan how come that you are two times in the ranking? i have my doubts if this “competition” was fair…

  9. MrCatMrCat06-10-2014

    Weekend + no sleep + gaming all the time = n o l i f e

    • warlordrushwarlordrush06-10-2014

      I was expecting this type of comment lol, try it hard bro.

      • warlordrushwarlordrush06-10-2014

        Next comment will say that im a fat virgin dude who had no friends, right? lol
        Very little imagination.

  10. NevetosNevetos06-10-2014

    I’m curious, but did Friday count towards this? Even though logon servers crashed?

  11. yokiblackhallyokiblackhall06-10-2014

    I think i might have made it to the top 100 if the server login was not broken two of the days i was trying to play. Anyway good job Warlordrush have fun with the Veteran and the gold and good luck in the future events.

    • warlordrushwarlordrush06-10-2014

      Thanks bro.

  12. FrederikTheFearedFrederikTheFeared06-10-2014

    I really like that they put the top100 list in there too, cause i think that was an achievement in itself :) thansk for the event Reto Moto!

    And Congratulation on your tremendous Victory Warlordrush! :D

    • warlordrushwarlordrush06-10-2014


  13. cdnDarecdnDare06-11-2014

    Grats on the winners, really didn’t expect myself to be up there since I hardly played. Very nice performance warlordrush! Very fun event that seemed to get more people to cap.. can’t wait for the next!

    • warlordrushwarlordrush06-11-2014

      Thanks bro, congratulations for winning the 8° place, you are a very good player and kill me many times with you bolt action rifle even in close range.

  14. ChlodovechChlodovech06-11-2014

    I find the counting on character level instead of account level a bit weird. It basicly means multiple people in the list had much more captures than actualy listed and the rankings could be completly different.
    The announcement of the competition clearly says how many captures per player and this ranking is captures per character. I can see why some people grumble and question this competition.

    The first place would likely stay the same, but if you see very clearly Laudan with 2 characters just not reaching 200 captures…

    My advice for Reto, recount according to the announced rules and not to what showed easier when needed to count. Otherwise this will leave an ugly stain on future competitions. Just read the comments now, you have more negatives than positives.

  15. SipulipatonkiSipulipatonki06-11-2014

    Gg i thought i wont make it but i made it in top 10 :) Wasnt playing much on sunday and still made in top 10. But yeah… i have played war games since 2001. That could explain a lot… This was good competition maybe in future could come more competitions?

  16. BrunoskiBrunoski06-11-2014

    I will say this scorebord is a complete lie….or ?!!!!!. If for each capture you earn 28 points is impossible that myself didnt reach the top 100. Tree captures is enough to make 84 points….!!!!!!! Or maybe you count diferent?!!!!! Otherwise is impossible and another thing i had played with Laudan a few times and if he says that warlordrush made timekilling just to earn points i BELIVE HIM….there are crap players amoug us!!! kids with no future that learn how to cheat and dont grow up like fair normal people….that is why the world is full of shift!!!!!

  17. SipulipatonkiSipulipatonki06-11-2014

    And almost every time i play, i get 2 or more caps/match. I always want to be at frontline, My friend always asks why i am rushing in matches to get caps. And he says that me and him are 2 men Company. :P

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