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Spotting system update

The recent Patton build saw the reintroduction of the “Spotting Feature” where you can spot enemies and tell your teammates, and you get an indication of who and what they spot. We saw a LOT of feedback on this, from well thought-out ideas for improvements and suggestions for polish over players being very happy with how much easier it became to deal with spawn campers to other players who, in polite terms, did not agree with the spotting feature coming back.

For those of you who remember this back from alpha, we had a spotting system which we now have decided to get back in and iterate on – the old version worked much like this one, with round blobs above soldiers’ heads, this was turned off when the GUI/HUD was updated.

Over the last couple of weeks the spotting system has gone through a number of iterations, with the help and feedback from the community, and we are now getting ready to roll out the next improved iteration.

So here is a quick breakdown of how the next iteration works:

  • Looking directly at an enemy soldier or vehicle on the battlefield for more than 3 seconds will spot him and fellow soldiers within 300 meters of the spotted enemy, will get a notification of his location.
  • The notification will not follow the spotted enemy, but will remain at the original location and it will fade out over 10 seconds.
  • Soldiers on foot can see all spot notifications, but if you are inside a plane or a tank, you can only see vehicle spots.

And as a tip to all who wish to avoid being spotted – unlocking and equipping the Ghillie Combat Badge will counter spotting, as it reduces the fadeout time for the spot notifications substantially. With the Gold Ghillie badge the spot notifications will only be visible for 1 second.

  1. SemperFiSemperFi05-15-2014

    OH yea men you do it right way realy nice
    fore me it sounds TOP (but ok we must look ingame how it works )
    and thats realy what some say so agan no can say reto dont listen when thay get good ideas ore player have same ideas and how thay say – with the help and feedback from the community –
    step by step it get better and better the las 3 OSTER PATTON and that was realy nice big jumps ahead

    GJ RETO you make my day to day
    keep up the awesome worke :D

  2. GregzGregz05-15-2014

    Time goes by, the game is growing. Each time fun to play.
    Wanted to offer to think about the improvement of the physical model, that what is important.
    I think in a couple of years the game is super bomb!
    Good luck.

  3. BarveBarve05-15-2014

    Im happy to hear you process the feedback you get! big thumbs up! i remeber the older spotting system in alpha and what you’ve come to an end with this time, seems to be a good compromisation! I will eagerly wait to see it in-game

  4. camacho12camacho1205-15-2014

    It took five days without access to the game please quickly solve the problem, thanks.

  5. BlaineUKBlaineUK05-15-2014

    I still feel spotting should be a binoculars-only thing. Keep it automatic, but you need to look at enemies with binocs for 3 seconds to spot. The problem with the current system is that A) I’m spotting people I haven’t even seen with my own eyes just by randomly walking (I’m not even looking down sights) B) Just because I’ve fought a 1 on 1 and someone looked at me for 3 seconds doesn’t mean I should be revealed to every other Infantryman near him; if they didn’t hear or see me, they shouldn’t be able to get a free “legal wallhack”. Binocs + Add to tutorial is a better system I think.

    • BlaineUKBlaineUK05-15-2014

      I should also add Binoc spotting should show for both Tanks + Planes too, considering you now have to actually switch from a weapon and take up a spotting role. This will allow players to take on a much more team-support oriented role.

      • BlaineUKBlaineUK05-15-2014

        And another point – let Tank Commanders have binocs too for spotting :)

        • warlordrushwarlordrush05-15-2014

          Agree. In all great games like red orchestra 2 the Tank Commander always have binocs, one simple thing that will make better this AWESOME game.

    • DondergodDondergod05-16-2014

      I agreed Blaine, it’s still to easy to spot things.

  6. AlcoholicAlcoholic05-15-2014

    I’m not camping type of player but still love the old fashion way more, without spotting function…. More realistic and greater teamwork than now… Camouflaged badge is almost useless with spotting function… But i guess that’s just me…..

    • yinmastahyinmastah05-28-2014

      Its not just you.

      they simply remove posts of people that disagree with the changes made to this game recently.

