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Beta Videolog 12: “Patton” is now online.

The new build ‘Patton’ is online with a lot of exciting new stuff! This new update includes Russian weapons, weapon personalization, captured weapons, spotting 2.0, and more. We’re currently releasing new updates for the game more frequently than previously, so we’ve made a new videolog that summarizes some of the features introduced in the latest two updates :-)

Take a look here:


Here is a quick rundown of the video’s content:

New Features

Captured Russian Weapons

With the map of Europe being constantly redrawn by shifting frontlines and alliances, Russian weapons have begun making their appearance in the West. Whether captured from weapons depots or traded by the Soviets in exchange for foreign aid, they are now available for the troops in both factions.

The Russian weapons now available are:

  • Degtyarev DP 28 – Light Machine Gun
  • PPSh-41 – Submachine Gun
  • RGD-33 – Handgrenade
  • PMK-40 – Anti-personnel Mine
  • TM-35 – Anti-tank Mine

Opposing Faction Weapons

But that is not all – both the US and the German faction now have access to a few captured weapons from the opposing faction. This means that the German players can buy some of the US weapons and vice versa.
These weapon categories are:

  • Anti-personnel and Anti-tank mines
  • Handgrenades
  • Close Combat weapons
  • Anti-Tank weapons

Spotting 2.0

The spotting system has gone through a couple of changes in the last couple of updates, with the help and feedback from the community.

The new spotting system includes limited view distance for spot notifications, different icons for spotted infantry and vehicles and when you’re inside a tank or a plane you can only see other spotted vehicles – not spotted infantry.

Weapon Personalization

We have also introduced Weapon Personalization, where you can have different variations of wood, camouflage-patterns and coloring for your weapons.

Right now you can buy variations for the M1 Garand and the Gewehr 43, and in coming updates we’ll support personalization for the rest of the weapons, as well as add more variation options for each weapon.

We hope you will all help us welcome new players and community members to the game.

  1. RichFriendRichFriend05-27-2014

    Good stuff Reto.

    • aboodyaboody06-04-2014

      how can i play

  2. VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev05-27-2014

    I want the Soviet PPS-43 (Pistolet Pulemyot Sudayev 1943) Sub-Machine Gun. When it released?

    • warlordrushwarlordrush05-27-2014

      I want the Paratroopers back

      • KazemekaKazemeka05-31-2014

        Emm I just played the game and there were paratroopers

  3. CurstCurst05-27-2014

    Why does PPSh have rate of fire of only 600 rounds per minute instead of 900? For the sake of balance? There has to be other ways to make this gun balanced.

    I’m fine with developers tweaking recoil, reload speed, encumbrance or even damage and accuracy (to some extent) to achieve balance. But rate of fire should always be left as is, because it perfectly tranlates into any game and as a result makes the weapon feel very “wrong” if altered.

  4. SemperFiSemperFi05-27-2014

    YEAAAA RETO Gargamel :D

    oh i was miss him so much at the last Video
    <3 how he say the names from the germans sounds so cool
    and LOL OMG the Russian names sound cooler than coool :D

    Reto.Gargamel = voice from Reto :D

    yea Video is nice show exact that wat is new

    • CurstCurst05-27-2014

      His Russian isn’t too good actually. ;P :) It’s very thickly accented and he apparently got problems with correct pronunciation of “ya”, “yo” and “ye” letters. I applaud the effort though. It’s refreshing to see developers who care enough to do something like that.

    • SemperFiSemperFi05-27-2014

      but hey gargamel you do a mistake ore a ester egg at 3:15 its the Maschienenpistole 34 not Maschienenpistole 43 XD hihihihihihi

      • PodovskyPodovsky05-28-2014

        I noticed the same, 43 instead of 34 :P But I do love the german names.

    • Reto.GargamelReto.Gargamel05-28-2014

      Thanks guys :) I only know tiny bits of Russian (mostly Red Army songs).

      German, I studied for real, and some of my favorite music is in German, such as this:

      • Reto.jose_lReto.jose_l05-30-2014

        Laibach!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Shaking my fist in the air) :D

  5. yinmastahyinmastah05-28-2014

    “with the help and feedback from the community”

    Erm, which community… the old one or the yogs?

    Old one wanted spotting for recon only since they rely on communication through TeamSpeak.
    Yog kids lonewolfs might like this yes.

    • Reto.GargamelReto.Gargamel05-28-2014

      You have been warned several times before about flame-baiting, yinmastah. This comment is clearly an attempt to divide players and make people angry at each other. You are therefore banned for a week.

  6. zazo2002zazo200205-29-2014

    Can you please make the customization for the weapons able to be bought by credits instead of gold?

    • SemperFiSemperFi05-29-2014

      maybe some of tham would be nice so when other fronts come would be nice winter ore the normal area changes to get fore K or WF

  7. KazemekaKazemeka05-31-2014

    Would like some planes in the next update.

  8. SkyDaggersSkyDaggers06-01-2014

    Came back after a long long brake to check this game out

    3.Buildings and various areas doesn’t feel as empty as it did before
    4.Meaningful grinding(something to reach for, i had everything i wanted before and got bored of the game eventually)
    5.Kind of nerfed running and gunning mechanics
    6.Rocket launcher actually works!
    7.Tanks are actually viable

    1.Physics are still wanky and it’s a pain in the ass to get over a little rock with a jeep, because you might start flying
    2.You have little to no chance to win if enemy team has tanks and your team doesn’t
    3.Low characters storage, before i had a character with Thompson+rifle, both contained 2 clips or so. Now my character kind of got wiped and at best i can get Thompson + rifle with 5 bullets… Which is useless
    4.Spotting system, it makes game completely easy for campers and luckers such as me

    Well game got lots of improvements but spotting system is just awful, why couldn’t you keep it for recon only? Or for squad leaders only?
    Aswel why PPSH has lower rate of fire? It kinda denies the purpose of that weapon, it has to be fast yet inaccurate as f**k at medium range

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