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Patton Weapon Update online

After rolling out new tanks, now it is time for a few weapon updates, and a lot of tweaks behind the scenes. Fresh from the front line you are now able to buy and equip captured enemy weapons! Including weapons from none other than the Soviets.

The Germans has managed to capture a few weapons from the East and after giving them their new (long) German names they are making their way to the front. After getting wind of this, the Americans immediately pursued their Soviet allies to provide them with weapons as well for field-testing. The German engineers have also begun supplying M24 Frag Sleeve grenades to the front. So these are now available as well. On the same note all grenades have been tweaked and differentiated a bit more, so they now have different strengths and weaknesses.

The weapons rotating below are the following:

  • PPSh-41 aka ‘Maschinenpistole 717(r)’
  • M24 Frag Sleeve (Germans only) – Slightly shorter throw range, but does more damage as the M24 Handgrenades
  • Degtyarev DP-28 aka ‘Maschinengewehr 120(r)’
  • RGD-33 aka ‘Handgranate 337(r)’
  • TM-35 mines
  • PMK-40 mines

Weapon Personalization

This update also introduces the first step in ‘Weapon Personalization’ where you can buy personalized weapons or personalize the weapons you already own. This first iteration introduces the G43 and the Garand semi-auto rifles, with more to follow in the coming weeks.

For more details on what’s new continue reading below.

General Gameplay

  • Tweaked Spotting System
    • Different icons for Infantry and Vehicles
    • Infantry can see both spotted Infantry and Vehicles
    • Tanks and planes can only see spotted Vehicles
    • Spot notifications can only be seen if you are within a 300m radius of the spotted entity
  • If a player leaves the match before the match has ended, it now counts as a death
  • Removed “All” Chat from the Action Game
  • Buffed SMG’s a bit
  • Buffed LMG’s a bit

Campaign / Browser

  • 230 New Towns / Airfields added (Primarily airfields) on the Campaign Map
  • You can now see the available resources in Training missions
  • Weapons now show which faction they belong to (Images for Soviet, German and United States faction)
  • Re-named Social to Friends
  • Friends is now always visible, even when chat is not opened
  • Fixed queue on missions
  • Ranking re-enabled
  • You can now purchase a new specialized rank 0 character (tanker, pilot, recon).
  • Ribbon Changes and updates:
    • Moved Hetzer unlock from Tank Destruction Ribbon level 4 to Armor Damage Level 9
    • Moved Hellcat unlock from Tank Destruction Ribbon level 4 to Armor Damage Level 9
    • Moved MP40 unlock from tactical ribbon to SMG ribbon level 5
    • Removed MP40 unlock from tanker rank level 4
    • Moved Thompson unlock from tactical ribbon to SMG ribbon level 5
    • Removed Thompson unlock from tanker rank level 4
    • Moved SMG-sight mods unlocks from SMG ribbon level 9 to level 11
    • Moved SMG-barrel mods unlocks from SMG ribbon level 7 to level 9
    • Moved SMG-internal mods unlocks from SMG ribbon level 5 to level 7
  • Adjusted fatigue bar in browser to make it more clear
  • Added modify-icon to weapons that have been modified on the weapons window
  • Weapon attribute bars now correctly update when trying modifications
  1. BabylonjokeBabylonjoke05-20-2014

    LOL rusians weapon… quite unexpected

    • Comical_DeerComical_Deer05-20-2014

      HAHA tell me about it.

  2. SQPDSQPD05-20-2014

    thank me for the impatient russian weapons idea

  3. SinioSinio05-21-2014

    Love that they integrated Rus… Captured Russian weapons. Though still disappointed that the MP-44/StG 44 (Sturmgewehr 44), for Axis only, & the STEN MK II, for Allies only; is not in yet.

    • BlaineUKBlaineUK05-21-2014

      I’d imagine British Weapons aren’t too far off.

      • -Fox--Fox-05-22-2014

        If I can get my hands on a Lee Enfield No.1 MK.III, I will crap my pants with excitement

  4. Panzerd1erPanzerd1er05-21-2014

    I don’t think the Americans should be able to purchase Russian weapons (I assume they can) and if they can’t, give them captured French weapons or British weapons.
    I also personally dislike weapon modification in terms of cosmetics, maybe darker or lighter stocks, possibly camo for scouts, but nothing for regular infantry.

    • George_Smith_PattonGeorge_Smith_Patton05-21-2014

      France did not do much after the loss of the Maginot Line in WWII, wouldn’t make sense to include them (WWII is the entire reason for the French=surrender jokes, Patton even said “I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me”) simultaneously the US and Britain shared most weapons, a very large portion coming from Colt, there wouldn’t be much added on. I do kind of want them to add in a few pistols, I just really love the M1911, such a great handgun.