      Spotting is just yet another fail feature which brakes and slows down the gameplay. But teamplay is no key element in this game anyways ;)

      • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300005-28-2014

        No, we remove flamebaits and trolling posts that does not contribute to the discussion. We DO welcome constructive criticism and we are aware that a number of players have a different view of the spotting system, which is one of the reasons we are working on improving the spotting system.

  7. larzframarzlarzframarz05-15-2014

    I’m 5825 in server queue, so no hope to play before bedtime – AGAIN

    Make veteran membership actually game time in FPS or I will not use that feature anymore

  8. Comical_DeerComical_Deer05-15-2014

    For the first update put a period after “will spot him. Fellow soldiers” The way you worded it sounds like people within the 300 meter radius will also get spotted as well as the soldier gett looked at. Just saying took me awhile to figure your wording out!!

    • Comical_DeerComical_Deer05-15-2014


    • Comical_DeerComical_Deer05-15-2014

      But yes, I’m glad you guys are working on the spotting system!!

  9. MasterTankerMasterTanker05-15-2014

    Last night i killed 11 before the curse of the 3 frames per second killed me….11 – 1

    • IkariiamgodIkariiamgod05-16-2014

      you want a medal? ……

    • Cpt.LlamaCpt.Llama05-16-2014

      Once i held off a bunch of Germans attacking a point by myself 31-1… Beat that :)

      • Cpt.LlamaCpt.Llama05-16-2014

        And because of that we won… YEA AMERICA! (im english)

  10. TuupertunutTuupertunut05-15-2014

    So you are tweaking the feature, good, but WHY 300M??? That is nowhere near hearing distance. People should be able to “hear” each others “enemy spotted shouts” from about 20m, that’s just logical, like warning other team members of the enemy by shouting. But 300m, that still has the same old problem – hiding is impossible because once seen by one enemy everyone see you through everything.

    Think about this scenario: You are with your light tank in a battle with multiple enemy heavy tanks. How can you survive? Previously the answer was: go hiding to some extraordinary place and stealth shoot everyone you see while avoiding enemy heavies’ line of sight. Now that you are spotted to every heavy tank nearby by just one infantry unit who decided to flank through your position, you are dead. Impossible to be of use in such a battle.

  11. shakenbakeshakenbake05-15-2014

    The game has gone “full arcade”….just accept it and decide if that kind of game appeals to you. It’s that simple. Cheers!

    • aufar100aufar10005-16-2014

      Not arcade but to casual.

      I feel nothing change on the spotting system except longer looking at the enemy to spot him.

      Why you guys not making the binocular and only recon can spot the enemy, the enemy will be spotted through map only and not some random 3D.

    • everest108everest10805-16-2014


  12. FOX_11_GUYFOX_11_GUY05-16-2014

    Or, or, keep the spotting icons in the map. So it’s extra effort to know what’s happening in the battlefield.

  13. Viper9Viper905-16-2014

    Well done reto :) It`s great you listen to the community. It was strange that I had marked spotted enemies which were actually at the other side of the mountain

    • yinmastahyinmastah05-28-2014

      They did not listen since if they did they would restrict spotting to Recon only.

      You must be a yog.

  14. complejocomplejo05-16-2014

    many badges and you can only equip 2, ( Ghillie Combat Badge , car thief badge to capture tanks and cars, etc etc ) why not do that can carry 3 badges?,
    would be nice if you could carry 3 badges

  15. BrunoskiBrunoski05-16-2014

    Spotting systeam is horrible, simples as that ….. H&G became just another online game for me. You guys know want im talking about, you had a great picture but you try to improve and impress the low random players that walk among us and became more and more comercial. Is like a lot of movies that you see and millions of people also….they are fun, you like it but you saw them only once.

  16. everest108everest10805-16-2014

    Turn it off altogether. H&G was fine without it, I don’t know where did you get the idea that we want that. If it’s not broken – DON’T fix it. It’s a terrible feature. I thought you wanted the game to be realistic. I’m really, REALLY disappointed that you got that thing in the game. Listen to the veterans, not noobs. The game is not fun anymore. You somehow always find a way to screw up the game without any reason whatsoever.

    • flashrazzeflashrazze05-16-2014

      Even though it would be still cool to have it for maybe, recon only (using the binoculars ofc)?
      Keep those spots on the map only and don’t get any side ideas ;).

