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Patton’s Mountains Update

Mountains! Mountains! Mountains! A train station, an inn, and a whole lot more! A new build is rolling on to the servers right now. The main new feature is a lot of updates to the Mountain Town map, some tweaks to the Airfield map a couple of cool new personalizations for bolt-action rifles and SMGs. So together with the last batch, the should be something for (almost) everybody now :-)

Continue reading for more details on the changes in this build. And!! See you on the battlefield :-)


  • Added more spawnpoints on Skirmish maps
  • Airfield
    • Added more Nissan Huts around B2 area to avoid easy tank shelling
    • Reworked a lot of trees
    • Added bunker, barn and extra cover around the B2 Stone Bridge
    • Changed emergency spawn locations at A1, you now also spawn on the East Side of A1
    • O1 Hangar: Big crate near the wall has been re-positioned (secret passage) so you can now run along the wall.
  • Mountain Town
    • New terrain:
      • New heightmap (No huge mountains everywhere).
      • More channeled erosion effects.
      • Shallowed water.
      • Updated texture masks and vegetation come with the terrain.
    • Changed the composition of spawnpoints at emergency spawns B, C, D, E
    • Added bike spawns along D-line, and one bike spawn close to Emergency spawns
    • Lowered (the new) trainstation area and the area around it. The foundation won’t feel as tall.
    • Changed the Forest. It’s now full at the edges and thinner inside, and overall more dense.
    • Added forest in A1-A2 valley
    • Added forest at the back of O2 emergency when looking at it from C-mountain
    • Added forest around C-emergency
    • Added forest at the base of the old center mountain. The entire center has more forest.
    • Added backdrop terrain: outside the game map borders the game will start blending into a different, more dramatic terrain
    • Map borders are a bit closer to the playing field south and southwest of C and D. More playing field north along E-line. Not so tall as in previous builds, so planes should manage to fly over them.
    • Added crates, fuel drums around fuel depot walls to serve as short cuts in and out of the compound. Added a couple of trees at the bridge head to obscure sight.
    • Added two train wagons at the tracks at X1
    • Added two stone bridges to replace two river crossings – one in the east and one in the west.
    • Rocks and plants are strewn along the lake edges
    • Added dirt masks around important areas
    • Moved E3 house
    • New design on D-line:
      • D1 is moved back to where D-emergency used to be. Has gotten a new emergency spawn area behind the ridge.
      • D2 is moved to the location of the previous D1 and has gotten some new geometry. Also, on the way from D1 to D2, there is a new property.
      • D3 capture area has been moved to the south side of the river bank opposite the trainstation. New houses and geometry in this area. A new double iron bridge stretches from D3 to the trainstation area.
      • A new road goes from D2 to D3, and the roads in that area are re-fitted
    • Added several new buildings at Train Station, including a Train Garage
    • Added ladders at train station wall
    • Added bomb crater in train station wall
    • Added Railway wagon Gondolas to the tracks.
    • Created wooden loading ramp for the railway wagon Gondolas.
    • Added wooden loading platform at the back of the train station.
    • Replaced the ramps at the back of the train station with stairs.
    • Added small fence around the house in the corner of the trainstation.
    • Light source added to Lamp1D Wall. In the trainstaion building. (Not breakable)
    • Created new hanging light in the trainstation building. (Not breakable).
    • Created Benches on the platform area of the trainstation
    • Fixed several floating sandbags and other floating objects

Vehicles & Weapons

M3 Grease Gun personalization examples

  • New Panzer II model shader and textures
  • Fixed shadow under US plane
  • Medium sized AP & HE explosions have been added for the shells fired by – Panzerkampfwagen 38 (t) Ausf. E
  • Medium sized AP & HE explosions have been added for the shells fired by – Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. J
  • Medium sized AP & HE explosions have been added for the shells fired by – M3 Lee (the small cannon)
  • Medium sized AP & HE explosions have been added for the shells fired by – M5A1 Stuart
  • Medium sized AP & HE explosions have been added for the shells fired by – M8 Greyhound
  • Added new weapon personalizations for several weapons
    • Kar98 Skins
    • Rifle M1903
    • Kar98 Scoped Skins
    • M1903 Scoped Skins
    • M3 Greasegun
    • MP34
  • M18 Hellcat now correctly levels up Tank Destroyer Ribbon instead of Medium Armor Ribbon
  • Updated skin for the Kar 98
  • Updated skin for the MP34
  • Weapon slots set to 3 for normal members and 4 for veterans
  • Binoculars now equippable item, unlocked with Tactical Ribbon – rank 3

