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Weapon Personalization Update

After getting the new stocks for the semi-auto rifles out to the waiting troops, now it’s time for more weapon personalizations! This time the bolt-action rifles and 2 of the submachine guns are getting ready for fun and adventure.

Here is the full list and remember that you can also personalize weapons you already own.
The weapons getting personal this time around are the following:

  • German Bolt-Action Rifle: Kar98
  • German Bolt-Action Rifle: Kar98 Scoped
  • American Bolt-Action Rifle: M1903
  • American Bolt-Action Rifle: M1903 Scoped
  • American Submachine gun: M3 Grease Gun
  • German Submachine gun: MP34

Here are a couple of examples of the US M3 Grease Gun and the German MP34 options.

Continue reading for some bolt action [HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE pun, Ed.]

Bolt-Action Rifles

Scoped German Kar98

Some variations are identical between the two sides, and a few are specific. With time we will add more options for personalizations for the various weapons.

Scoped US M1903

A few examples of the Scoped US M9103.

So if you want to have something special, jump into the game and grab your personalized weapons today! And if you have great ideas for future options, let us know and we’ll see what we can do :-)

  1. VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev06-04-2014

    Can you released the Soviet Union Sudayev PPS-43 Sub-Machine Gun for me? I want it!

  2. BrunoskiBrunoski06-04-2014

    Of course Vasily they are working hard on that just for you !!!!!!! Selfishness on the side there is 10 reto devs making the PPS-43 but just for you mate…..just wait and you will have it, but wait sit down (is better).

  3. BlaineUKBlaineUK06-04-2014

    I look forward to future weapons, I’m keeping an eye out of for a painted camo Panzerschreck ;)

  4. GriffersonGrifferson06-04-2014

    Ha ha what if we could customize our own characters too(skin and clothes). That would be cool.


      New uniforms should be unlocked at high levels (soldier lvl 10 would be ideal for a first unlock) so we don’t have a million different soldiers all wearing a thousand different uniforms.

      A bonus for unlocking the uniforms later is you are able to distinguish a dedicated soldier (somebody who spent a lot of time with the particular soldier) from an ordinary trooper.
      Basically the uniform should be a REWARD for sticking with the soldier.

      • joker16joker1606-05-2014

        I agree with you Patton. if we start giving FNG’s all these cloths we can’t tell the difference between Pro’s and the new guys. lets say that i just started playing and i saw Patton on the field in a personalized uniform. i would automatically watch what he does and stay near him to be a better soldier.

        Feldwebel Infantry Soldier

  5. Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry06-05-2014

    Oakleaf and frogskin are absolutely horrible, so glad I’ve never seen anyone actually use these.

  6. sniper23sniper2306-05-2014

    This skins only unlocked with gold ?

    • NexleNexle06-06-2014


  7. Tadamichi_KuribayashiTadamichi_Kuribayashi06-13-2014

    I would like to see some historical methods of camouflage. As far as I know they didnt have Carbon Fiber in world war 2. Paying gold to remove things like the sight hood and other aspects would be of more interest to me. Adding foliage camo options to the gun would also be something that would be more historical.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300006-16-2014

      No they did not have carbon fiber and neither do we. But darkening wood or other items by rubbing it with charcoal was not unheard of.

      Adding foliage is something we are investigating, but we need to make sure it does not kill the framerate having half a tree on the screen all the time :-)

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