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Yogscast – “Friendly Fire”, Episode 2

On Friday we left our proud heroes of Simple Company somewhere deep behind enemy lines in France, getting ready to test out their new weapons.

So fetch the tin of biscuits, grab a cup of tea, get settled in the comfy chair and enjoy the adventures of our British.. Sorry… “AMERICAN” friends :-)


And if you missed the ingame action: Take a look here: Yogscast Gameplay #1: Going Commando & Hat Films Zee Germans #1.
Stay tuned for more Episodes and fun videos in the coming days! – and click here if you missed Friday’s episode “Behind Enemy Lines“.

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  1. thescaredshadowthescaredshadow05-11-2014

    They’re such, dumbasses.

    • yinmastahyinmastah05-11-2014

      idd… besides they aren’t funny at all..

      But then again, look at which games they played/reviewed and u will know why and what kind of gamers form their fanbase :D


        They are pretty silly guys… you can’t always be super serious!

        • venenumvenenum05-12-2014

          You mean super cereal ! xD

  2. joinjoejoinjoe05-12-2014

    The Generals are not half bad but they guys who are suppose to be funny are pretty bad at it.

  3. CurstCurst05-12-2014

    And THIS is what attracted all the new players? o_o Wow. Just wow.

    • legalninjalegalninja05-13-2014

      Hey, at least it got more players.

      • CurstCurst05-13-2014

        Being an old-timer (here since the time when Germans had no semi-auto rifles) I’m always happy to see more players here. I’m just worried about what kind of players are they and how many of them are going to stay.

      • shufflexshufflex05-13-2014

        I want new players, but I want them to be older than 15.

  4. LordSkavenLordSkaven05-12-2014

    Damn you YOGSCAST.

  5. bonesbones05-12-2014


  6. RobertJames32RobertJames3205-12-2014

    Do u guys really have no sense of humour the Yogscast are the BEST.


    • yinmastahyinmastah05-13-2014

      if you think this is funny you must be simple minded..

      • RobertJames32RobertJames3205-13-2014

        I know but if you watch their other videos you would know that they are the BEST

  7. Julesinator9000Julesinator900005-12-2014

    Did anyone else just lose it when the grenade exploded in Simon’s hand?


      i won’t lie, i found it pretty hilarious

  8. Panzerd1erPanzerd1er05-14-2014

    I found it all pretty stupid. This game is ruined now… Filled with noobs from a 6 million subscriber fanbase. Why would Reto even bother?

  9. reignnreignn05-14-2014

    sooooooooooo much better than the first one// in retrospect i hope im saying that by the 30th one then we will all be converted and it will be jolly well funny!

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