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Erratic server behavior due to massive traffic from Yogscast

Please go to this forum thread to see all updates:

We’re still struggling to get the servers stabilized and we have called in all possible resources to work on this. To give a bit of background – due to a couple of fantastic videos our friends at Yogscast released the past days, we currently have traffic to the game that at peak is more than 5 times higher than our previous peak!

So we hope that you will bear with us until we have found and removed the bottlenecks in our system that are blocking you from playing Heroes & Generals.

Our good friends at Yogscast has just released some magnificent Heroes & Generals gameplay videos, as well as hillarious live action videos using H&G as a theme.

This drives a massive amount of people to our site and game, which causes our servers to misbehave.

We’re extremely thrilled about the huge interest for our game, and love the Yogscast guys for their work and for their attention, but at the same time we’re frustrated about not being able to serve the game to all of you new players.

We’re working as hard as we can to fix this, and we hope that you will bear with us until we have sorted things out.

So if you can’t play the game or register right now, then come back in a couple of hours or tomorrow and try again.

/The Heroes & Generals team

  1. vill_tvill_t05-13-2014

    No servers available… screw

  2. jazza0482jazza048205-13-2014

    i played this game back in alpha and i totally forgot about it till the yogscast recorded so i thought hmm i might go back on it so i went on and the servers totally screwing up because of all the 9 year old yogscast fan-boys trying to play :(

    • RobertJames32RobertJames3205-15-2014

      well it turns out im not 9 but I still love the yogscast

    • UmmagummaUmmagumma05-15-2014

      You’ll find that their younger fans will only watch their minecraft videos and nothing else so I’m willing to bet its a lot more older people then 9 year olds.

  3. jazza0482jazza048205-13-2014

    the servers are apparently non existent now hopefully it is a good sign that they’re almost fixed “we are sorry, there are no available game servers at the moment, please try again later”

  4. RukiaKuchikiRukiaKuchiki05-13-2014

    I hope they are back in a hour or so…

  5. FinixardoFinixardo05-13-2014

    The only time i get to play is in the morning.

  6. Flonga456Flonga45605-13-2014

    i tried this game like 2 years ago but it never worked so since that day i thought it wouldent work so i tried but yes i was right there are no servers as they are full

  7. JarBoboJarBobo05-13-2014

    this sucks i haven’t been able to play for 3 days

    • RukiaKuchikiRukiaKuchiki05-13-2014

      Same here….

  8. RukiaKuchikiRukiaKuchiki05-13-2014

    Is it just me that there servers are down in the UK?

    • jonh137jonh13705-13-2014

      There down in the US also…

  9. Furry4EverFurry4Ever05-13-2014


  10. AvatriosAvatrios05-13-2014

    my advice is don’t get any premium because you won’t get on to use it and will just waist your money.

    i was about to get some prem today but servers are constantly full or not available so i decided not to.

    pity game was good when i had a go.

  11. Panzerd1erPanzerd1er05-14-2014

    This is actually pathetic. You guys on the Reto team should reserve slots for veteran members. It’s not fair.

  12. dra6o0ndra6o0n05-14-2014

    You should know that their servers isn’t exactly hosted on a top of the line datacenter, nor do we know if they really much paid for it, or if they are hosting on their own machines from their ISPs… Though if they did the latter then it’d be strange how they manage to stuff a thousand players on the servers in the first place.

    The Action mode of the game IS peer to peer so in a sense the server(s) itself doesn’t have to fully regulate it completely.

  13. dra6o0ndra6o0n05-14-2014

    This is what happens when they stuck to a browser for a interaction instance before action modes, super tight bottleneck that ends up DDOSing the entire server.

    Maybe it would have been wiser to make the game standalone on installed applications, at the very least it would reduced the browser footprint to zero, and the computer can better render something that’s not in flash.

    Starting HTML5 integration is vital if this game must survive the popularity spike, and avoid death by people abandoning the overfilled and overloaded ship.

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