  5. SemperFiSemperFi05-21-2014

    hell yea awesome
    thats realy nice love that

  6. aufar100aufar10005-21-2014

    PPSH41 for the goal :D

  7. George_Smith_PattonGeorge_Smith_Patton05-21-2014

    What’s funny is Patton disliked the Russians, the title doesn’t exactly fit. Patton felt Russia was not to be trusted and was to become an enemy of the US, he even wanted to start a war after finishing WWII and make it look like it was Russia who caused it. Which is actually very understandable because he was at least 75% accurate and until after WWII the US had always de-militarized the second after the end of a war, he wanted to attack while the blade was still sharp.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300005-21-2014

      Yeah.. We know.. The
      “Patton does not like Russians, so see for yourself if you agree with not trusting them or their weapons update”
      was too long a title :-)

      • camacho12camacho1205-21-2014

        will get a new faction to play as russia?

      • George_Smith_PattonGeorge_Smith_Patton05-21-2014

        My one question is will we be able to get handguns such as the M1911 & Colt Single Army Action revolver on US and Mauser on German, and if so will we be able to dual wield them at some point? I completely understand if not but I do really want to see the M1911 and .45 revolver in use.

        • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300005-22-2014

          I haven’t seen any real plans for dual wield. But I have heard rumours of more handguns :-)

      • George_Smith_PattonGeorge_Smith_Patton05-22-2014

        Sorry, just found out they are in the fighter pilot class.

  8. OuchOuch05-21-2014

    “Spot notifications can only be seen if you are within a 300m radius of the spotted entity”

    This is leading to a LOT of friendly fire deaths via the plane.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300005-21-2014

      Which is why pilots should take a lot of care about what they bomb and communicate with the ppl on the ground :-)

      • joker16joker1605-22-2014

        Speaking of air units. will there be a chance of paratroopers coming back because i would really like to jump out of a plane

  9. RemiDu59RemiDu5905-21-2014

    The French are one of the best army in the second world war not y’avais that their British allies face firing for me the French army was one of the best army after russia and america

  10. ralpgallandralpgalland05-21-2014

    George, the brits and US shared the same weapons?
    Uhm lets see:

    The officers issue sidearm was a Enfield No 2, Mk I. Or Webley IV or VI, sixshooters.
    The soldiers standard issue rifle was the Lee-Enfield rifles, Numbers 3 to 5
    The SMG’s was for a short time the 1928 Thompson indeed, but the mainstay of the war was the Sten Gun, with honorable mention to the Lanchester and the Sterling.
    Their LMG was the Bren Gun, wich served faithfully in their army till the 1990’s.
    Their HMG was the Vickers Machine Gun, tho the Lewis Gun could get a honorable mention for being used due to lack of Bren Guns for a bit.
    Their Anti Tank weapon was the PIAT, wich if you ask me was a dog, but wasnt replaced by the bazooka until the 50’s!
    The grenades they tossed was the No.36M, also known as the Mills bomb, wich do share some similarities with the US Mk.2.. mostly the “pineapple grooves”…
    Their snipers mounted scopes on the Lee Enfield MK 3 or the Pattern 1914, tho some scoped Garands did show up at some time.
    Their mortars were the 2 and 3 inch mortars.
    And those few that was called Commandos or Ghurkas that was issued knives other than a bayonet, carried Fairbank Sykes knives or Kukris.

    Altho they drove the Jeep alot, they had their own trucks like the Morris, Bedford and Austins, motorcycles like the Norton and the BSA,and a whole bunch of other cars and trucks.
    They also had the very well liked Universal Carrier (some called it Bren Carrier) for armored transport and the Loyd Carrier, tho it wasnt as popular.
    They reconned with the AEC, Daimler, Dingo, Humber and Morris Armored Cars, tho the US built Staghound wich the US themselves didnt want to use, was also driven by the devils of the Recon units.

    And yes their tankers may have been taught how to drive Shermans, but not only did they modify them to be better, but they drove a massive bunch of own tanks, like the Crusaders, Churchils, Cromwells, Cromwells, Mathildas, Valentines, Challengers, Comets and Vickers.

    Their pilots didn’t fly B-29’s, but Spitfires, Hurricanes, Lancasters, Wellingtons, Gloster Gladiators, Typhoons, Beauforths, Beaufighters, Blenheims, Mosquitos, Whirlwinds, Fireflies, Meteors, Stirlings, Skuas, Sworfishes, Sunderlands(Wich are friggin awesome!) and Barracudas and probably a whole page more of cool and sometimes nightmares of planes…

    So tell me again, how the US and British shared their weapons, mostly from Colt.