  17. dra6o0ndra6o0n05-17-2014

    Maybe a camouflage system that makes the characters transparent to blend in with the environment?

    When people spot you, you are visible completely.

    Crouching and Proning will reduce visibility on you, thus will not get you spotted if someone is looking at you through bushes, but you are not moving.

    Say x distance to target in hiding. You use binoculars and look out there. The target is prone and hiding behind bushes. You cannot notice him immediately unless he suddenly moves while you are watching him. You’d have to use a manual spot to reveal him.

    Without binoculars, you can’t spot well hidden targets.

    The problem is that stuff like grass and bushes, goes invisible at longer distances.

  18. RednirRednir05-17-2014

    This is stupid. This could of been a great opportunity to give the recon class some importance. You could of made it so that only Recons can spot enemies.

  19. jppeer123jppeer12305-18-2014

    Can you pls add a minimap? that would be awesome

  20. korb97korb9705-18-2014

    Again Reto have managed to downgrade the realism of this game (realism is why i liked it in the first place). They should remove the spotting system or at least make it for recon only and only with binoculars (then recon would also get an actual RECON role).

    Also they should put back the 3d like swaying of the weapon in 1st person mode when you move it around like it was before Oster. Now the weapon looks like it is painted on the screen because what ever you do when you are aiming through the sights you always stay perfectly aligned with them, this is very UNREALISTIC.
    They are only adding shiny new items (doesn’t mater if they are bad or good) to get new noob players they are impressed with anything as long as it is new, instead of fixing the game mechanics and lag and ping problems.

  21. TheNewLagConspiracyTheNewLagConspiracy05-18-2014

    I made a post on the forums detailing some further improvements I think the system needs.

  22. Mr.OkMr.Ok05-18-2014

    I believe that if your in a tank or a plane the spotting system should also allow you to see ground soldiers too.

  23. pade4utodaypade4utoday05-19-2014

    first off how would you even spot infantry with a plane that’s unrealistic, 2nd things are good the way they are except they should actually just let snipers spot.

  24. xjuliussxxjuliussx05-19-2014

    Lot of space to improve it. Spotting should be limited to your squad- this will force some players to team up selecting same squad. Second, the use only binocular to spott someone is a very good ideea. IF i die, and i suspect he is somewhere around a specific position, ill go back and search that spot with my bineculars. That how it always been. This is how in reality was.

  25. crixocrixo05-20-2014

    Spotting system is bad. Makes it to arcade and when trying to flank and sneak behind enemy lines you get spotted from distance by 1 player that cant kill you and the whole enemy team can get an idea of where you are. Whats the point on flanking to reach the CPs then? We learnt with older builds to use teamplay to clear a building and covering flanks to move forward safely and now we gonna leave everything to the spotting system? BEsides the CPs icon on map now we have the markers the spotting system puts up, and is too much going on visually is a mess imho.

    Are we more focused on getting less thinking players and more arcady gamers? Spotting system only with binocs and with a mark like the squad leader system has could be one good option if you ask me.
    Are we having an eastern front already? I think it will be good, Axis need more challenge :)

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300005-21-2014

      We don’t agree. Spotting system helps defeat spawn campers, it helps newer players orientate themselves, it forces you to keep moving or be good enough to fight off the enemies. The spotting does not follow you so it gives players an idea of where you are, but not an exact location if you keep moving, and if you want to flank enemies you just have to be careful.

      ONLY using binoculars or Squad Leaders is too confusing and would in reality just remove most of it which is not what we want.
      BUT we DO want to use binoculars for more things.

      • korb97korb9705-21-2014

        You said that it helps to defeat spawncampers — it stil can do that with binoculars only. (and i don’t see how using them can be too confusing)

        To help newer players orientate — is it realy that hard for them to understand they need to kill the enamy so they need an arrow above the enamy.

        You said that you want to use binoculars for more more things — There isn’t much things you can use binoculars for except seeing stuf that are far away and spotting. (and if you manage to find something else to use binoculars for, i am sure spotting is more realistic than that thing)

      • yinmastahyinmastah05-28-2014

        Troll post deleted [Ed.]

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