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Meet the Team – 2011

Last week we showed you a few images from our office, and I promised you to show some people in the photos next time. So here they are – the team working hard to give you Heroes & Generals.

Standing (left to right): Per (Topo), Jacob (RedBjarne), Jens (Injection), David (Dave), Peter (Fleck), Jesper (Robotron3000), Andreas (Leto), Thomas (Colding), Tobias (Ogssan), Anders (Owleater)

Sitting (left to right): Jesper (Mato), Simon (Draebersmoelf), Christen (Chrestangen), Bo (Placebo), Hakon (Goonstah), Martin (Lord), Kenneth (KenSolo), Jesper (Hr.Wille)

The two silhouettes represent Karsten (Murphy) and Henning (hal9k), who were M.I.A. when we shot the photo.

Each week (starting next week) we’ll feature one of the developers from the team and tell you a bit about what they are working on.


  1. CrisiumCrisium07-01-2011

    Fantastic team .. I expect nothing but greatness from you guys! .. now go get some sun ;)

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