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Map update: Mountain Village

Map update: Mountain Village

The level design team has been hard at work revamping the Mountain Village map and the time has come to share with you the fruits of our toil. This time around, the landscape and train station area has gotten the biggest (polygon) face lifts. Read on for the juicy specifics!


A good map comes from lots of testing and iteration. We have listened to your feedback, and we have also tweaked the map to be a step closer to our original vision. The entire train station area has gotten an overhaul, including new buildings, props and interiors. The railway has been rebuilt, and the very landscape it sits on top of is more lush and welcoming – or should we say – less intimidating. Such a transformation affects the nearby settlements, as can be seen for instance along the connecting attack lines E and D.

Drop those gondola train cars and flee!

You won’t recognize the new train station area. Just as the new gondola trains had chugged into the offloading area, an enemy bomber plane cracked through the sky and blew a hole in the station foundation. The local workers quickly understood the attackers meant business. They fled in a hurry, leaving everything as it was, while the attackers took over the station to use as their base of operations.

The train station is strategically important as a check point for anything being transported in the Mountain Village. Through a previously secured access route, the new occupants of the land started collecting and loading fuel at an overturned farm estate. With the train station secured, they can secretly move the fuel without any interruptions.

Attack lines

Big, flashy new bridge. Luxurious houses. Longer distances. Ah, to bask in the sun or stroll along the lake side road, leisurely dodging tank shells. As requested, D-line now uses more of the map, and offers more flanking routes. E-line also has more flanking options and terrain to utilize for its poor foot soldiers.


But it is not all fun and trains…. In the opposite end of the map the “improvement brush” has also been painting new terrain and better cover on the approach to the Fuel Depot.



Also as requested, the first stretch of A-line and the area surrounding X1 is also more un-forested. Less forested. More forest! Anyways, stay safe. Bring your helmet. And we shall meet on the battlefield.

  1. complejocomplejo05-26-2014

    good job with the map, but now the M2A3 & S-MINE mine, have to be indestructible for members of the same team!

  2. SemperFiSemperFi05-26-2014

    PORN pic like that are not allowed at this time LOL

    DAMN that looks realy nice – can t wait to play it :D

  3. SupersieniSupersieni05-26-2014

    How about stop making new maps for a second and take a look at spawn protect. Me and few thousand other players have surely got enough of enemies sitting outside of spawns.

  4. ghosteughosteu05-26-2014

    Hell yeah you’re right, more maps more ACTION!

  5. RemiDu59RemiDu5905-26-2014

    Pourquoi pas faire des 1 systeme qui permet dans le jeu de detruire des mur,des maison,et tout ça

  6. MasterTankerMasterTanker05-26-2014

    Very promising! Please fix the bug what kills you when you get off of your vehicle launching you up and let you die against the floor.

  7. BabylonjokeBabylonjoke05-26-2014

    oooo finally! that looks better!!! thanks for have removed these horrible looking mountains :D

  8. AculeusAculeus05-27-2014

    Crumbling walls?! At last! :D

  9. warlordrushwarlordrush05-27-2014

    That is why i love this game, updates everywhere!

  10. shakenbakeshakenbake05-27-2014

    Looks fantastic can’t wait to get the Righteous Rambos in there for a couple of rounds…cheers!

  11. crixocrixo05-27-2014

    nice work i must say it looks neat! Cant wait to fight in that map.

  12. MrCatMrCat05-28-2014

    What are you guys talking about, ‘new maps’ , it’s always the same maps they change a bit.

  13. yinmastahyinmastah05-28-2014

    We did not ask for a revamp of this map.

    We just want the old Mountain Map back…

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300005-28-2014

      YOU might not ask for it, but more than 9000 others did, the current Mountain Map needed improvements and the old-old one killed performance on more than 25% of the players’ PCs…

      • LaudanLaudan05-29-2014

        Before “Video advertisement” we were 370 vs 320 mostly….so those 9000 are the new accounters ?


        I allways wonder how “priorities asked by community” are ranked……

  14. AnyelolzAnyelolz05-30-2014

    Please new maps please new maps more maps more

  15. deathmachineptdeathmachinept05-30-2014

    Any chance for releasing a SDK or a competition for community game development, there are very few maps we need way more and the improvement of these and the creation has been too slow.

  16. xjuliussxxjuliussx06-02-2014

    Nice Job with new Mountain this map. WE want old mountain map back, many do, like 50% from old core want it back. Yet this was ignored. Also it didnt killed perfomance, I play with a lot of players and no one did complain about that so much. The small french village is killing perfomance – but you cannot retire your main map from the game – its a wrong policy.
    What we would like is a build with new maps – like you did with the new tanks -but this tanks a build dedicated for new maps.

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