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D-Day Veteran Weekend

In Memory of D-Day’s (and the Battle of Normandy’s) 70th Anniversary we will be running a Veteran Weekend event this weekend. We will give everybody a veteran account and run a little contest.

Tomorrow June 6th, 2014 all eyes will be on the D-Day landing beaches and the sites of the Battle of Normandy as we commemorate the 70th anniversary of the tremendous events of June 1944. To do our part to remember this tremendous battle we are running a Veteran Weekend event.

ALL players who has registered an account before Friday the 6th of June will get a FREE 72 hour Veteran Membership starting from Friday the 6th of June at 09:00 US EDT / 15.00 CEST.

The Veteran Membership gives the following benefits:

+50% credits earned
+50% warfunds earned
+25% XP gain
+25% Ribbon XP gain
+ 1 extra combat badge slot
…and more


If you already have an active Veteran Membership, we will add 72 hours to your membership.

The server capacity has been increased to ensure the best experience for this event.

Storm the beach!
 – Capture the objectives!

Alongside our D-Day Veteran Weekend we are ALSO running a little competition:

We will keep tally of how many capture points each player caps during the Veteran Weekend and whomever captures the most points (incl. assists) will win prizes!

  • 90-day veteran membership PLUS 4000 gold!
  • 30-day veteran membership PLUS 2000 gold!
  • 30-day veteran membership PLUS 1000 gold!
4th to 10th PRIZE
  • 14 day veteran membership

All you have to do to take part is to play the game and capture those objectives (all capture points count, not just O1 & O2.

  1. MrCatMrCat06-05-2014

    Good one! :)
    I don’t even think about the prizes, can’t make it to be gaming all day long lol!

    • The_DominationThe_Domination06-07-2014

      So I missed this weekend.. Do I get the veteran membership when I log in or even if I’m not logged in I still get it meaning I cannot use it..

  2. joker16joker1606-05-2014

    Awesome. I can finally get enough money to get my next tank.

  3. joker16joker1606-05-2014

    You guys should really make the actual D-Day map. it would make this game EXPLODE.

    • GooDGrounD14GooDGrounD1406-05-2014

      Yeah that would be soo freaking cool!!

    • kevin335kevin33506-05-2014

      your exactly right with watercraft involved too


        We would have to cut a break for the allies somewhere in that map… because though getting slaughtered as the landing craft gate opens is pretty cool the first time around I know some people who will probably get annoyed if it keeps happening again and again and again…….
        Whatever the solution….. D-DAY will be awesome.

        Also a great thank you to all those who gave up their lives in combat to make sure that we could all sit and play this game in peace :)
        Patton out!

        • jakublongfordjakublongford06-13-2014

          what map ??????


      I agree it would really pay respect to all those who fought in it (in a way) i also agree with sempe their should be other events

  4. kicek77PLkicek77PL06-05-2014

    It would be nice to have Normandy map along the beaches, easy to defend, hard to attack with artillery and heavy machine-guns in the bunkers connected by a network of tunnels.

  5. SemperFiSemperFi06-05-2014

    oh thats realy nice
    wow that i would like to ask does maybe you can do some events and you do lol

    thats a nice idea and part in the game

    maybe some other events too Battle of the bulg Kursk berlin some over the year ;) thats all time a fun part and ppl like it thats what i know ;)
    maybe when the game is go to fine a mini event with theme maps thats awesome too ( but that worke so in game not realy i think how the battle only games with no strategie map

    or a mini campaingn normandie ;) from coast to paris some towns on it and they can fight a normandie campaign ;) damn this game you can have tonns of awesome ideas :D

  6. vazelinruvazelinruvazelinruvazelinru06-05-2014

    Спасибо порадовали

  7. vazelinruvazelinruvazelinruvazelinru06-05-2014

    Dear developers! Will you be able Veteran Membership to fly through webmoney and yandex money?

  8. SQPDSQPD06-05-2014

    More like reverse D-Day with the Germans landing in the UK…

  9. PsychoMurderAddictPsychoMurderAddict06-05-2014

    Sign me in !

    This event will be awesome !

  10. CuldracaCuldraca06-05-2014


  11. warlordrushwarlordrush06-05-2014

    God exist!

  12. marketgardennmarketgardenn06-05-2014

    hello, would be great if you can use 3 combat slots , I am 100% sure that you increase the number of membership in this game, if you could carry 3 combat badges , I hope you consider this; for me as a player I feel great to carry 3 badges combat , I hope to make this official in the future; Three combat badges = + + + + membership , go go go retomoto , I want to carry 3 badges

  13. L4rcherL4rcher06-06-2014

    Great news…I’m working all weekend :(

  14. steelpanthersteelpanther06-06-2014

    Nice, the weekend to make up loss on my membership already is going on during the weekend i work two 12 hour shifts.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300006-06-2014

      Do you have any idea how difficult that was to arrange with your places of work? It took begging, bribes and whatnot to have that arranged ;-)

      Joke aside, No matter when we do a thing like this some people will unfortunately miss out. Hopefully we can do another event in the near future where you can join in as well :-)

  15. djopadjopa06-06-2014

    do training missions count too?

