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Vehicles: Would you like to see the options sir?

Tired of sitting in another hero’s wornout beater of a car? Tired of smelling the stale cigarette smoke from the fuzzy dice dangling from the rear-view mirror? Tired of having the glovebox stuffed full of chewing gum and nylon stockings when it could contain a useful map, a handgrenade and a bottle of fine cognac? Remember how we teased you with the prospect of exciting new things?

Then continue reading…


The personalized vehicles functions in much the same way as weapons & grenades. Once you have unlocked the necessary ribbon, you can purchase the vehicle you want and use it in battle provided the assault team resources are available.

For infantry the vehicles are the US & German terrain-going cars, the motorcycles (for motorized guard, and motorized recon AT slots) and of course the halftracks for use with Mechanized Infantry.

Do you want a box of chocolates or ammunition [chocolate not yet available, Ed.] to bring around with you? Then you can also customize your personal vehicle with either a supply crate or a crate of Panzerfaust.

As you can see above we are also introducing new armored vehicles for you to play with in this build! Over the next couple of days we will give you a broad overview of the new additions and then we’ll go into more detail along the way with hints and tips in our “Half the battle” series.


It is of course not only the Germans that get new toys, the Americans will also get a lot of new vehicles and like we are already doing with the “Weapon Files“, we will of course also start a series of blog posts about all the awesome vehicles you can play with.

This is the first iteration, we will keep a close eye on balance, performance and make the necessary tweaks and adjustments over time and we will, as always, like to hear your feedback in the forums.

So while wars aren’t won by tanks alone, they (and other vehicles) sure do help :-D

  1. kingfujulienkingfujulien05-05-2014

    Where’s my personal KINGtiger? :3 – Looks great! – Good Job!

    • Reto.VashuReto.Vashu05-05-2014


    • owner65owner6505-05-2014

      if u looked at the tags there are for example King Tiger, chaffee, and patton

      • SQPDSQPD05-05-2014

        There is also, hidden in the 3rd picture, a label saying Panzerkampfwagen 38 T so you Germans can take a break from your hideously under-armed Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf. A or Sonderkraftfahrzeug 10! Happy Patton Build!

        • dcisardcisar05-06-2014

          Yeah, czechoslovak LT 38 (Lehký tank 38- Light tank 38)! Shit, why they called that “Light tank”? It was sometimes better than Panze III and T-34 (but only at start of war), nevermind, it´s really better tanks than Yankee´s M3 Lee :), that tank makes me evyerytime laugh :D.

          You done really great work Reto! Please, don´t f*ck it like other free to play games (WoT and WT). Thumbs up!!!

    • infidel666infidel66605-06-2014

      Panther,jagdpanther,king tiger i want it all….

  2. DumpfiresDumpfires05-05-2014

    I can’t wait!

  3. LeofrickLeofrick05-05-2014

    Verry nice! Ich bin gespannt wie eine Mäusefalle! ;)

  4. pade4utodaypade4utoday05-05-2014

    Sweet baby hitler my dream has come true YEEEEEEEEEES.

  5. hchrishchris05-05-2014

    WOW this is fantastic, I am sure this will make a lot of people very very happy including me :-)

    I cannot wait to see the vehicle list ;-)

  6. hchrishchris05-05-2014

    btw please please please add the Panther tank, the most important German tank of WW2!

    • DumpfiresDumpfires05-05-2014


    • kalashnjkovkalashnjkov05-06-2014

      Look at second pic, which medium tank will be unlocked at lvl 9 Ribbon?

      • goderiangoderian05-06-2014

        The first one is the panzer III and the one at lvl 9 is probably the panzer IV.
        Unfortunaly no panzer V for us anytime soon…

        • Generaloberst-GuderianGeneraloberst-Guderian05-06-2014

          the first one is the pz 4 and the last the tiger.Its the same as in the light tank tree: the last one will be the pz3.
          How should you be able to earn exp for the medium armor tree if you havent got one?

  7. thrillbirdthrillbird05-05-2014

    Seems really nice to be able to really own the vehicle you use inanother way than currently!

    Though I do wonder how this will affect us who are currently playing a lot with tanks. Will we be limited to a single one or will we somehow get all the ones we are currently able to play with? And what will the prices of buying a new one be?

  8. GregzGregz05-05-2014

    Wow! This is one of the best news. I can’t wait!
    But let payment for gold in the game, to make other way. No credit cards, many people don’t like them. We want WebMoney – universal payment system in the game.

    • infidel666infidel66605-06-2014

      no …make them grind for equipment/vehicles not just fck buy for gold…let newbies earn that tommy or mg or tiger..they would still have advantage vs non premium players in earning more xp/wf/money per battle but leave that every1 has to grind for weapons/vehicles/equipment not just buy them

  9. RichFriendRichFriend05-05-2014

    yeeees! finally! good for you RETO!

  10. WhatAboutIfWhatAboutIf05-05-2014

    ooohhhh! awesome! it would be even more awesome if you could make some camo paintings but this surely is still awesome !