    • George_Smith_PattonGeorge_Smith_Patton05-22-2014

      I never said anything about vehicles. The MGs I would have to agree. The US had its own Enfield as well and had used the Sten gun. If you want to throw in hand guns in there the M1911 and Smith & Wesson Model 10 where often used by the British. I was not counting the mortars either because they are not part of the game. My point was both used each other’s weapons often and the list is not nearly as varied as a paring with the WWII Soviet weapons. Yes each the two varied in their weapons but overall they shared them as well as similar design and it would be a lot more limiting than Soviet gear, also the most iconic weapons in WWII include a few Russian weapons, US weapons, and German weapons, British weapons were much less iconic compared to the Browning, the Mk 2 hand grenade, the M1 Grand, the Bazooka, the M1911, the PPSh-41, the DP28, the RPG-40, the Stielhandgrenate, the MP40, the Panzerfaust, etc. Lastly Germany had used Russian weapons from time to time in the war but had not used many British weapons, the two British weapons they used was the Anti-tank rifle and the Sten gun, of course either side using the other’s in general was rare.

  11. kira1280kira128005-21-2014

    already correct repair errors with vanishing riflescope !!!

  12. complejocomplejo05-21-2014

    this it is good to change the camouflage of weapons,I hope THAT MAY BE MODIFIED UNIFORMS SOLDIERS IN THE FUTURE , I also like the new sound of tanks sound more realistic remind me of the artillery , and other vehicles, tanks etc, sure you can change the skin in the future, only missing one thing, MORE MORE MORE MANY DIFFERENT MAPS

  13. CurstCurst05-21-2014

    Russian weapons? O_O
    Should I take it as a hint that USSR is going to be implemented as one of the playable factions in the foreseeable future? ;P

  14. VasilyGrigoryevichZaytsevVasilyGrigoryevichZaytsev05-21-2014

    Where is the TT-33, PPS-43, Mosin-Nagant M91/30 & SVT-40?

  15. DerTiejaDerTieja05-21-2014

    can you add the new Weapons to the first blood tutorial? So we can test them before buying! :)

  16. MasterTankerMasterTanker05-21-2014

    Give me a decent and solid framerate first, then give me more maps, then give me a real London City battle, then give me more vehicles and weapons.

    Keep Pushing Reto!!!

  17. xjuliussxxjuliussx05-21-2014

    what this mean ? –> “Adjusted fatigue bar in browser to make it more clear ”

    Very good improvement: ” Removed “All” Chat from the Action Game ” no trolls in battles, we can focus again.

    Russians here they come ! Excelent job at start of this year Reto guys. Keep the good work, with love, from 5th Panzer “Wiking” Division Community.

  18. dcisardcisar05-21-2014

    On that picture is PTRD, will be available?

  19. deathmachineptdeathmachinept05-21-2014

    I just want my smg to kill in 3 shots up to 80m and new maps.

    Although I welcome new weapons I do not see this with good eyes especially US carrying USSR weapons.

    I have never seen any US soldier using any Soviet infantry weapons in World Ward 2 and the other way around.

    Think US should have access to UK weapons and Ger to USSR and Italy weapons.

    • DerTiejaDerTieja05-21-2014

      i think the same

      • Panzerd1erPanzerd1er05-23-2014

        I agree

  20. shufflexshufflex05-21-2014

    I don’t know why it needs to count as a death if you leave before it’s ended, there’s no way to switch weapons in game. Or is this only if you’re still alive when you leave?

  21. DanielKenwayDanielKenway05-23-2014

    This means that with Russian weapons Russians will come with them finally maybe a bit of a tease to when we can use the Russians!

  22. FOX_11_GUYFOX_11_GUY05-23-2014

    Russian weapons, why? You guys added odd and rare tanks. Why not cool German and American weapons as well?

    The weapon customization is off but as long as it stays sensible. No alligator skin or polka dots.
    Vehicles and uniforms are next arent they?

    The game is losing it’s marbles!

  23. Panzerd1erPanzerd1er05-23-2014

    I’m just really not a fan of the Russian guns in American hands. It’s really inaccurate and kind of ruins the realism aspect when I see a US soldier sprinting across a bridge with a DP-28.

  24. Johann_MirraJohann_Mirra05-27-2014

    You add russian weapon and forget about Mosin? You can’t be serious.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300005-27-2014

      Forgot? Who says anything about forgetting?
      We added the two most different weapons first. More will follow – just take it easy :-)

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