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300006-06-2014

      Yes! All missions where you capture something.

  16. Ryan180602Ryan18060206-06-2014

    I’m all fired up!! American outposts! Here I come!!

  17. criauxecriauxe06-06-2014

    this looks so exiting dont care about the price i care about the hype

  18. Marv2.0Marv2.006-06-2014

    Just a thing about the gold payment
    you know paysafecard? It´s an easy way to pay over the internet without sign up into an mystic company wich may get hacked and your data too (it´s i think the safest way to pay via internet i know)

    I really like to spend some of my money here, but i´m not keen on Online-banking or some of those platforms…

    But your game is actually very enjoyable, just a question will also get some other unit types in the near or far future (some more tactical stuff)

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300006-06-2014

      We are looking into adding more payment options. Credit cards is the safest, cheapest (and fastest) way for everybody to pay. But we have been seeing a lot of requests for mobile payment and PaySafecard. The only downside is that it is rather expensive pr. transaction compared to the other methods.

  19. VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev06-06-2014

    The American had a bad day for facing the ‘Hitler’s Buzzsaw’.

  20. VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev06-06-2014

    But dont worry I use eastern front weapons to join the battle on Omaha Beach.

  21. epociepoci06-06-2014

    Hey, Thanks for the great event!

    But why didn’t you make it competition about who collects the most warfunds in fps, so people who do crucial defense get rewarded too….

  22. cdnDarecdnDare06-06-2014

    Very awesome :) This game and its developers continues to amaze me. However, surely German players will capture most, if not all, of the prizes? Any way for American players to get a chance at this? Nonetheless, very impressive.

  23. shadowstepx99shadowstepx9906-07-2014

    not complaining or anything because i dont really NEED the free things because i have the extra money where i can buy them but im just saying that the competition is a little unfair for pilots or snipers because if you arent a bad sniper you wont really want to get out there and get up close and personal with a sniper rifle, and if you are a pilot you arent really EVER going to be capping objective because you mainly will be flying, but like i said at the begining i dont need the free vet and gold when i can buy it if i really want something but just for future reference maybe make it more balanced for players that play pilot and smart snipers who dont want to get up close. but its nice to see you guys giving to the community!

  24. MasterTankerMasterTanker06-07-2014


    • NevetosNevetos06-07-2014

      Oh, LOL I’m still in it, and theres barely a game going… D= I dont wanna be alone

  25. warlordrushwarlordrush06-07-2014

    I can’t connect but the servers are not down, why?

    • NevetosNevetos06-07-2014

      The LOGON/LOGIN servers are down, not the game servers

      • warlordrushwarlordrush06-07-2014

        I know i cant login, please fix that.

        • NevetosNevetos06-07-2014

          21 Axis people online…

          • NevetosNevetos06-07-2014

            WHY RETO, WHY?! We had the best game going and you had to shut down the servers -_-

  26. warlordrushwarlordrush06-07-2014

    Are you serious? Almost all the community can’t acces to login and play the game greedy boy.

  27. warlordrushwarlordrush06-09-2014

    And the winners are…

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300006-10-2014

      Coming up!

  28. transilvanientransilvanien06-12-2014

    problem in game its how to have a ribon, if not have acces to waepon to uset. i was sneeper, and startet with schanzzeug, , so was wen i startet game to play like evry infantery soldier, but mi weapon was knhif. i see 6 badges position, its very good, but useful only to badges for weapons.
    problem its , evry soldier have granade 2 minimum, and mabe fernglas, carabine, or gevehere, and porheabs pistol, hier its imposibil, american startet als veteran first day, not korekt, not fear. now am feldwelbel sneeper, and i have only sneeper rifle to fight, i buy evrytghing from the store, but its imposisibil to used, because not enough ribon, but how to duet ribbon if its restricted weappon. i need answord. nobody like to be a target in shooting games, this games must to be a largest game wer evrybody must egual chanse in battle havet. so the game remain only veterans party,and puiple go to other games from internet. evrybody look one reality game to play, quickly and this game go to unreal world of games, lost the true for news its russian capture weapons, so much mines(teller minen), no flamertrower, no morser,no nothing praktik, kom and a new map, but not for takns fight,its map for very clos kombat, squad leader must atack orders give for army, but pilot in airplane or in trucks, or in tanks kan not give atack orders, and for squad leader ho help army in battle wen give kapital information about anemie trups in atack orders its nothing to win wen give atack orders, no xp, no level, sigur not inters to give atack orders from your army. the big problem its in this game not how mutch new weapon and high tehnik kom inside, the problem its wat its useful for evry kombat soldier in action, and how kan use the weapons from game. wen recrut not avans in xp and level they left the game, for veterans, nobody play only to be a target, so its infantery, tanks and aviation. i need answord thanks

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