MP34 personalization examples

Campaign & Browser

  • Added Russian Shop image
  • Fixed image size problem with the GreaseGun
  • Russian weapons images in the shop
  • Anti-Personnel Mines can now only be obtained by Recons having Recon Ribbon level 5
  • Binoculars now have to be equipped as item
  • Fixed an issue where missions would show as 0vs0 even though there are players in it
  • Removed the restriction for Tankers and Pilots to have a weapon equipped before entering battle
  • Fixed inconsistent placement of Purchase buttons for Vehicle Repair / Ammo


  • DirectX is now always installed during game install
  • Back end changes to improve server stability and improve performance
  • Fixed an issue where players in some cases could be spotted through walls
  1. TheNewLagConspiracyTheNewLagConspiracy06-03-2014

    Finally! No more hill-humpers!


      Your welcome ladies and gentlemen
      signed, Patton

  2. KazemekaKazemeka06-03-2014

    So you still havent fixed the Stuart issue and didn’t add new planes? WOW! Well at least some issues were fixed. I am not angry about the planes, but the Stuart starts to annoy me. And the others that play with me.

    • TheNewLagConspiracyTheNewLagConspiracy06-03-2014

      What Stuart issue? Also, if you read their roadmap, the main focus is to fix bugs, not add new content.

  3. SemperFiSemperFi06-03-2014

    OHHHH who cool cant wait to play the maps :D

    how all time good job

  4. BlaineUKBlaineUK06-03-2014

    I really like the beech style K98, good job there. I’m a big fan of the more “realistic” looking wood types that have a bit of dirt and ruggedness on them. I hope you continue in this style rather than going towards unrealistic looking camos.

    • BlaineUKBlaineUK06-03-2014

      And my favourite skin is 4x cheaper than the others, so that’s nice :D

      • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300006-04-2014

        Mental note: Increase price of ‘beech’ in the future :-D


          now now, lets not jump to any rash ideas here Reto ;P

  5. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers06-03-2014

    My booster has gone to waste just because of this update, thanks Reto…

  6. SleepyTigerSleepyTiger06-03-2014

    Please change the sights for the Browning! I feel as if the MaschinenGewehr 42 is more powerful only because the sights on it don’t take up more then half your screen. The sights for the Browning can actually be lowered I.E.

    • MizutokiMizutoki06-03-2014

      I second this. It’s just silly that the sights have to be flipped up. Please look into this. :)

  7. MasterTankerMasterTanker06-03-2014


  8. DerTiejaDerTieja06-03-2014

    Why did i have to BUY a binoculars now? and further have to waste one of my NOW restricted equipment slot’s???
    And now i have to reach Tactic rank3 Three with every char, to use the binoculars -.-

    • ResharperResharper06-04-2014

      – it takes 1 slot of weapon/equip and for non-veteran users there is a limitation of 3 slots
      – it takes 1 point of “weight”

      so practical use of binoculars is very limited now

  9. T4lisT4lis06-03-2014

    The sights for k98 are bad too, you cant see shit if aiming at darker surface! Whats the point of using different sight-upgrades if the sights stay the same. It a good weapon but the potential is halfed because of sights!
    plz do something about this

    • DerTiejaDerTieja06-03-2014


      Only a quick help
      Turn the sight of the k98 up to 600m that was the perfect setting to hit the enemy in the head if you aim at his chest…I earn with this setting realy fast much experience for this weapon ;))

  10. SQPDSQPD06-04-2014

    Army Green Grease Gun should be called “Puke Green”

  11. sniper23sniper2306-04-2014

    I still wonder why they deleted paratrooper . Will paratrooper added again ?

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300006-04-2014

      Yes! We are working on an upgraded version of the paratrooper. No ETA yet though.

  12. dra6o0ndra6o0n06-05-2014

    If Binoculars can be equipped as a item, maybe consumable items should also be implemented alongside this.

    Rations for instance can boost maximum stamina and stamina regeneration by 50% for 60 seconds once used, and can cost a small amount of credits, but can also be bought in bulk (60 for 2500 credits for instance), and you can have 1-3 on one soldier.

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