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Yogscast – “Trench Troopers”, Episode 3

Sunday saw our stalwart supermen of Simple Company stare Death himself straight in the eye somewhere deep behind enemy lines in France. And now it appears the Germans may have gotten wind of their position!!!

So fetch the tin of biscuits, grab a cup of tea, get settled in the comfy chair and enjoy the adventures of our British.. Sorry… “AMERICAN” friends :-)


Stay tuned for more Episodes and fun videos in the coming days! – and click here if you missed Sunday’s episode “Friendly Fire“, and if you want to see all of Yogscast and Hat Film’s antics in the game check out this playlist.

  1. larzframarzlarzframarz05-15-2014

    Thank you for ruining my gaming experience you wannabe actors

    • mancooldude11mancooldude1105-15-2014

      dang they funny there not trying to ruin your gaming experince infact there the reason i joined this game yogscast is good trust me

  2. MecoolMecool05-15-2014


  3. SQPDSQPD05-16-2014

    11:05 IT’S A FOXLEWIS!

  4. bojka29bojka2905-18-2014

    jak mam rozjet tuto hru prosim

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