  11. CurstCurst05-05-2014

    Well… M3 Lee is fine, but if you you’re looking for true “Fun for the whole squad” you want T-28. With it’s 3 turrets, 4 independent 7.62mm LMGs (one of them covering the rear) and one 76mm gun it can provide high quality entertainment for a crew of up to 5 people. XD I’d love to drive that beast in Heroes & Generals. When and if it will be implemented of course.

    • thrillbirdthrillbird05-05-2014

      wasn’t the T-28 a soviet tank?

      • Pvt_LarryPvt_Larry05-05-2014

        Yes, he’s just using it as an example, after all, we’ll be able to play as the Soviets one day…

      • CurstCurst05-05-2014

        Indeed it was. I don’t expect it to become a part of the US army. I expect to see it as one of the USSR tanks in this game. That’s why I said “if and when”.

        • thrillbirdthrillbird05-06-2014

          Ah, my bad! Didn’t think of it that way.

  12. SQPDSQPD05-05-2014

    I’d like to claim the M3 Lee as my personal tank. When will the Patton Build be released?

  13. Holsten99Holsten9905-05-2014

    Sounds good – like chocolate-covered Christmas!

  14. rosiemarosiema05-05-2014

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  15. shakenbakeshakenbake05-05-2014


  16. SemperFiSemperFi05-05-2014


    sry fore the fuck but lol me so happy :D to see that i mean it looks that i have got the same idea like you hahahah coool :D

    GOOD awesome JOB :D

  17. TaggzTaggz05-05-2014

    OMG …… YES YES YES !!!!! Love ya work this is freaking awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I left Battlefield 4 for this and have never looked back :)

    • SQPDSQPD05-05-2014

      That’s saying something…

    • SemperFiSemperFi05-05-2014

      good choice :D

  18. MasterTankerMasterTanker05-05-2014

    This game gets more and more interesting with each release…is a shame the performance issues, the low frame rate, the deadly high-jump bug…

  19. pade4utodaypade4utoday05-06-2014

    I hope that after they finish the patton build that they will work on the capital map that they had used to work on back in alpha. But YESSS PANZER 4’sssssss. XD

  20. pade4utodaypade4utoday05-06-2014

    hope that after they finish the patton build that they will work on the capital map that they had used to work on back in alpha. But YESSS PANZER 4’sssssss. XD

  21. ChrisofIowaChrisofIowa05-06-2014

    WOOT I played Wots for sometime but now… TANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

  22. DemonixELTDemonixELT05-06-2014


  23. infidel666infidel66605-06-2014

    I hope they added commanders hatch on ge tanks usable & bipod on mg’s….

  24. yinmastahyinmastah05-06-2014

    Man, that PZ IV looks sexy!

    Though i play for Allied faction, it is mostly welcome on the battlefield to restore tank balance.
    Will it have the same firepower / hitpoints as the Sherman?
    If so, i assume the M3 Lee will act as counterpart for the PZ III right?

    All we need then is a Kursk alike map :)

    Not sure if i’m gonna like the panzerfaust crate option though, since most players already carry panzerfausts. Rather only see healt/ammo boxes with LIMITED supplies.

    • k120k12005-06-2014

      Agree. Tanks carrying anti-tank ammo feels weird,would rather see ammo or health crates.

  25. NoceboFRNoceboFR05-06-2014

    More tank ? Really ? -_-

  26. chewie01chewie0105-06-2014

    Looks good but surely for mainland europe a sherman firefly instead of an m3?

  27. treglertregler05-06-2014

    yes tahansk the better in the world than All games, it’s good better than the Heroes & Generals but I will have a good vešchno Europe I give buddy invite into this game!
    love love.

  28. shogun_liquidshogun_liquid05-06-2014

    *throws money at Reto*


  29. Nikita1998Nikita199805-06-2014

    I am afraid, that it is just an another trick to waste some money. Thanks for a new tanks. That is all.

  30. kertex07kertex0705-06-2014

    its been 21hrs past why i still cant play the game it said 12hrs downtime but just like i said its been 21hrs past still the server is down :(

  31. TheNewLagConspiracyTheNewLagConspiracy05-06-2014

    Spotted King Tiger in the tags and I do wonder what that tier 3 mystery medium tank is for GE… PANZER V?! Also, Hetzer is confirmed as well. Servers opened as I am typing this.

  32. TheNewLagConspiracyTheNewLagConspiracy05-06-2014

    Wait, I just saw the “Patton” tag…. This game does have a lot of historically incorrect things… but the Patton was not even concieved until post-war. A better counterpart would be the “Super Pershing”, with a longer 90mm that was comparable to the Tiger II’s gun and thicker armour.

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300005-06-2014

      Patton is the name of the build.. The guy not the tank ;-) Previous build was named after Oster…

      • TheNewLagConspiracyTheNewLagConspiracy05-07-2014

        Ahh, thank you for clearing that mess up!

  33. supermannsupermann05-06-2014

    Thats like world of tanks, but only better!
    (sorry for the grammar, I speak german not english)

  34. Klofan17Klofan1705-06-2014

    Hope that Patton tag doesn’t mean M60 Patton for Aliies :DD

    • Reto.Robotron3000Reto.Robotron300005-07-2014

      Nope, the build is called ‘Patton’ after the general, last one was ‘Oster’, before that ‘Newgarden’ – sorry for the confusion.

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