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Server & Login Status Update

We are still working hard to increase the current player limit. A series of hotfixes and optimizations will be rolled out as soon as we have tested them properly – hopefully today.

Helle Mr. Server! Catch!

Hello Mr. Server! Catch!

These hotfixes will most likely allow us to have a higher cap on the servers than the current 2200 concurrent players, but it is still too early to tell what the cap can be raised to – we will roll out the fixes and slowly turn up the cap until the servers starts to misbehave.

We will also introduce a login queue, so you can get into the game in a more controlled manner, and at the same time you’ll be able to see your place in the queue.

However, we don’t believe we’re in the clear yet. It’s not that we don’t have enough servers and server capacity, nor is the problem related to the flash-client as some blog-comments and forum-posts implies. We actually have more than enough servers, and the flash-client performs really well, but we have identified bottlenecks in how the login and game-servers access our databases.

It will take us some time to refactor the database setup and backend code, and we don’t have an estimate yet for when we will have it fixed. So until then you will have to live with the login-queue and a limited amount of players being able to play the game at the same time.

When our setup is stabilized and we can manage a larger amount of users, we will make sure to take care of everybody who has purchased Veteran Membership or had bought a Veteran Membership that has been active since Friday the 9th of May, where the first Yogscast video went live.

And again, once our server-setup is stabilized we will also invite you all to a Veteran Membership weekend, where all registered players will get a free Veteran Membership during that weekend. The timing of this will be announced in a newsletter and on our other channels.

We’re terribly sorry about this situation, but we hope that you will all hang in there and still wish to play Heroes & Generals.


Best Regards
The Heroes & Generals Team

  1. PVT.Roger.fenwickPVT.Roger.fenwick05-14-2014

    good luck ;P

  2. GregzGregz05-14-2014

    Thank you, as well. Good game, good job.

  3. CurstCurst05-14-2014

    I think it’s actually a good thing that you’ve encountered this problem. Because now that you’ve sorted it out (hopefully?), you are ready to deal with any ammounts of new players. You still plan to release H&G on Steam right?

    • joker16joker1605-14-2014

      Yes. I have been wondering about that also. is their hope for putting H&G on steam or not.

      • bluewardogbluewardog05-15-2014

        (guy from full metal jacket) hi joker

  4. kristiskristis05-14-2014

    Good luck ;) Yet, could you please circle a dot around the smart guy who made that autospotting feature and doesnt want to remove it? :DD

  5. SemperFiSemperFi05-14-2014

    hihihi hey RETO – all of you thats np we know its bad at moment but
    you do what you can and that is many what you do.
    I think we the Communety
    thay can & do help too ;) me do yesterday Facebock worke at your Side some houers solong i dont get in the game the Communety try to help you were we can too but we do it on the silent way from the background and about writing Face forum – we your H&G MINIONS – will help ;)
    so that you have more time to programm the problem out of the system :D

    hope thats ok :)

    greez SemperFi


      I for one second this motion.

      • joker16joker1605-14-2014

        HERE HERE!

  6. youaregodyouaregod05-14-2014

    Good luck reto


    nice picture…however it is not nice to put a small lady in the background….
    i think ladies should come first…in any circumstances (expect war…:-)..)

  8. DeimantasskDeimantassk05-14-2014

    Never got to play it but I can wait for such an epic game

  9. reignnreignn05-14-2014

    where can i get a Tshirt!

    all the best !

  10. tmncutmncu05-14-2014

    good luck @@

  11. larzframarzlarzframarz05-14-2014

    How about prioritizing veteran members who paid for this game? I want my gold back until this issue is resolved. Can’t log in.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300005-14-2014

      It is not possible to tell veteran members and other players apart before login, so this is unfortunately not possible. We are aware of the issue and this is one of the things we want to take a closer look at (and hopefully) while still in beta.

      • nileboy2nileboy205-14-2014

        Maybe, instead of doing time on or offline. You should just do online time. Maybe decrease the time so its not 24 hours online. But thats just an I dea. Just online time

        Anyway. Thanks for the great game. Cant play it very often but definatly worth the wait. Goos luck with the servers

      • joker16joker1605-14-2014

        maybe you should do hours spent in game

        • nileboy2nileboy205-15-2014

          Another good idea, this would work too

    • marketgardennmarketgardenn05-14-2014

      AGREED , the membership players should be given priority to enter and play first, they have paid for this game !!!

    • marketgardennmarketgardenn05-14-2014

      the membership players should be given priority to enter and play first, they have paid for this game !!!

  12. MasterTankerMasterTanker05-14-2014

    Reto please.

