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Vehicles: The medium tanks.

With the light tanks presented yesterday we now move up a weight class and take a look at the Medium Armor. These can, of course, also be personalized like other vehicles and we want to keep adding options for personalization over time.

As mentioned yesterday, over the coming weeks we will go into a lot more detail with the various vehicles and highlight their specific strengths and weaknesses, but right now we just want to present an overview. So without further stalling, here is a quick medium tank presentation. We will of course follow up with the last of the new vehicles very soon.

So without further stalling, take a look!


The American Medium Armor Assault Teams can enjoy two new tracked terrors to play with expanding the medium armor setup to three tanks from the entry-level M3 Lee over the mainstay M4A1 Sherman to the top of the line M4A3E8 ‘Easy Eight’ Sherman.

M3 Lee

The ‘General Lee’ is an American medium tank armed with a 75mm sponson mounted main gun as well as a 35mm turret mounted gun. It requires an experienced tank crew to get the full benefit of this special tank.

M4A1 Sherman

The next unlock in Medium Tanks is this M4A1 version of the Sherman tank. It unlocks when you earn rank 3. The Sherman forms the backbone of American armor and performs well as an all-round tank. It is fitted with a gyrostabilizer making the 75mm cannon reasonably accurate while the tank is driving.

M4A3E8 Sherman Easy-8

Once you reach rank 9 in the “Medium Armor Ribbon” you unlock the M4A3E8 Sherman.

The A3E8, nicknamed ‘Easy Eight’ by the crews, is an up-gunned and up-armored experimental version of the successful Sherman tank. The long barrel 76mm cannon is very effective even against heavy tanks.

Progressing further along on the “Medium Armor Ribbon” Rank 12 unlocks the HEAVY Pershing tank!


The German Medium Armor units are also in line for reinforcements. The brand new Panzer IV lets the German Medium tankers choose between 2 different prowling panzers.

Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. J

The variant J of the Panzer III is upgraded with the long barreled 50mm KwK 39 L/60 cannon to counter the Russian T34 tank. A 20mm bolted-on armor plate has been added to the 50mm frontal armor.

Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. H

This is the German Medium Armor unlock, at rank 5. The Panzer IV medium tank is the most numerous German tank of WW2. Originally intended as an assault gun, it was converted to engage other tanks. Variant H have been fitted with a high-velocity 75mm main gun, and is a fearsome opponent.

Further along the progression rank 9 of the Medium Armor Ribbon unlocks the first heavy tank; namely The Tiger I.

  1. TheNewLagConspiracyTheNewLagConspiracy05-07-2014

    The Pershing must have received a buff and must be equal to the Tiger II in performance, since Allies have a longer grind.

    • muchofunkablemuchofunkable05-07-2014

      King Tiger and Pershing were not equal by any stretch of the imagination…

    • Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry05-07-2014

      Pershing hasn’t been buffed, from the front the Tiger II is invulnerable to any allied tank. The Pershing can be penetrated from the front by both Tigers.

      • TheNewLagConspiracyTheNewLagConspiracy05-09-2014

        Nope, with my past experience Pershing is invulnerable in the front except for commander’s hatch and mg port with Tiger I cannon. I don’t know about the Tiger II, though. Maybe it can theoretically penetrate the frontal armour of the M26 if it weren’t angled(that means instead of “Armour too thick”, you get “Impact angle too high”). Remember when I talk I always am talking about in game rather than what is historically correct, unless I explicitly say so.

      • dra6o0ndra6o0n05-17-2014

        They can create two types of pershing.
        There is the regular Pershing, then there is a super pershing which has added armor plates on the hull and turret.

    • djopadjopa05-08-2014

      allied light tanks are better when compared between each other so at the beginning allied newbies will have it easier.
      also with the income reduction of heavies it’s questionable if many tigers will be around.

    • dra6o0ndra6o0n05-17-2014

      They could add the T29 as a tank to counter the King Tiger.

  2. hchrishchris05-07-2014

    Really nice! But where is the Panther tank? The second most numerous German tank of WW2?

    • SemperFiSemperFi05-07-2014

      it is so nice to see the Pz IV and M4A1 the LEE nice also
      and the models loog AWESOME realy nice can t wait to get tham recording fore a new VIDEO :D to have the tanks in action :D not only on a pic

      thx to the 3D Artist what mod that tanks or the team ;)

    • Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry05-07-2014

      It’ll be along later, I’m sure. Reto.Moto can only add so many vehicles at once.

    • djopadjopa05-08-2014

      yeah i rather would see the panther in game than the tiger ii..

  3. deathmachineptdeathmachinept05-07-2014

    Shouldn’t have been IVF vs M3 lee / IVH vs M4A2 / PZ V panther vs Sherman E8. :(

  4. VictoryIsOursVictoryIsOurs05-08-2014

    Nice nice just nice reto good job

  5. zazo2002zazo200205-08-2014

    Will the Americans be able to use the turret on the M3 Lee and the main cannon on the same time?

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300005-08-2014

      The Lee is the first tank (ni the game) where it REALLY makes a lot of sense to have two people onboard. The main sponsoon mounted cannon is controlled by the commander, while the turret with the 37mm is controlled by the gunner.

  6. kalashnjkovkalashnjkov05-08-2014

    3 types of medium tanks for US and only 2 for Axis??? I guess Retos havent finished Panther model yet.

  7. WarbloodWarblood05-08-2014

    I hope they make a Panther… And I hope it’s a G…

  8. TheNewLagConspiracyTheNewLagConspiracy05-09-2014

    I wonder, how will they balance the Panther? It had the same frontal armour as the Tiger I(that was sloped, too!), and a gun with more penetration…. It was also faster on top of that. Lots of weak spots? Terribly long grind? Downright nerfing it?

  9. George_Smith_PattonGeorge_Smith_Patton05-11-2014

    Ah the E8, one of the best tanks in its time, with a great amount of speed with its medium armor and heavy cannon. I hope it still has that speed advantage so it can match up with heavy tanks on an even field.

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