    1. H&G is ma favorite game ever and that will not change even at 3 fps.

    2. I respect your work and hope someday can play agaian.

    Many people says what is my pc, again, amd fx-6100 + 8gb ram + nvidia 550ti + win7 = 60 fps to 3 fps all the time.

    then amd fx-6100 + 8gb ram + amd 7790 + win 8.1 = 60 fps to 7 fps all the time.

    I have a decent connection, nice ping between 90 – 170, zero packet lost.

    The game just dont work well, im not the only one with this problems, in game when i cpomplaint about the poor frame rate other players experience the same issue, so is not my pc.

    Ive sent the dxfile several times, recorded videos showing, what else should i do? why i get this mediocre performance and other people get 100 solid fps?

    • nileboy2nileboy205-14-2014

      I get 3 fps on the advanced maps. No idea why

  13. TheNewLagConspiracyTheNewLagConspiracy05-14-2014

    I want that bomb texture!

    I left myself in the queue, my net went really slow for a sec(“****ing dial up!”) and it brought me back to the end. When I finally got my turn, the servers went down, and now I read that I have to wait 1.5 hrs MORE. I still wonder why I still play this game; it’s probably how awesome it is.

  14. TuupertunutTuupertunut05-14-2014

    60-150 fps with my amd r9 290x :)

  15. JarBoboJarBobo05-14-2014

    thanks a lot yogscast….

  16. jamez696969jamez69696905-14-2014

    Hi Reto guys!
    Just out of curiosity, what rdbms do you use?

  17. lizard280lizard28005-14-2014

    I’m going to add this game to my bookmarks, forget about it then hopefully find it again, as atm having a cap of 2200 players and getting a large youtuber to do a video series on your game is suicidal, i just waited for 2 hours to get into the game for the loading to crash then refreshing to find myself at #8881 in the queue so GG Reto-Moto… GG

  18. AquilamLAAquilamLA05-14-2014

    I was thrown out of the queue for no reason. Is this a possible bug?

    • radiogamerradiogamer05-14-2014

      yea i was in queue 154 and then back to 10422 just like that

    • didonato007didonato00705-14-2014

      same I waited from 5000 when it said “connecting to server please wait” then it reset to 9000

  19. marketgardennmarketgardenn05-14-2014

    preference for membersship

    membersship first

    yes we can! ,

    that’s justice

    • TuupertunutTuupertunut05-16-2014

      That would be pay to play.

  20. Bemused_PenguinBemused_Penguin05-14-2014

    I like the new log in queue number as this gives some clarification on whether it is working or not.
    however during game-play i am experiencing severe low fps. The cause of issue is not my computer but i was wondering if it was the servers or my connection and if so how can i improve my WiFi connection.

    • Bemused_PenguinBemused_Penguin05-14-2014

      also i was 500 in the queue but now it has gone to 7300+…
      bit of a pain :(

  21. Puddle_of_LlamaPuddle_of_Llama05-14-2014

    Ive waited an hour to get in and i was about the 100th person in the queue…for some reason,i randomly went back to the 7000th WTF

  22. AnthkidAnthkid05-14-2014

    So umm, I was at 130 in the queue, and it sent me back to 6615 even though I didn’t refresh the page. Why is this?

  23. didonato007didonato00705-15-2014

    been trying for 3 hours, no luck, I give up

  24. gen.winstonchurchhillgen.winstonchurchhill05-15-2014

    you know its bad once your the problem you cant play or your fav youtuber

  25. cRo4Ti4cRo4Ti405-15-2014

    i love it and speachless

  26. WinchenWinchen05-15-2014

    I dislike this queue system, before this I just pressed Refresh (F5) until I got a login screen and it was much faster than waiting in queue.

  27. FireStorm365FireStorm36505-15-2014

    Personally, it keeps getting stuck when its about half way through loading the server. About 1 hour i spent waiting and i got nothing. I understand its probably not easy to fix but there has to be more servers. They don’t have to make it so more players can be on one server at once. Maybe its just my computer but this is this most annoying thing and I quit … for now.

  28. Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300005-15-2014

    We are constantly monitoring how the queue works and fixing the issues we find. Other people are working on backend performance so we can add more players to the servers.

  29. camacho12camacho1205-15-2014

    It took five days without access to the game please quickly solve the problem, thanks.

  30. JarBoboJarBobo05-16-2014

    people who played before the yogscast should get cutsies

  31. Cynicism_FTWCynicism_FTW05-17-2014

    Why not just make it so there are multiple wars?

  32. NeverineNeverine05-18-2014

    Good luck on fixing !
    Will hang in tight.

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